Richards, Harker, Vanover, Thomas & Vrbka are victorious at Destination Eagle Raceway

Richards, Harker, Vanover, Thomas & Vrbka are victorious at Destination Eagle Raceway

By Greg Soukup

Despite drenching rains both Thursday and Friday that would have most racetracks cancelling, Roger Hadan and the track prep crew gave the racers a great racing surface Saturday night as Avid Realty and Empire Fence presented Destination Eagle at America’s Home Track.

There was just one serious incident in the preliminary action, which occurred in the second heat for the Nebraska Septic IMCA Racesaver Sprint Cars. On the final lap of the heat Tige Jensen’s 24 got very high in turns 3 and 4, bicycled up onto the Armco barrier, came down hard on the right front tire. The tire broke off, allowing the front end to dig into the dirt and sending him into a slow rollover. Tige was not seriously injured, but his car received too much damage to continue.

The A1 Iron IMCA Stock Car main event’s first circuit saw Chad Andersen’s 8C out front on lap 1 with the 66 of Jeff Watts, Riley Ruisinger in the 7 and Dylan Haney in the 12X rounding out the top 4. Marty Steinbach’s 5ELI came to a halt on the back stretch on lap 2after contact with the 49 of Ryan Harris for a caution. Haney passed Watts on the restart to advance to third. Kyle Vanover passed Watts the next time around to put the 19 into fourth. Matt Boucher’s 5B came to a halt at the bottom of turns 3 and 4 on lap 4 to slow the action once again. Vanover moved up to third one lap after the restart and advanced to second the next lap. Tim Drake cracked the top 4 on lap 11, putting the 55X into fourth. Vanover grabbed the lead the following circuit and held on for the win with Andersen second, Haney third and Drake fourth.

I kidded Kyle about his loss to Mike Nichols the week before, saying he ran second to a nobody. He replied “It’s hard to beat someone who never makes a mistake. Mike never ever makes one, and I probably make 20 every race. No shame in losing to a legend. We totally missed what the racetrack was going to do tonight. I was good on the bottom to get through the slick and move up through the pack but I was definitely on pins and needles racing up around the top. I think Roger has done a bunch of work to help survive rains like we got last night and Thursday. It definitely helps provide a raceable track where most places you wouldn’t even have had a surface to race on”. Kyle’s sponsors include Cadillac Chassis by Big Johnson, Speedway Engines and Shocks, Green’s Furnace and Plumbing, Andenbruns Construction, Seven2 Carts, Wichita Dyno Services and Fast Shafts.

The Avid Realty A’s first attempt at a start saw 3 cars come to rest out of turn 4 involving Lee Horky in the 7, Beau Riffel’s 413 and the 66 of Trevor Noonan. Attempt #2 saw a 9 car pileup on the back stretch with Noonan, Riffel, Derek Hall’s 44d, the 73Z of Zane Woodman, Cole Wayman in the 18W, Shawn Pospisil’s 6SJ, Noah Williams in the 27W, Gary Saathoff’s 96 and the 24 of Drake Bohlmeyer. When the third start finally put a lap in the books it was Amber Cook in the 9, the 18 of Dion Kovar, Jacob Swanson and Vrbka were the top 4 but the caution flag was thrown when Woodman stopped facing the wrong way on the front stretch after several cars made contact out of turn 4. I tried to see if there was a full moon out, but the cloud cover hid the truth. At that time, a single file restart was called. Kovar passed Cook for the lead on the restart. Vrbka got past Swanson for third the next lap. The following circuit Cook slowed and spun to the infield and the yellow lights came on in the corners. At that point it was Kovar, Vrbka, Swanson and the 88F of Richard Flock. Williams got past Flock for fourth on the restart and moved up to third the following lap as Vrbka snagged the lead from Kovar. Vrbka widened his lead to nearly a straightaway for the win with Kovar, Williams and Swanson rounding out the top 4.

