Non-qualifier Position Sponsorship Packages for Super Nationals

Non-qualifier Position Sponsorship Packages for Super Nationals

RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Super Nationals Non-Qualifier Position Sponsorship Package. (Cheap Advertising, or great way to honor someone)Instead of doing a “Lap Sponsorship” for the RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Super Nationals… We have decided to do a Non-Qualifier position Sponsorship package to help out the drivers that don’t qualify for the big show on Sunday, August 31st.You can give a minimum sponsorship amount of $50.
A $50 Sponsorship package comes with:
-An announced thank you to all Non-Qualifier position sponsors on Sunday, August 31st.
-Sponsor name or logo on the scoreboard (Thursday-Sunday)
-Sponsor name or logo on the contingency banner
-Sponsor name or logo on the program insert (Thursday-Sunday)
-Sponsor name or logo on the Eagle Raceway -Super Nationals -Sponsor section of the website
-A Comp Adult Gen Admission Ticket valid for Sunday, August 31st’s Race

Please call me (Racine) at the office to inquire 402-238-2595.

We will start with this amount of positions that need to be filled… We will add more positions as we get these filled up since we already have 70 cars pre-entered! Michelle and Roger have already filled one position in memory of Mick. Lets get this going!

Available positions:
1st non-qualifier-
2nd non-qualifier-
3rd non-qualifier-
4th non-qualifier- In Memory of Mick Nelson $50
5th non-qualifier-
6th non-qualifier-
7th non-qualifier-
8th non-qualifier-
9th non-qualifier-
10th non-qualifier-
11th non-qualifier-
12th non-qualifier-
13th non-qualifier-
14th non-qualifier-
15th non-qualifier-
16th non-qualifier-
17th non-qualifier-
18th non-qualifier-
19th non-qualifier-
20th non-qualifier-
21st non-qualifier-
22nd non-qualifier-
23rd non-qualifier-
24th non-qualifier-
25th non-qualifier-

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