Modified Drivers

Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modified Drivers registered for the 2023 season

Paul Nagle
Car #: 05
City of Residence: Nevada, IA
Age: 35
Birthday: April 9th
Chassis: Razor

Car #: 09B
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Chassis: Rage Chassis

Car #: 1C
City of Residence: Plattsmouth, NE
Age: 61
Birthday:June 9th
Chassis: Pork MOI
Engine: Chevy
Sponsors: M&R Welding, Porky’s Speed Shop

Car #: 1R
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 19
Birthday: September 16th
Chassis: Jet By BHE
Engine: Richards Machine
PitCrew: Matt, Randy, Tony
Sponsors: Jones Racing Products, J&K Trucking, CP Carrillo, Tilton Engineering, Scat Crankshaft, Subway, Bob Harris Enterprises, Jet Racing, Raw Materials, Roto Reef, McLaughlin Masonry, JAZ, Cliff Thingstad Trucking, Swift Springs, Dynamic Drivelines, Lincoln Capital Group, Unified Employee Benefits, CRR Technology, Richards Machine, Extreme Graphics & Signs, Filley Powder Coating
Racing Accomplishments: 2019 IMCA Northern Sportmod National Rookie, 2020 Northern Sport mod Dawson County Raceway, 2021 IMCA Nationals Stockcar National Rookie,2021 IMCA Northern Region Rookie,2021 IMCA Stockcar State of NE Champion,2021 IMCA Stockcar National Points runner Up, 2021 Eagle Raceway Stockcar Track Champion, 2021 Beatrice Speedway Stockcar Track Champion

Rodney Stopak
Car #: 1RS
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 57
Birthday:October 29th
Chassis: Harris
Engine: 355

Car #: 1Z
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 61
Birthday: November 15th
Chassis: Jet
Engine: Crate
PitCrew: Aairen, Terry
Sponsors: Pro Transmission

Car #: 3A
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 49
Birthday: October 28th
Chassis: BMS
Engine: Open
PitCrew: Logan
Major Sponsors: Tradecenter Automotive, JTR Logjistics, Fossler Family Trucking, Southwest Automotive

Car #: 3J
City of Residence: Nebraska City, NE
Age: 30
Birthday: April 18th
Chassis: Shaw
Engine: Karl Custom Crate

Car #: 3T
City of Residence: Fremont, NE
Age: 35
Birthday: March 12
Chassis: Razor
Engine: Crate
Pit Crew: Dillon Thurman, Cameron Thompson, Cayden Thompson, Jefry Thompson, Mike Leonard
Sponsors: Slacker Properties, Z3 Electric, Indra Mowing, T3 Fabrication

Car #: 4B
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 36
Birthday: June 9th
Chassis: Razor
Engine: Crate
Sponsors: Bomers Garage, General Excavating, Taylor Made Contracting, Mike Verbeek Trucking, Verbeek Farms, One Shot Auto Repair, Angel Energy Services, Razor Chassis, Pem Racing Products

Car #: 5s
City of Residence: Dorchester, NE
Age: 55
Birthday: December 28th
Chassis: Razor
Engine: Open
PitCrew: Roger Klein, Gary West
Sponsors: Olson Graphix, Kohmetscher Roofing, Pracheil Farms, Behrens Family Sweet Corn, Kremer Storage

Car #: 6
City of Residence: Blair, NE
Age: 24
Birthday: November 7th
Chassis: Performer Chassis
Engine: 604
PitCrew: Dad, Jerry, Grandpa
Sponsors: PSC Construction, C&H Construction, Witt Cattle Company, Logemann Farms

Car #: 8A
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 38
Birthday: July 8th
Chassis: Razor
Engine: Assassin Speed Works
PitCrew: Project Pat, Whitney, Hattie, Cameron, Abby, Maya
Major Sponsors: Flatfoot Trucking, Nebraskas Best, OnlyPro Decaling, Neon Clean Bins, T3 Fabrication, Legenscape, BBA Properties

Car #: 8C
City of Residence: Ft Calhoun, NE
Age: 40
Birthday: April 12th
Chassis: Razor
PitCrew:Allie, Logan, Jace, Andy Derek, Pat, Jared
Major Sponsors: 5 Star Framework, Big Red Towing, Flatfoot trucking, Utility Trenching, Bobcat of Omaha, Only Pro Decals, Countryside Contracting, Dinkers Bar and Grill, Patty Mcgowns Bar, Jake and April

Car #: 10
City of Residence: Clear Lake, IA
Age: 46
Birthday: June 14th

Reed Payne
Car #: 12
City of Residence: Idaho Falls, ID
Age: 55
Birthday: October 28th
Chassis: GRT
Engine: Crate

Car #: 13J
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 33
Birthday: August 11th
Chassis: Harris
Engine: Dave Deterding
PitCrew:  Doug, Dave, Josh, Jom, Zach, Jayden
Sponsors: Great Clips, Larry’s Auto Salvage

Car #: 13K
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 38
Birthday: February 15th
Chassis: Dirt Works
Engine: Chevy
Sponsors: ME

Cole Wayman
Car #:18W
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 21
Birthday: August 7th

Car #: 21
City of Residence: Marysville, KS
Age: 37
Birthday: May 10th
Engine: Crate
PitCrew: Levi, Camden, Jori
Major Sponsors: Midwest Trailer Depot