Although he won the points championship last year, Adam did it without a single victory and this was his first of this season. He said “I started in 14th but I got through that big pileup on the start and that helped a lot. I moved up a few rows from that and then just started picking them off one by one. I want to thank my wife, my parents and Blake and Hailey”. Adam’s sponsors include EZ Stop, Eagle Automotive, Long Shot Repair, Tatt’s Chicken Farm, Fritzen Farms, Skip’s Equipment Services, Wojo Painting, Mook Trucking, Razor Chassis, Conservative Car Sales and Service, Stephenson’s Truck and RV Repair, Only Pro Decaling, Unlimited Sport Solutions and Clive Bannister.

The Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modifieds were next for their feature. Shawn Harker put the #40 out front on the first lap followed by Sean Manning’s X52, the 3A of Aaron Pella and Jared Deterding’s 13J. Lap 2 saw Pella spin in turns 1 an2 2, collecting Bob Zoubek’s 5S, the 8C of Chad Andersen, Kyle Oberding in the 75 and James Messenbrink in the 33M. Zoubek headed to the pits with a flat right rear tire. That moved Dustin Andersen’s 8A into fourth. A lap after the restart Terry Richards passed Dustin Andersen for fourth in his #18 and advanced to third the next time around. Mike Densberger put the 81 into fourth when Dustin suffered a flat left rear tire when another circuit was in the books and passed Richards for third the following lap. John Saathoff cracked the top 4 on lap 7 in the 96J. Lap 9 saw Densberger get around Manning for the second spot. By then Harker had built up a ½ lap lead on Densberger but Pella and Cameron Thompson’s 2T spun at the bottom of turn 2 erasing Harker’s advantage with 10 to go. The restart saw Brandon Verbeek’s 4B make contact with Nate Thompson’s 3T on the back stretch, spinning Thompson and collecting the 21H of Scott Bivens. Saathoff moved up to third on the restart. Richards regained the fourth spot the next lap. There were 6 laps remaining when Verbeek passed Richards to advance to fourth. Zoubek got past Verbeek for fourth with 3 to go. The top 4 remained unchanged to the checkers with Harker winning, Densberger second, Saathoff third and Zoubek fourth.

This was Harker’s second ever victory of the season and second ever in an IMCA Modified. He said “We’ve been there every week. Just a couple parts failures and a couple of mishaps on my part cost us but we’re right there every week. That’s part of it and I know it’s part of it. We try our best every week to maintenance the car but sometimes you just don’t catch it all”. Shawn’s sponsors include Patriot Crane and Rigging, Tex Cattle, Heitman Farms and Custom Ag, Final Grade, Speedway Motors Engines, Speedway Shocks, Jet Racing, Icon Pistons and Race Chassis.

Ian Roschewski’s 2, the 44X of John Cain, Nick Jensen in the 48J and Kyle Gannon’s 66G were the first four after lap 1 of the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock Feature. Gannon passed Jensen for third on lap 2 with Brad Schreiner also getting past Jensen to put the 10 into fourth. Schreiner moved up to third the following lap with Roy Armstrong putting the 6R into fourth. Dillon Richards passed Armstrong for fourth in the 24R the next circuit. Lap 6 saw Blake Spear’s 11B slowed on lap 6, bringing out a caution. During the caution, the 12 of Michael Wade came to a halt at the top of turns 1 and 2 with front end damage and ended up going to the pits on the hook. Richards took over the third position with 10 to go as Armstrong regained fourth. Richards made a big move the next lap, jumping into the lead as Cody Williams’ 77 moved up to fourth. Cain moved back to second with 7 laps left. Williams jumped up to second the following lap with Cain third and Roschewski fourth. Armstrong moved back up to fourth with 3 to go. The next lap Fletcher Peterson’s 33 stopped in turns 3 and 4 to set up a green/white/checkered finish. Williams made a valiant effort coming out of turn 4 on the final lap, but Richards held him off for the win by a car length. Williams had to settle for second with Cain third and Armstrong fourth.

