Vanover, Grossenbacher, Bohlmeyer, Schreiner & Wayman conquer the Eagle Shootout

Vanover, Grossenbacher, Bohlmeyer, Schreiner & Wayman conquer the Eagle Shootout

By Greg Soukup

I’m not sure how you could have asked for a better evening to round out the final chase for the regular 2023 season points chase than we had at Eagle Raceway Saturday as Avid Realty and A1 Iron presented the Eagle Shootout at America’s Home Track.

80 degrees at race time with a nice breeze greeted the large crowd and the teams as the battleground was set to try and grab that coveted prize, points champion.

There were no serious incidents in the preliminary racing.

First on the track for their A Feature were the A1 Iron IMCA Stock Cars. Max Harder put the #34 out front on lap #1 with Nick Beckman’s 22 second, Nate Thompson third in his 3T and Hunter Wergin rounding out the top 4 in the 2X. The yellow flag was displayed on lap 2 for debris on the track as Wergin fell off the pace and Jerod Bussen also left the track with a flat tire on the 71JJ but returned after repairs. Thompson moved up to second on lap 3. Jeremy Down took over the fourth spot the next time around in the 6 but Austin Boucher looped the 5A in turn 2. 1 lap after the restart Bussen spun out in turn 4. The restart saw Wergin spin out in turn 4, moving Down to fourth. Shane Stutzman took advantage of the restart to pass Down and put the 22S into fourth. Dillon Richards spun on the back stretch on lap 6 after contact with Down for yet another caution. Down was sent to the rear of the field as was Richards. Beckman passed Thompson for second on the restart as Kyle Vanover put the 19 into fourth. Thompson fell back rapidly the next lap. That moved Vanover to third and Stutzman to fourth. Richards spun out at the bottom of turn 4 the next time around. On the restart Beckman hopped in turn 3 and ended up hitting the wall in turn 4. That moved Vanover to second, Stutzman to third and put the 5B of Matt Boucher into fourth. The 39W of Darren Wurdeman spun at the bottom of turn 4 on the restart and spun Thompson out. Thompson was pushed to the pits. It was announced that since Richards had been involved in 3 cautions he was to go to the pits. However, he remained on the track, continuing to race. Vanover claimed the lead on the restart with Marty Steinbach passing Boucher to put the 5Eli into fourth. There were 8 laps left when Wurdeman spun out at the bottom of turn 4. During the caution Roger Hadan again told Richards that he was done for the night but Richards refused to leave the track and continued racing. The announcement was then made that the next flag would end the race. Richards got into Down with 3 laps remaining and both came to a halt at the top of 3 & 4. Both drivers got out of their cars to confront each other with Richards hitting Down before being ordered to leave the track. Richards was also disqualified from the race. That ended the race with Vanover winning, Harder second, Stutzman third and Steinbach fourth.

With Thompson’s 15 place finish and Richards being disqualified Thompson finished first in points, Matt Boucher was second, Steinbach third and Richards fourth.

This was Kyle’s third victory at Eagle Raceway this season. He said “With all of the cautions they were about to call the race for time limit right when I got to the lead. Part of the win was just being patient and trying to stay on the bottom. If you stayed on the bottom it was smooth, but in 3 & 4 with all the crashes down there it kept dragging all the slime and wet stuff back up onto the track. In turns 3 and 4 you just had to cowboy up and send it up around the top”. Kyle’s sponsors include Cadillac Chassis by Big Johnson, Speedway Race Engines, Speedway Shocks, Green’s Plumbing and Heating, Anders Bruns Construction, Icon Pistons, Ron and Jeannie Sardeson and Novotny Ag.

