Tuff Krupicka
Car #: 0
City of Residence: Denton, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: October 1st
Parents: Sierra Corell

Sirrierna Johnson
Car #: 02S
City of Residence: Fremont, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: April 10th
Parents: Tanner Dowty

Brantley Ried
Car #: 1
City of Residence: Bennington, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: Febuary 10th
Parents: Leigha Crouch
Sponsors:Priorty 1 Courier, Oscar’s Pizza and wings, Rexius Nutrition, WIT Transmission
PitCrew: Rice Nice, Brett Nice, Justin Crouch, Fred Borrink and all of our Perry Men

Beckman Nieman-Bard
Car #: 1B
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 8
Birthday: July 11th
Parents: Trevor Nieman

Baylor Logemann
Car #: 5B
City of Residence: West Point, NE
Age: 8
Birthday: May 15th
Parents: Ryan Logemann
Sponsors: Logemann Parts & Machine, Carquest, Killer B Motorsports
PitCrew: Grandpa, Dad, Mom

Ryker Driskell
Car #: 5R
City of Residence: Rock Port, MO
Age: 8
Birthday: August 16th
Parents: Kyle Driskell

Annie Halvorsen
Car #: 11A
City of Residence: Waverly, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: February 11th
Parents: Elliott Halvorsen
Sponsors: Empire Fence & Netting, Wayne’s Body Shop, Beka Boutique, FAB402, Tomorrow’s Veterinary Care, Sundeen Tax Service, Papa

Evelynn Brenning
Car #: 11E
City of Residence: Hickman, NE
Age: 10
Birthday: July 11th
Parents: Brandon Brenning
Sponsors: Brenning Painting, Miles Ahead

Scotty Nice II
Car #: 15
City of Residence: PragueNE
Age: 8
Birthday: April 18th
Parents: Scotty Nice JR.
Sponsors: Michelle’s Plexus, Tammy’s Daycare, Turdys One shop, Spunducky Motorsports

Clay Hobscheidt
Car #: 16
City of Residence: Murray, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: March 16th
Parents: Corey & Brooke Hobscheidt
Sponsors: Henry-Hobschedit Motors & Service Center

Jaxson Nerud
Car #: 22
City of Residence: Dorchester, NE
Age: 10
Birthday: January 17th
Parents: Tyler & Faith Nerud
Sponsors: Nerud “poor” Farms, PBS Rentals- Brandon Spanjer

Wally Duros
Car #: 23
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: April 10th
Parents:Adam Duros
Sponsors: Duros Dent Works, MoonBoots Motorsports, Repair Tracker Online

Noah Harder
Car #: 23?
City of Residence: Virginia, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: May 19th
Parents: Max Harder
Sponsors: Twin Rivers, Wilkinson Farms

Jemma Lilly
Car #: 24
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 10
Birthday: September 16th
Parents: Brielle Buske

Kasen Kalkwarf
Car #: 24K
City of Residence: Crete, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: August 5th
Parents: Kyle Kalkwarf
Sponsors: Barber Furniture, LEFLEX , ABS Collision And Restoration, Six7Nine Apparel
PitCrew: Grandpa Mike, Dad, Mom, Brayden

Jacob Lawrence
Car #: 24L
City of Residence: Elkhorn, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: May 30th
Parents: Paige Hadan

Keggan McCoid
Car #: 26M
City of Residence: Council Bluffs, IA
Age: 9
Birthday: October 2nd
Parents: Jake McCoid

Ryker Lopez-Beck
Car #: 27D
City of Residence: Bennington, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: July 3rd
Parents: Chris & Alex

Landon LaPage
Car #: 27X
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: October 7th
Parents: Josh LaPage
Sponsors: Mullin Motors, Egan Equipment Company, Pub Bar & Grill, Vogt Trucking, Grandpa Jon, & Silent sponsors

Jocelyn Beckman
Car #: 28
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 6
Birthday: November 14th
Parents: Nick Beckman

Greyson Simon
Car #: 32G
City of Residence: Yutan, NE
Age: 8
Birthday: Febuary 13th
Parents: Brianne Simon

Damon Krichau
Car #: 35
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 8
Birthday: February 17th
Parents: Cole & Erica Krichau

Creighton Wergin
Car #: 61
City of Residence: Milford, NE
Age: 8
Birthday: July 18th
Parents: Brandon Wergin

Braxton James
Car #: 71
City of Residence: Staton, IA
Age: 9
Birthday: November 17th
Parents: Jeff James

Jake Schwope
Car #: 91
City of Residence: Stewartsville, MO
Age: 8
Birthday: May 6th
Parents: Eddie Schwope

Barrett Gullion
Car #: 91B
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 7
Birthday: January 25th
Parents: Adam & Andrea Gullion

Ryder Ringle
Car #: 690
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: March 1st
Parents: Tyler Ringle

Maven Bivens
Car #: M56
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 9
Birthday: November 22nd
Parents: Scott Bivens