This marked Dillon’s 4th victory of the 2024 season at Eagle Raceway after starting ninth. He stated “The car was pretty good tonight and Roger is getting this track dialed in pretty good so that you can get around the high side really well like I like it. But you can also run the middle or bottom, pretty much everywhere. I have to thank Roger and his guys for doing some great track work. It was supposed to rain again today and I had my fingers crossed the whole day that it would miss us and it did”. Dillon’s sponsors include Koozer Painting, Extreme Motorsport, Brock Ackerman, Brian Jurgens, Ben Tart Construction, Dad, Johnny Thomas Racing, Nelson Tree Service, S and L Trenching, Jer’s Restoration and Fabrication, Cat’s Fireworks, Freese Farms, Inline Healing, The Rail Rocks, Fester’s Bait and Tackle, In Loving Memory JR Craig-Denise, Troy Cepak, Popeye Engines & Carbs, Landrum Performance Springs, Speedway Shocks, Jet Racing, Backspin Entertainment and Aero Race Wheels.

The Nebraska Septic IMCA Racesaver Sprint Cars were the last on the track for their finale. Chad Koch got his #11 sideways going into turn 1 on the start, ending up backing his mount into the wall and bringing out a caution. When lap 1 was official it was Ty Ledger’s 53L, the 20 of Tim Hilfiker, Shayle Bade in the 03 and the 77 of Bret Klabunde out front. Bade passed Hilfiker for the second spot on lap 2. Jack Thomas got past Klabunde the next lap to put the 63 into fourth. The next lap saw Bade take the lead away from Ledger. Hilfiker spun to the infield on lap 5 after contact with Ledger. Hilfiker managed to keep going and rejoined the field near the rear. That moved the 14G of Gene Ackland into the fourth position. Thomas advanced to second on lap 7 and Ackland followed him into third the next lap. Cody Ledger put the #47 into fourth after another lap was in the books. Thomas grabbed the lead away from Bade on lap 15. There were 5 to go when Cole Wayman’s 18W spun in turn 4 negating Thomas’ lead. Cody Ledger moved up to third on the restart. The final change in the top 4 came with 4 to go as Brandon Horton put the 1B into fourth. Your final top 4 were Thomas, Bade Ledger and Horton.

Thomas tows up to Eagle Raceway from Bates City, Missouri weekly and got his first ever Eagle Raceway win. This marked just his 20th race in a sprint car. He said “We did what we needed to do and got it done tonight. I can’t thank everybody who helps us out enough; my Mom and Dad, my crew who did a phenomenal job on the car. To get this win at a place like this is really great! I’m just glad that I got it done”. Jack’s sponsors include Morgan’s Towing, Advanced Tech Dyno Services, Speedway Motors and Diamond Plumbing.

This coming Tuesday, June 11th marks the much anticipated return of the Eagle Nationals presented by K&B Promotions, featuring the Kubota High Limit 410 Sprint Cars. The $50,000 top prize is attracting not only the series regulars including NASCAR Champion Kyle Larson, but also other hard hitters like Brian Brown and several local teams who want to battle it out on the high banked 1/3 mile of Eagle Raceway. This is definitely going to be one of the most thrilling races of the 2024 season. Last year there was a near sell-out crowd on hand to see Kyle Larson take home the win.

Front gates open at 4:00 with adult admission $45, youths 6-12 are $20 and children 5 and under are free. Hot laps begin at 6:30 with racing kicking off at 7:15.

Pit gates open at 2:00 with pit passes costing $50.

You won’t want to miss this night of high intensity 410 sprint car racing featuring the best drivers around.


Hobby Stock-IMCA A-Feature                                                   

  1. Dillon Richards Wymore, Ne. 2. Cody Williams Minneapolis, Ks. 3. John Cain Homer, Ne. 4. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 5. Ian Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. 6. Trenton Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 8. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 9. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 10. Kyle Gannon Lincoln, Ne. 11. Tanner Jones Grand Island, Ne. 12. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 13. Colin Hein Columbus, Ne. 14. Nick Jensen Hickman, Ne. 15. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 16. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 17. Fletcher Petersen Lincoln, Ne. 18. Brayden Hurley Grand Island, Ne. 19. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 20. Blake Spear Solomon, Ks.