The Avid Realty IMCA Sportmods were up next. Dana Deeke led the first lap in the 36 with McLain Reed’s 44 second, Rich Flock third in the 88F and the 24 of Drake Bohlmeyer fourth. Lap 2 saw Jacob Swanson jump up from the 10th spot on the starting grid to third in the 31S with Flock holding down fourth. Bohlmeyer got past Flock on the next lap to regain the fourth spot. Dion Kovar’s 18 came to a halt at the top of turn 1 on lap 4 for a caution. Bohlmeyer moved up to third on lap 4 with Swanson falling to fourth. The next time around Noah Williams passed Swanson for fourth in the 27W. Bohlmeyer got past both Deeke and Reed on lap 8 for the lead with Deeke falling to third. Williams advanced to third the following time around. There were 8 circuits left when Swanson moved back into fourth. The top 4 remained unchanged to the checkers with Bohlmeyer first, Reed second, Williams third and Swanson fourth.

Vrbka had already wrapped up the points chase last week. He ended up 73 points ahead of second place Matt Andrews with Bohlmeyer third and Adam Armstrong finishing fourth.

This was Bohlmeyer’s first win in the IMCA Sportmods after numerous ones in the sport compact division, coming from outside row 4 on the starting grid. I asked him what it was like, to which he replied “It was pretty awesome after the year that I’ve had! I finally had some good luck. I took my time tonight. I just waited for the right time to pass and it worked out perfectly. I have to thank my big brother who has helped out a lot. Also, my girlfriend Taylor, my parents and my grandparents, my crew and everyone else who helps”. Drake sponsors include Jet Racing, Northeast Auto, FiveT Customs, Rip The Rail, Tom Nelson Motorsports, NAPA, Big Blue Rentals, Hardin Farms, Nelson Tree Service and Elliot Sass”.

The A for the Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modifieds first lap had Cole Wayman out front in the 18W, Shawn Harker’s 40 second, Terry Hurt third in the 24T and the 81 of Mike Densberger fourth. Anthony Roth in the 60IV passed Densberger for fourth the next lap. Jeremy Baker’s 3J, the 1Z of Norm Ziegenbein and Nate Thompson in the 3T all came to a stop in turn four on lap #4. Hurt moved up to second on the restart. Densberger regained the fourth position from Roth with 10 to go. Chad Andersen’s 8C and Roth made contact with 5 laps left, sending Andersen spinning in turn 1. Both cars were sent to the rear of the field. Hurt slowed on the restart, moving Harker to second, Densberger to third and putting Clint Homan’s 27 in fourth. The final change in the top 4 came with 2 to go as Densberger got around Harker for second. Wayman won, Densberger was second, Harker finished third and Homan came home fourth.

With a mad dash from the rear of the field, Andersen managed to pass enough cars to garner the points win by just 1 point with Roth second, Hurt third and Harker fourth.

Cole stated “The track definitely had character tonight, especially at the top of 3 and 4. We started off rolling pretty good, but then I saw Terry Hurt’s nose and he got underneath me. That made me try a different line in 3 and 4, which helped me out quite a bit. I could drive the car pretty straight and hit the cushion coming off of 4. Luckily we were able to hold on for the win. I’m 90 percent sure that the track is going to be nice and smooth for the IMCA Racesaver Nationals. I think we will have a super solid piece for it and that’s the only class we will be racing, so we should have we should have a little more energy too”. Cole’s sponsors include Vermeer High plains, Cherney Enterprises, LLC, American Trailer Co., Ashley Terry at Woods Brothers Realty, Hertz Car Rental, Bill Howell at Kings Auto Supply, Uribe Refuse Services, Baker Boys Racing Suspension, Arnold Motor Supply, Jet Racing, Speedway Racing Shocks.

Lap 1 of the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock main event was led by Brad Schreiner in the 10 followed by Michael Wade’s 12, the B4 of Ben Becher and Brandon Fisher in the 25. Fisher got past Becher for third on lap 2. Ian Roschewski also passed Becher the next circuit to put the 2 into fourth. Dan Markham passed Roschewski on lap 5, moving the 6 to fourth. Neil Pella got past Markham for fourth with 10 to go for the final change in the top 4. Schreiner won, Wade finished second, third went to Fisher and Pella held on for fourth.

By finishing 4 positions ahead of Adam Wasserman, Ryan Gilland wins the points championship by 12 points over Wasserman, Dave Carter was third in points and the fourth spot went to Kyle Gannon.

