Sprint Car Drivers


Chase Weiler
Car #: 0
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 40
Birthday: Janaury 28th
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Weiler Racing
PitCrew: Doug, Melissa, Ryan
Sponsors: Avid Realty, J Devlin Glass Art, Suzie Q Design, Leting Motorsports

Shayle Bade
Car #: 03
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 31
Birthday: July 24th

Car #: 1B
City of Residence: Waterloo, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: March 15th
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Horton Racing Engines
PitCrew: Bradm Andrew, Paul, Joe
Sponsors: Duros Dent Works, Daves Auto Body, Omaha Barbell, We’ll Smoke U BBQ, West Omaha Boat N Jetski, Camping World

Alex Salzman
Car #: 2A
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 26
Birthday: August 5th

Bill Garrow
Car #: 3G
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 60
Birthday: April 2nd
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Richards Machine
PitCrew: Rick, Darren, Dylon, Stacie
Sponsors: Don’s Upholstery

Car #: 4U
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 60
Birthday: April 9th
Chassis: 2013 Eagle
Engine: Assassin
Sponsors: Slide Job Graphics, Joyo Theatre, End User Innovations, Engine House

Nathan Weiler
Car #: 4W
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 38
Birthday:Triple X
Engine: Assassin/ Weiler Racing
PitCrew: Dad, Katlin, Chase, Ryan, Liberty
Sponsors: Weiler Racing, Avid Realty, Suzie Q Designs, Auto Trans Matic

Car #: 4X
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 52
Birthday: September 23rd
Chassis: Schnee
Engine: Speedway
PitCrew: Marvin, Harold, Mark, Dad, Megan
Sponsors: Clima-Tech Heating & Air, Speedway Racing Engines

Car #: 5
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 36
Birthday: July 24th
Engine: Myers
Sponsors: Myers Racing Engines, MR. Yards and More, Hozby Power, KED Trucking, Take off tire, Momentum Suspensions, Mad Max Metal Working, Tailored Computers, Simpson, Lutton Law, Smith Repair, Anytime Anywhere Handyman Service, Leizer Wheels, Harris Decals

Car #: 5A
City of Residence: Fremont, NE
Age: 60
Birthday: February 24th
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Assassin
Pit Crew: Corey, Gabe, Susan, Gregg
Major Sponsors: O’Hara Dirty Deeds

Car #: 8B
City of Residence: Bennet, NE
Age: 38
Birthday: August 1st
Chassis: Helix
Engine: Speedway Motors
PitCrew:Bobby, Kaedon, Kash
Major Sponsors: Becker Motorsports, Engler Machine & Tools, KEFLEX, Becker Arms & Outdoors

Cole Cloud
Car #: 11C
City of Residence: Salina, KS
Age: 31
Birthday: February 11th
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Homebuilt
Sponsors: 1 Vision Aviation

Car #: 12
City of Residence: Eagle, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: May 14th
Chassis: J&J
Engine: Speedway
Pit Crew: Matt, Dustin, Austin, Dad
Major Sponsors: My Salesman. com, Cherney Enterprises, Drueke Trucking & Ranch, Zoz Farms, American Trailer Company

Car #: 12K
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 27
Birthday: October 2nd
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Myers
PitCrew: Dad, Ryan, Cory, Chris, Tanner
Major Sponsors: Fox Automotive, Avid Realty, Isles Pub & Pizza, Taylor Lee Photography, Speedway Graphics

Car #: 14
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: February 4th
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Speedway Motors
Pit Crew: Dad, Cole, Kyle, Mark
Major Sponsors: Empire Netting& Fencing, , Nissen Hardwood Floors, Onyx Digital Group, My Salesman, The Wave
Racing Accomplishments: 2021 Eagle Track champion

Gene Ackland
Car #: 14G
City of Residence: Martell, NE
Age: 57
Birthday: March 21st
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Speedway Racing Engines
PitCrew: Steve, Craig, Rex, Aaron
Sponsors: Colby Ridge, FiveNines, Ironwood, BlueStem Landscaping, Ackland Concrete

Car #: 14J
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 37
Birthday: August 30th
Chassis: Schnee
Engine: Riggins Motor
Pit Crew: Preston Marsh, JJ Riggins, Jason Delgado, JayDee Delgado JR.
Major Sponsors: Pillar Restaurant Group Including: Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs, Venue Restaurant & Lounge, Piedmont Bistro, Cactus Modern Mexican & Cantina, Central Body Shop

Cole Vanderheiden
Car #: 15V
City of Residence: Papillion, NE
Age: 16
Birthday: July 9th
Chassis: Spike
Engine: Speedway Motors
Pit Crew: Dad, Camden, ED, Grayson, Scott
Major Sponsors: Copps Pizza, Gina V Physical Therapy, 316 Strategy Group, BradCo Companies, Baker Boys Racing Suspension, Barrett Clinic, Young Chiropractic and Rehab, Papillion Animal Hospital, Chariots 4 Hope, Arose Mental Health, Forward Bite, Mr. Car Shipper, CASM Saftey Products, Randy Vanderheiden Trucking
Racing Accomplishments:  2022, 2 wins in rookie Season of 305’s at 14 years old, 2022 2nd in National Rookie of the year standings, 2022-Track Rookie of the year at Eagle Raceway and Crawford County Speedway

Justin Bolte
Car #: 17
City of Residence: Fremont, NE
Age: 24
Birthday: July 26th
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Meyers
PitCrew: Gregg Bolte
Sponsors: B&B Seamless Gutters Inc., RHS Metals, Mirage Graphix