Hobby Stock-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 2. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 3. Tanner Jones Grand Island, Ne. 4. Blake Spear Solomon, Ks. 5. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 6. Brandon Fisher Lincoln, Ne. 7. Kirsten Bruce Lincoln, Ne. 8. Brad Burhenne Council Bluffs, Ia. 9. Jonathan Saliba(r) 10. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 11. Jason Hansen(r) Glenwood, Ia. DNS. Tyler Phelps Beatrice, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA C-Feature

  1. Tanner Jones Grand Island, Ne. 2. Jonathan Saliba(r) 3. Brad Burhenne Council Bluffs, Ia. 4. Tyler Phelps Beatrice, Ne. 5. Sam Blanton(r) Bellevue, Ne. 6. Robert Salts(r) Fremont, Ne. 7. Matt Rotschafer(r) Denton, Ne. 8. Tyler Ramsey(r) Papillion, Ne. DNS. Neil Pella Adams, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Dillon Richards Wymore, Ne. 2. Fletcher Petersen Lincoln, Ne. 3. Kyle Gannon Lincoln, Ne. 4. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 5. Blake Spear Solomon, Ks. 6. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Jonathan Saliba(r) 8. Matt Rotschafer(r) Denton, Ne. 9. Sam Blanton(r) Bellevue, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 2

  1. John Cain Homer, Ne. 2. Brayden Hurley Grand Island, Ne. 3. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 4. Cody Williams Minneapolis, Ks. 5. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 6. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 7. Robert Salts(r) Fremont, Ne. 8. Tyler Phelps Beatrice, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Nick Jensen Hickman, Ne. 2. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 3. Trenton Dowty Fremont, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 6. Brandon Fisher Lincoln, Ne. 7. Brad Burhenne Council Bluffs, Ia. 8. Tyler Ramsey(r) Papillion, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 4

  1. Ian Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. 2. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 3. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 4. Colin Hein Columbus, Ne. 5. Jason Hansen(r) Glenwood, Ia. 6. Kirsten Bruce Lincoln, Ne. 7. Tanner Jones Grand Island, Ne. 8. Neil Pella Adams, Ne.


Modified-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 2. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 3. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 5. Brandon Verbeek Lincoln, Ne. 6. Kyle Olberding Seneca, Ks. 7. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 8. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne. 9. Cameron Thompson(r) Fremont, Ne. 10. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 11. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 12. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 13. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 14. Sean Manning Bennington, Ne. 15. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 16. Scott Bivens Elmwood, Ne. 17. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 18. Dustin Andersen Omaha, Ne. 19. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 20. James Mesenbrink Lincoln, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Terry Richards Denton, Ne. 2. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 3. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 4. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 5. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 6. James Mesenbrink Lincoln, Ne. 7. Kyle Olberding Seneca, Ks.


Modified-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Dustin Andersen Omaha, Ne. 2. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 3. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 4. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 5. Brandon Verbeek Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 7. Cameron Thompson(r) Fremont, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 2. Sean Manning Bennington, Ne. 3. Scott Bivens Elmwood, Ne. 4. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 5. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 6. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 2. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 3. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 4. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 5. Lee Horky Fairbury, Ne. 6. Richard Flock Malcolm, Ne. 7. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 8. Zane Woodman Seward, Ne. 9. Aiden Floyd(r) Lincoln, Ne. 10. Mary Hahn Lincoln, Ne. 11. Trevor Noonan Lincoln, Ne. 12. Beau Riffel Fremont, Ne. 13. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 14. Drew Hobaugh Adams, Ne. 15. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 16. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 17. Derek Hall Lincoln, Ne. 18. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 19. McLain Reed Lincoln, Ne. 20. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Lee Horky Fairbury, Ne. 2. Mary Hahn Lincoln, Ne. 3. Trevor Noonan Lincoln, Ne. 4. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 5. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 6. Mason Richards Denton, Ne. 7. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 8. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 9. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 10. Robert Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 11. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 12. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA C-Feature