This was Brad’s very first hobby stock victory after moving up from the sport compacts where he had lots of success. Brad stated “That felt pretty good! We didn’t have a great year, we’ve been struggling a little bit, but it sure feels great to finally get the win”. Brad’s sponsors include Wade Insurance and Catfish Colby.

It was time for the A Feature for the Twin Rivers IMCA Racesaver Sprint Cars. Elizabeth Phillips, a visitor at Eagle Raceway led the first circuit in the 08E with Mike Boston’s 51, the 25A of Alex Davenport and Bill Garrow’s 3G close behind. Josh Riggins put the 14J into fourth on lap 2. Alex Salzman’s 2A spun in turn 4 on lap 5 for a caution. Trevor Grossenbacher passed Garrow on the restart to put the 35 into fourth. Grossenbacher moved to third on lap 7 and advanced to second place on lap 9 before taking over the top spot on lap 10. Adam Gullion cracked the top 4 on lap 13 in the 91, then moved up to third the next lap and got up to second after 1 more circuit. Brandon Horton put the 1B into fourth with 10 to go but spun out in turns 1 & 2 with 6 laps remaining. That moved Boston back to fourth. The restart saw Tyler Drueke jump up to third in the 12 with Boston remaining in fourth. Riggins did a slow roll over in turns 3 & 4 with 3 to go for another caution. From the restart to the finish, it was all Grossenbacher. Trevor finished first, Gullion finished second, third went to Drueke with Boston coming home in fourth.

Tyler had wrapped up the points last week, ending up 51 counters ahead of Jason Danley with Gullion third and fourth going to Gene Ackland.

Trevor’s victory was #2 on the year, having taken the checkers on August fifth. He had missed a few weeks doing to a crash earlier in the year. He related “Second win and it was a good one! They’re always good here at the end of the year, giving us confidence going into the Nationals. It’s a great way to end the year and I couldn’t have had a better car. I had an awesome car. We’re back to doing what we used to do. I think a lot of our problems was because of how I was driving. Back to what we used to do and we’re pretty good right now. Everything is clicking right now, the motor is running good, the car is working good. Zach at Speedway Motors Engines has been down, helping us get the engine running figured out and it’s fast!! Without all of the help from Tyler, Ben, Zach, my Dad, Tate, my wife and my daughter I couldn’t do this”. Trevor’s sponsors include Stop ‘N Shop, Muehling Financial, Fast Trak Farms, Husker Diesel, Buda Concrete, Greg’s Masonry, Cornhusker Heating and Air Conditioning, W.C.’s South, Mark Burch and Team Jack, Icon Pistons, Speedway Motors Race Engines, Ron Fox Motorsports, Onyx Digital Group  and Zamp.

With the regular season over, we turn our attention to the biggest event of the year; the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car Nationals! Beginning Thursday, August 31st we kick off the weekend with a practice night followed by qualifying for the Race Jugs Race of Champions. Then, night 2 is the first night of competition with heats and preliminary features, culminating with an A Feature that will determine the first three rows for the 3-wide A Main on Sunday. Night 3 will be the same as night 2, except the top 9 finishers will line up in rows 4 to 6 Sunday. Night 3 is the finale of the weekend with preliminary features to determine the final 3 rows of the Big Dance that evening.

Who will bring home the big check for $3000 for being first to the checkered flag Sunday? Will it be one of our local racers, or an invader from somewhere around the country? The competition will be VERY strong, you can bet on that. As of Saturday afternoon, we had received 110 preregistrations. Come on out all 4 nights for the biggest IMCA Racesaver event in the country.