Cole Wayman
Car #: 18W
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 21
Birthday: August 7th

Car #: 20
City of Residence: Greenwood, NE
Age: 59
Birthday: August 15th
Chassis: J&J
Engine: Speedway
Pit Crew: Tom Wolfgram, Brad Miesinger, Bryan Kirmas
Major Sponsors: Ty’s Outdoor Power, Special T Landscaping, Tim’s Tool Service, Bobcat of Omaha, Matco tools

Car #: 20P
City of Residence: Grand Island, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: June 8th
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Speedway Engines
PitCrew: Larry & Shellie
Sponsors: Aurora Cooperative, Fred’s, Mike and Gail Hieb

Ryan Kitchen
Car #: 21
City of Residence: Seward, NE
Age: 32
Birthday: March 1st
Chassis: Maxim
Engine: Speedway Motors Race Engines
Pit Crew: Regan Kitchen, Corey Koster, Mark Gullion, Pickle, Jerry Springer, Mike Ramsey, Justin Vanderharr
Major Sponsors: Midwest Petroleum Equipment, Speedway Motors, Precise Roofing, NinetyOne Trucking, Pro Shocks, Ultra Shield, Smith Titanium, Simpson, Stilo, Al Driveline

Car #: 22D
City of Residence: Oneill, NE
Age: 37
Birthday: October 9th
Chassis: Maxim
Engine:  Barnyard Motors
Pit Crew: Danny Nekolite Sr., Bill Hamik, Jasmine Nekolite, Jim Liable
Major Sponsors: Finish Line Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Red Line Oil, Fuel Clothing, Skullcandy, Nezium Inc., Ogio, Slick Products.
Racing Accomplishments: 2021&2022 Nebraska State Champion, 2021 & 2022 Stuart Raceway Track Champion, 2018 &2021 Wagner Speedway Track Champion, 2018 Stuart Raceway runner Up, 2021 & 2022 Top 20 in Nationals Points.

Car #: 23
City of Residence: Rock Rapids, IA
Age: 30
Birthday: March 25th
Chassis: EMI
Engine: Myers Racing Engines
Pit Crew: Ryan Voss, Brian Bosma, Dalton Johnson, Mike Cigelman
Major Sponsors: Papik Motors,Tender Bison, Trends Salon, Iowa Concrete Grinding and Coating

James Reed
Car #: 23R
City of Residence: Kearney, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: October 24th
Chassis: Kpc
Engine: N/A
PitCrew: Oakley/ Ron
Sponsors: Reeds Racing

Car #: 25
City of Residence: South Bend, NE
Age: 26
Birthday: February 20th
Chassis: Maxim
Engine: Myers
Pit Crew: RJ, Cooper, Zach, Jay

Car #: 25A
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 22
Birthday: June 10th
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Speedway
PitCrew: Riley, Eric, Conrad, Val and Family
Major Sponsors: Davenport Farms, Schroeder Farms

Steve Hurst
Car #: 45
City of Residence: Ames, NE
Age: 51
Birthday: March 2nd

Car #: 51
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE

Car #: 55
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 53
Birthday: September 3rd
Chassis: Eagle
Engine: Weers Motorsports
PitCrew: Dick, Richard, Dan, James, Alexander, Mark
Major Sponsors: Carpetland, Dick Weers Insurance, Duros Dent Works

Car #: 67
City of Residence: York, NE
Age: 38
Birthday: November 1st
Chassis: Maxim
Engine: Speedway
Pit Crew: Marcus Kennedy
Major Sponsors: Speedway Shocks, Speedway Engines, Maxim Chassis

Jay Russell
Car #: 76
City of Residence: Wathena, KS
Age: 40
Birthday: April 19th
Chassis: Triple X
Engine: Myers Racing Engine
PitCrew: Roxanna, John, Chase, Dad
Sponsors: Klein Motors & Rv’s

Max Roseland
Car #: 84
City of Residence: Carter Lake, IA
Age: 19
Birthday: September 12th
Chassis: Spike Chassis
Engine: Speedway Racing Engines
PitCrew: Chris Roseland
Major Sponsors: Zoom Drain, Backland Plumbing

Car #: 91
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 38
Birthday: December 24th
Chassis: Maxim
Engine: Speedway Motors
Pit Crew: Mark Gullion, Pickle, Mike Ramsey, Scotty J, Ryan Kitchen, Jerry Springer, Justin Vanderharr
Major Sponsors: Midwest Petroleum Equipment, Speedway Motors Racing Engines, Maxim Chassis, Precise Roofing, NinetyOne Truckin, Pro Shocks, Simpson Racing Products, Stilo,Breakout Graphics, Smith Titanium, AL Driveline
Racing Accomplishments: 2020 Eagle Raceway Champion, 2 Time SSN Points Champion, 2 Time Jayhusker Points Champion, Boone County Raceway 360 Points Champion

Car #: 97
City of Residence: Hastings, NE
Age: 37
Birthday: December 30th
Chassis: Schnee
Engine: Speedway Motors
PitCrew: Viv
Major Sponsors: Glenn’s Repair, Hotkote 751

Car #: 100
City of Residence: Papillion, NE
Age: 53
Birthday: January 4th
Chassis: CBM WolfWeld
Engine: Speedway motors
Pit Crew: Tim Benson, Jeff Bogue, Mark Telecky
Major Sponsors: Sundown Homes, CBM Motorsports
Racing Accomplishments: National Champion