Registration, Pit Stalls & Agreements Due

Registration, Pit Stalls & Agreements Due

Drivers and car owners…your registration form, terms of agreement, transponder agreement and pit stall fees were due March 1st, 2011.  If you have not done so, please turn them into our office as soon as possible with the appropriate late fees.
All minors must have a minor waiver form SIGNED IN FRONT OF A NOTARY along with a copy of their birth certificate into our office before you race.

All drivers must have a RACEceiver to race, so please make sure you purchase one before the first race.  You may call the office to order one.  There will only be a few available to rent, so please get yours purchased beforehand.  Rental is $110 ($100 returned to you when the RACEceiver is returned unbroken and in working condition)  You must purchase an earpiece or have one of your own to use with the RACEceiver.

Go-Karters…please call the office to get a registration form sent or emailed to you.  The deadline for registering has been moved to April 1st, 2011.

We welcome our new marketing representative, Cindy Patton, to the Eagle Raceway team.  If you are interested in advertising at the track, please contact Cindy at
Count down…Only 6 weeks until the Ice Breaker Challenge!

Please call our office to enter into the Ice Breaker Challenge or to have an entry form emailed to you.

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