  1. Mason Richards Denton, Ne. 2. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 3. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 4. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne. 5. Austin Schmelzle Axtell, Ks. 6. Michael McIntire(r) Murray, Ne. DNS. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Jared Jackson(r) Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 2. Derek Hall Lincoln, Ne. 3. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne. 4. Beau Riffel Fremont, Ne. 5. Mary Hahn Lincoln, Ne. 6. Trevor Noonan Lincoln, Ne. 7. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Jared Jackson(r) Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Drew Hobaugh Adams, Ne. 2. Richard Flock Malcolm, Ne. 3. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 4. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 5. Lee Horky Fairbury, Ne. 6. Robert Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 7. Mason Richards Denton, Ne. 8. Austin Schmelzle Axtell, Ks.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 2. Aiden Floyd(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 4. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 6. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 7. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 8. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 4

  1. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 2. Zane Woodman Seward, Ne. 3. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. McLain Reed Lincoln, Ne. 5. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 6. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 7. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 8. Michael McIntire(r) Murray, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Jack Thomas Bates City, Mo. 2. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 3. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 4. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 5. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 6. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 7. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 8. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 9. Levi Hinck(r) Sweet Springs, Mo. 10. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 11. Bret Klabunde Omaha, Ne. 12. Nathan Weiler Omaha, Ne. 13. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 14. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 15. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne. 16. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 17. Ty Ledger Omaha, Ne. 18. Tyler Hendrickson(r) Lincoln, Ne. 19. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 20. Chad Koch Murdock, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Tyler Hendrickson(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Levi Hinck(r) Sweet Springs, Mo. 3. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne. 4. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 5. Nathan Weiler Omaha, Ne. 6. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 7. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. DNS. Tige Jensen Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 2. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 3. Jack Thomas Bates City, Mo. 4. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 5. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 6. Levi Hinck(r) Sweet Springs, Mo. 7. Tyler Hendrickson(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 9. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Ty Ledger Omaha, Ne. 2. Shayle Bade Raymond, Ne. 3. Bret Klabunde Omaha, Ne. 4. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 5. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 6. Tige Jensen Lincoln, Ne. 7. Nathan Weiler Omaha, Ne. 8. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Chad Koch Murdock, Ne. 2. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 3. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 7. Alex Salzman Lincoln, Ne. 8. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 2. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 3. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 4. Tim Drake Louisville, Ne. 5. Tyler Jackson(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne. 7. Thomas Etherton(r) Eagle, Ne. 8. Arie Schouten(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 10. Jeremy Down Nebraska City, Ne. 11. Scott Carlson Plattsmouth, Ne. 12. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 13. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne. 14. Travis Patterson Ashland, Ne. 15. Mike Scheinost(r) Ceresco, Ne. 16. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 17. Roger Elliot Omaha, Ne. 18. Jakob Boucher Murdock, Ne. 19. Riley Ruisinger(r) Bennet, Ne. 20. Ryan Harris Hubbard, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 2. Travis Patterson Ashland, Ne. 3. Roger Elliot Omaha, Ne. 4. Jakob Boucher Murdock, Ne. 5. Mike Scheinost(r) Ceresco, Ne. 6. Austin Boucher Murdock, Ne. 7. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 2. Ryan Harris Hubbard, Ne. 3. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 4. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 5. Thomas Etherton(r) Eagle, Ne. 6. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 7. Jakob Boucher Murdock, Ne. 8. Mike Scheinost(r) Ceresco, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Jeremy Down Nebraska City, Ne. 2. Scott Carlson Plattsmouth, Ne. 3. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 4. Dan Jackson Ceresco, Ne. 5. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne. 6. Roger Elliot Omaha, Ne. 7. Travis Patterson Ashland, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Riley Ruisinger(r) Bennet, Ne. 2. Tyler Jackson(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tim Drake Louisville, Ne. 4. Arie Schouten(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 6. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne. 7. Austin Boucher Murdock, Ne.

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