Car #: 21T
City of Residence: Ashland, NE
Age: 52
Birthday: February 1st
Chassis: CAM
Engine: 604
PitCrew: Kelly, Tammy
Major Sponsors: Kelly Kracht

Jim Patterson
Car #: 22
City of Residence: Ashland, NE
Age: 61
Birthday: January 26th

Brandon Conkwright
Car #: 24C
City of Residence: Wameso, KS
Age: 27
Birthday: February 2nd
Sponsors: Bud’s Auto Service, Film at LL, Fast Shafts

Car #: 24T
City of Residence: Ft. Calhoun, NE
Age: 51
Birthday: October 12th
Chassis: Rage
Engine: Crate By Hula
Pit Crew: Tanner Hurt, Bret Fritch
Major Sponsors: C&H Construction, PSC Construction, Upstream Concrete Sawing and Drilling, RJR Racing

Car #: 27
City of Residence: Bellevue, NE
Age: 51
Birthday: August 27th

Car #: 28t
City of Residence: Sidney, IA
Age: 42
Birthday: August 11th
Chassis: Jet
Engine: Crate
PitCrew: Jim, Phillip, Barney, Graig, Nick
Sponsors: Barrett Plumbing, Jim Roberts Racing Engines

Jordan Grabouski
Car #: 30
City of Residence: Beatrice, NE
Age: 35
Birthday: November 4th
Chassis: JGR
Engine: Friesen Chevrolet
Pit Crew: TJosh, Merle, Durm
Major Sponsors: Twin Rivers Auto Group, Friesen Chevrolet, Integra Racing shocks, Keyser Manufacturing, Stone Oilfield

James Mesenbrink
Car #: 33M
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 43
Birthday: June 22nd
Chassis: Jet
Engine: Crate

Car #: 40
City of Residence: Nebraska City, NE
Age: 42
Birthday: May 6th
Chassis: Jet
Engine: Speedway Racing Engines
PitCrew: Alan, Preston, Boston, Todd
Major Sponsors: Speedway Motors, Jet Racing, Patriot Crane and Rigging, R Carts, Heitman Farm & Custom Ag, Tex Hay Co., Team Keene, Dirt Outlaws, Outlaw Enterprises, VIS Technical Sportswear, VP Racing Fuels, Heartland, Underdog Desigm and Drawing, Noonan Ind., Icon Forged Pistions, H&S Automotive and Dyno Shop, 3 Wide Designs, Final Grade Construction & Conservation

Car #: 59
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 24
Birthday: June 24th
Chassis: Razor
Sponsors: Stumpy’s Custom Creations, Daly’s Machine, Smith Auto, JP Carpentry, Mlnark Race Engines, T3 Fabrications, Collins Home Creations, Scaller Racing Shocks

Car #: 60IV
City of Residence: Columbus, NE
Age: 28
Birthday: November 20th
Chassis: Razor Chassis
Engine: Open
PitCrew: Austin, Kayla, Atlas, Travis, Carissa, Trent, Kenny, Dana
Major Sponsors: Shell Valley Classic Wheels, Roth Racing, Razor Chassis, Elite Mobile Blasting

Car #: 69
City of Residence: Omaha, NE
Age: 52
Birthday: December 22nd
Chassis: Sky Rocket
Engine: Daly’s Machine
Sponsors: Stumpy’s Custom Creations, Daly’s Machine, Smith Auto, JP Carpentry, Mlnark Race Engines, T3 Fabrications, Collins Home Creations, Scaller Racing Shocks

Car #: 81
City of Residence: Cortland, NE
Age: 36
Birthday: April 5th
Chassis: Jet
Engine: Speedway Crate Engines
Sponsors: Gana Trucking & Excavating, MKD Motorsports, Jet Racing, Neeman Refuse, Sky Top Towers, Kramer Bar & Grill, Cutting Corner, Densberger Farms

Car #: 89B
City of Residence: Lincoln, NE
Age: 37
Birthday: December 17th
Chassis: Victory
Engine: Stone Cold

Car #: 96
City of Residence: Beatrice, NE
Chassis: Jet

Car #: 96J
City of Residence: Beatrice, NE
Chassis: Jet

Car #: 99W
City of Residence: Council Bluffs, IA
Age: 26
Birthday: July 5th
Chassis: Harris
Engine: 604
PitCrew: Russell Dickerson, Austin LeBron
Major Sponsors: Olsen Auto Service, Continental Alarm and Detection, Weber Fabrication, State Farm(Rhonda Hope), Cardona Lawn Service, Tailored Computers, Bobcat of Omaha, Bully Brand Gear, Thriller Transmissions
Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the Year 2019 (IMCA Modified)

Car #: X52
City of Residence: Bennington, NE
Age: 47
Birthday: Febrauary 12th
Chassis: Taylor-Shaw
Engine: Mexico
PitCrew: Woody, Amanda, Kelsey, Raylyn, Karlyn
Sponsors: The “Iceman” Woody, Cottonwood Cove, Jeff Pruess Realty, Loup City Carquest, J-Dubs Hangout, Randi With an I, Linda Miller state Farm, Richards Machine, Johnny Miller Time, College View Auto Sales, 2 Men and a Shop, Davey Tavern, Craig Anderson Motorsports, Wehrs Machine, Casey’s