Must Attend Sprint Clinic

Must Attend Sprint Clinic


















A Sprint Racer’s Must Attend Clinic – Saturday, January 25th – At Eagle Motorsports – 300 Speedway Cir. Lincoln, NE

(No B.S. – To the Point –Only Facts)

A unique day of learning for all stages of racer from beginner to professional. This Clinic is NOT an all day sales pitch for any product. This clinic’s one goal is… To better inform sprint car drivers on how to become winners, by not making avoidable mistakes caused by lack of information.  (OR B.S.)

Space is limited to 75 attendees. Call 402-238-2595 to reserve your spot to learn! FOR FREE! Thanks to these great sprint fans… Speedway Motors, Afco/Pro, Eagle Motorsports, Schaeffers lubricants, and Mark Burch Motorsports.

Morning (Specific Major Component info)

8-9AM – Open House (Meet and Greet Eagle Motorsports)

9-9:30AM – Roger Hadan (Eagle Raceway)

*Opening Statements, introduction, and Agenda

9:30-10:15 AM – Speedway Motors (Greg Nichols)

*New Products, RaceSaver products, Safety

10:15-11AM – Afco/Pro Shocks (Who’s presenting?)

*new products, gas vs. oil, split valve, low pressure, rod speed, set up recommendation

11AM-12PM – Eagle Motorsports (Mike Long, Jason Martins, Brian Schnee)

*Reasons for different designs, length, setback, Raised Rail, Reverse Arm, Stacked Tube, Tall Cage, Wedge Cage, Jig for repeatability, Tig, Brand Difference

12-12:45PM – Lunch (by Brian Bettenhausen, Schaeffer’s Lubricants and Eagle Raceway)

12:45-1:15PM – Mark Burch Motorsports (Shane Wolph)

*Weekly Shop Maintenance and prepping the car at the track before hot laps

1:15-4:30PM – Mark Burch Motorsports (Mark Burch) –Owner of Danny Lasoski’s Cars

*from the basics to the top secrets  (including the recommended starting setup for most tracks)

4:30-5:30PM – Open Floor (All presenters on the Hot Seat)

*Question and Answer

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