Hobby Stock-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 2. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 3. Brandon Fisher Lincoln, Ne. 4. Neil Pella Adams, Ne. 5. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 6. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 7. Ian Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. 8. John Martinez Beatrice, Ne. 9. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 10. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 11. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 12. Nick Jensen Hickman, Ne. 13. Trenton Dowty Fremont, Ne. 14. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 15. Kyle Gannon Lincoln, Ne. 16. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 17. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 18. Tyler Saathoff Holland, Ne. 19. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 20. Cody Muth Fremont, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Tyler Saathoff Holland, Ne. 2. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 3. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 4. Kyle Gannon Lincoln, Ne. 5. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jason Hansen(r) Glenwood, Ia. 7. Jason Halagarda Plattsmouth, Ne. 8. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 2. Brandon Fisher Lincoln, Ne. 3. Nick Jensen Hickman, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 6. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne. 8. Kyle Gannon Lincoln, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Trenton Dowty Fremont, Ne. 2. Neil Pella Adams, Ne. 3. John Martinez Beatrice, Ne. 4. Ian Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. 5. Cody Muth Fremont, Ne. 6. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Jason Halagarda Plattsmouth, Ne. 8. Jason Hansen(r) Glenwood, Ia.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 2. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 3. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 4. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 5. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 6. Tyler Saathoff Holland, Ne. 7. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne.


Mechanic-Hobby Stock A-Feature

  1. Corey Rovertus 2. Rex Schreiner 3. Spencer Hutsell  4. Mick Shaw  5. Robert Saltz  6. Karey Camacho  7. Dustin Vinsonhaler  8. Ron Mohr 


Mechanic-Hobby Stock Heat 1

  1. Spencer Hutsell 2. Corey Rovertus 3. Dustin Vinsonhaler  4. Robert Saltz  5. Michael McIntire  6. Taylor Swift  DNS. Elliot Halverson 


Mechanic-Hobby Stock Heat 2

  1. Rex Schreiner 2. Ron Mohr 3. Karey Camacho  4. Mick Shaw  5. Chris Hamilton  6. Andy Lachance  7. Dillon Thurman North Bend, Ne.


Mechanic-Modified A-Feature

  1. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 2. Cody Sims 3. Tanner Hurt DNS. Tadd Newill 


Mechanic-SportMod A-Feature

  1. Dylan McNeil 2. Krayten Williams 3. Tad Rospurg  4. Derek Bors  5. Randy Werner  6. Ray Flock  DNS. Nick Corbin  DNS. Art Floyd 


Mechanic-SportMod Heat 1

  1. Krayten Williams 2. Nick Corbin 3. Art Floyd  4. Dylan McNeil  5. Ron Hansen  6. Seth Ambrose  7. Travis Crozier 


Mechanic-SportMod Heat 2

  1. Derek Bors 2. Tad Rospurg 3. Randy Werner  4. Ray Flock  DNS. Cade Jochum  DNS. Craig Potter 


Mechanic-Stock Car A-Feature

  1. Brandon Oltman 2. Jeffry Thompson 3. Dean Jordan  4. Elliot Halverson  5. Riley Ruisinger  6. Caden Searcey  7. Zach Werner  DNS. Wyatt Albertson  DNS. Wade Jungbluth 


Modified-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 3. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 4. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 5. Brandon Conkwright Wamego, Ks. 6. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne. 7. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 8. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 9. Brandon Verbeek Lincoln, Ne. 10. Tracy Harr Ashland, Ne. 11. Anthony Roth Columbus, Ne. 12. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 13. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 14. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 15. Terry Hurt Ft. Calhoun, Ne. 16. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. DNS. Scott Bivens Elmwood, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 2. Anthony Roth Columbus, Ne. 3. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 4. Terry Hurt Ft. Calhoun, Ne. 5. Tracy Harr Ashland, Ne. 6. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne. 7. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 8. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 9. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 3. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 4. Brandon Conkwright Wamego, Ks. 5. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 6. Brandon Verbeek Lincoln, Ne. 7. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Scott Bivens Elmwood, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 2. McLain Reed Lincoln, Ne. 3. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 4. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 6. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 7. Dana Deeke Waverly, Ne. 8. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 9. Richard Flock Malcolm, Ne. 10. Matt Andrews Malcolm, Ne. 11. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 12. Justin Bell Louisville, Ne. 13. Lauren Cook Lincoln, Ne. 14. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 15. Robert Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 16. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 17. Mike Leonard Fremont, Ne. 18. Mason Richards Denton, Ne. 19. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 20. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Matt Andrews Malcolm, Ne. 2. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 3. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 4. Lauren Cook Lincoln, Ne. 5. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 6. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 7. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 8. Austin Jochum(r) Roca, Ne. 9. A.j. Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 10. Brady Papineau(r) Lincoln, Ne. 11. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 12. Tyler Harr(r) Ashland, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA C-Feature

