Media Credentials

Working Media: Any person assigned by a magazine, newspaper, or television station covering a story on Eagle Raceway will be allowed a Photo/Media access pass per each event. You must sign and submit a Media Accreditation Agreement before pass is issued. We do not allow anyone to shoot photos with a camera that has a detachable lens that has not signed a media agreement unless permission is granted by either Eagle Raceway or the Track Photographer. Photos and/or video taken at Eagle Raceway may NOT be sold or reproduced in any way unless Eagle Raceway gives permission or gives the rights. Any photographer caught taking photos without a media pass or permission may be subject to a fine of up to $500 and/or may be expelled from the property. All media understands that they are not an employee of Eagle Raceway.

All photos and videotaken on the property are considered the property of Eagle Raceway, and we may request any photos/videos taken on the property to be surrendered.

ALL photographers and video personnel must sign the Eagle Raceway Media Accreditation Agreement to be granted access to shoot any event at Eagle Raceway. A Media Pass is necessary to enter the restricted photographers area. It must be worn and easily visible at all times and is not transferable. A release and waiver of liability must be signed in order to receive a Media Pass. Eagle Raceway or Eagle Raceway’s Track Photographer reserves the right to approve or deny all credential requests and revoke credentials prior to or during any event. Fees may apply.

Photographers are not allowed access to the infield during pace laps, caution laps, or during green flag laps at anytime. Photo access to the starter’s flag stand is available only by special permission from Eagle Raceway and event sanctioning organization.

Photographers shall not interfere or impede any spectators, other media personnel, the conduct of the race, or any part of the event including the video taping of the race and shall follow all instructions of Eagle Raceway personnel directing the race.

Be safe! Do not take your eyes off the racing vehicles. Shoes with closed heels and toes must be worn –no sandals, clogs, etc.

The Media Accreditation Terms and Conditions can be accessed by submitting a request to

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