CLICK HERE FOR A CONVENIENT ONLINE 2021 MINI E DRIVER REGISTRATION FORM -(You can renew your pit stall at this link as well)

CLICK HERE For a PRINTABLE Mini E Raceway Registration Form

Mini E Raceway’s insurance company requires that all minors age 17 and younger that are obtaining a Crew Pass or Driver Pass must have a minor release form signed by BOTH parents/guardians in front of either a notary or an authorized Eagle Raceway Staff member on file with the track. You must sign a new waiver for each calendar year. Minors that will be driving a gokart must also provide proof of their age (either state issued photo ID or birth certificate).
CLICK HERE FOR THE 2021 Mini E Minor Release Waiver

Drivers that had pit stalls in 2020 have until February 1st 2021 to renew their pit stall reservations, after that date, stalls that were not renewed will be up for grabs by other drivers on the wait list.