  1. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 2. Austin Jochum(r) Roca, Ne. 3. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 4. Brady Papineau(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Aiden Floyd Lincoln, Ne. 6. Drew Hobaugh(r) Adams, Ne. 7. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 8. Benji Legg Beatrice, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 2. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 3. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 4. Mason Richards Denton, Ne. 5. Matt Andrews Malcolm, Ne. 6. Tyler Harr(r) Ashland, Ne. 7. Austin Jochum(r) Roca, Ne. 8. Brady Papineau(r) Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Dana Deeke Waverly, Ne. 2. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 3. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 4. Robert Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 5. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 6. Lauren Cook Lincoln, Ne. 7. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 8. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 2. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 3. Richard Flock Malcolm, Ne. 4. Justin Bell Louisville, Ne. 5. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 6. A.j. Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 7. Drew Hobaugh(r) Adams, Ne. 8. Benji Legg Beatrice, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 4

  1. McLain Reed Lincoln, Ne. 2. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 3. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 4. Mike Leonard Fremont, Ne. 5. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 6. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 7. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 8. Aiden Floyd Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 2. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 4. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 6. Ryan Kitchen Seward, Ne. 7. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 8. Elizabeth Phillips Bixby, Ok. 9. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 10. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 11. Jake Galusha Lincoln, Ne. 12. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 13. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 14. Jake Neal(r) Omaha, Ne. 15. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 16. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne. 17. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 18. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 19. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 2. Elizabeth Phillips Bixby, Ok. 3. Cole Wayman(r) Lincoln, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 6. Jake Neal(r) Omaha, Ne. 7. Jake Galusha Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 2. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne. 3. Ryan Kitchen Seward, Ne. 4. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 5. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 6. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 2. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 3. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 4. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 5. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 6. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 2. Max Harder Virginia, Ne. 3. Shane Stutzman Milford, Ne. 4. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne. 5. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 6. Hunter Wergin Milford, Ne. 7. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne. 8. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 9. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 10. John Meyer Odell, Ne. 11. Jeremy Down Nebraska City, Ne. 12. Austin Boucher(r) Murdock, Ne. 13. Brandon Conkwright Wamego, Ks. 14. Darren Wurdeman Oneill, Ne. 15. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 16. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 17. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne. 18. Travis Patterson Ashland, Ne. 19. Jerod Bussen Fremont, Ne. DQ. Dillon Richards(r) Wymore, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne. 2. Darren Wurdeman Oneill, Ne. 3. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 4. Jerod Bussen Fremont, Ne. 5. Austin Boucher(r) Murdock, Ne. 6. Kyle Owen Nebraska City, Ne. 7. Nate Desive Oneill, Ne. DNS. Don Hall Jr(r) Lincoln, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Max Harder Virginia, Ne. 2. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne. 3. Brandon Conkwright Wamego, Ks. 4. Dillon Richards(r) Wymore, Ne. 5. Travis Patterson Ashland, Ne. 6. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 7. Nate Desive Oneill, Ne. 8. Jerod Bussen Fremont, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Hunter Wergin Milford, Ne. 2. Jeremy Down Nebraska City, Ne. 3. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 4. Shane Stutzman Milford, Ne. 5. John Meyer Odell, Ne. 6. Austin Boucher(r) Murdock, Ne. 7. Kyle Owen Nebraska City, Ne. 8. Don Hall Jr(r) Lincoln, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 2. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 3. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 4. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne. 5. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 6. Darren Wurdeman Oneill, Ne. 7. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne.

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