Andersen, Danley, Peterson, Gilland & Vanover Conquer the High Banks of Eagle Raceway

Andersen, Danley, Peterson, Gilland & Vanover Conquer the High Banks of Eagle Raceway

By Greg Soukup

Eagle Rumble, presented by Theron Ahlman of Modern Real Estate and Demon Decals last night can only be described as GREAT!!! A great crowd of fans, a great car count and great racing all night, coupled with the kids color run at intermission couldn’t be described otherwise.

There were no serious incidents all evening.

First up for their A Main were the A1 Iron Works IMCA Stock Cars. Hunter Wergin led lap 1 in the 2X with Damon Richards’ 68, the 22 of Nick Beckman and Gary Laflin’s 9 rounding out the top 4. Cade Richards passed Laflin on lap 4 in the 1R and moved up to third the next circuit with Shane Stutzman grabbing fourth in the 22S as Damon Richards snagged the lead. Beckman looped it in turn 4 the next time around for a caution. At that point it was Damon Richards, Wergin, Cade Richards and Stutzman the top 4. Cade Richards used the restart to pass Wergin for second and began hounding Damon Richards for the lead. Tim Horsham spun the #3 out in turn 2 with 10 to go. 1 lap after the restart Stutzman advanced to third. Kyle Vanover put the 19 into fourth and moved to third 3 laps later. It looked as though Cade Richards was going to move up to first, but Horsham looped it to the front stretch infield with 3 circuits remaining. Vanover jumped to the lead on the restart and held on for the win. Vanover, Damon Richards, Stutzman and Cade Richards were the top 4.

He said “The track used a lot of motor tonight. Luckily we have a Speedway racing engine, and they’re great for hauling my heavy weight around the track. Cade was trying to pick Damon off. He was working the bottom and Damon had the top. When I caught them before the yellow I stuck my nose in the middle, but that wasn’t going to prevail. So, then when the yellow came out Damon came down to defend the bottom and shut Cade down, I just gassed it up and let ‘er eat on the top. And the rest is history. The top was the place to be pretty much all night. With these conditions, Roger was definitely putting some water in the track trying to get the track to last. With the weather and wind it’s going to happen and it turned into just a top track. There was a bottom, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the top”. Kyle’s sponsors include Green’s Plumbing and Heating, Big John’s Race Cars, Cadillac Chassis by Big Johnson, Speedway Shocks, Zach at Speedway Engines, Sardeson Racing, Sue at Salon Nuveau, Exotic Customs and Andon Burns Construction.

The Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks were up next. Ryan Gilland’s 46, the 41 of Adam Wasserman, Dave Carter in the 2C and the 26L of Brint Lemke led lap 1. Jeff Watts passed Lemke on lap 2 to put the 66 into fourth. Carter advanced to second on lap 2 with Watts moving to third. Tyler Jackson put the 13 into fourth on lap 5 and moved up to third 3 circuits later. Jeff Ware cracked the top 4 with 7 to go and passed Jackson for third with 4 laps left. The final change in the top 4 came with to go as Roy Armstrong took over the fourth spot in the 6R. The final top 4 were Gilland, Carter, Ware and Armstrong.

Ryan related “That was a fun race! This hobby stock class is a great group of guys to run against and probably 3 quarters of them could win any night. It’s always hard to get to the front and really hard to stay there. It helps to start on the front row and I got lucky enough to do that and managed to stay there. I usually don’t like to start on the front row. I prefer to start second or third, but you don’t know where to run or how hard to run. We made it work though and pulled it off. I have to thank my crew for being there every week for me and Greg and Bridget”. Ryan’s sponsors include Ironwood Builders, Winlectric, Gilland Builders, Gilland Electric and Extreme Motorsports.

The Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modifieds then rolled out for their feature. Clint Homan’s 27, the 1Z of Norm Ziegenbein, Chad Andersen in the 8C and the 72 of Mike Lineberry were the first four to the flag stand on lap 1. Andersen passed Ziegenbein on lap 2 and the grabbed the lead on lap 5. Shane Hiatt put the 21H into fourth on lap 8. Jaxon Saathoff spun the 96 in turn 4 with 8 to go to bring out the yellow flag. Hiatt took advantage of the restart to move to third, putting Ziegenbein fourth. Lineberry and the 33M of James Masonbrink spun out in turns 3 and 4 the next time around for another caution. Ryan Jenkins put the 6 into fourth on the restart. The final four remained unchanged to the checkers with Andersen winning, Homan second, Hiatt third and Jenkins fourth.

Andersen said “I knew it was going to be a rough track after watching it and I knew it had some moisture in it so we changed a couple of shocks. I knew I had to race smart, hopefully get to the front and wait for a mistake to capitalize on and hold our own. That’s what we did. It felt like we finally got some good luck and things are rolling our way, so hopefully we can keep that going! I want to thank my crew, Ben and Cassie and Jake and April. I couldn’t do this without those guys and all my sponsors because we wouldn’t be out here racing. A big shout-out to my girlfriend and the kids”. Chad’s sponsors include Bobcat of Omaha, Utility Trenching, Flatfoot Trucking, Big Red Towing, Battery Systems, Sardeson Racing Engines, Five Star Frameworks, Only Pro Decals, Razor Chassis and CPD Racing.

Next was the A for the Modern Real Estate IMCA Sportmods. Shawn Hein led the first lap in the 5H with Jacob Swanson’s 31S, Roger Sluka’s 5S and the 97 of Mark Saathoff rounding out the top 4. Brandon Spanjer passed Saathoff on lap 2 to put the 19XX in fourth, moved up to third the next time around and grabbed second from Sluka after 2 more laps. At that time it was Spanjer, Devyn Peterson in the 5D, Swanson and the 96 of Gary Saathoff. Hein spun in turns 3 and 4 the next lap and the yellow lights were lit in the corners. Sluka headed to the pits. Gary Saathoff moved to third on the restart with Cole Wayman putting the 18W into fourth. Wayman passed Gary Saathoff for third the next lap. Peterson advanced to the lead with 9 to go. Tyler Nerud jumped the 5T up to third with 7 circuits left. The final change in the top 4 came 2 laps later as Shawn Harker put the 40 into fourth. The final top 4 were Peterson, Spanjer, Nerud and Harker.

This marked 2 in a row for Peterson after starting ninth on the grid. He stated “Yeah, for sure 2 in a row!! I thought I was fortunate to get one, but 2 in a row is awesome. I love this place. I should have come here a lot earlier in my career. Roger has been putting so much work into the place that it’s been awesome to come here to race. There’s nothing like it; I love it!!! We’ll keep migrating towards the back the more that we win, but that’s okay because we like the challenge”. Devyn’s sponsors include DAWS Trucking, Nebraska 811, Speedee Mart, Speedway Motors, Hope Group LLC, Smart Chicken, Kreiser Drywall and Insulation, Rocket Homebuyers, Kirby Roth Insurance, Aqua Systems, Earnest Well Drilling, Peterson Trucking, Martin Excavating, Ackerman Rock and Gravel, Briggs Feed Yard, Potter Repair Inc., Milford Dental Clinic, Nebraska Pump, Leiting Motorsports, Precision Performance Racing Suspensions, Dynamic Drivelines, Bob’s Service, Wergin’s Lawn Service, Underdog Design, Milford Chiropractic Clinic, Super Spray Car Wash and Spickelmier HDD.

Last out on the high banks were the Duros Dent Works IMCA Racesaver Sprints. Nate Johnson’s 97, the 17 of Dan Satriano, Jake Galusha in the 2E and Ryan King’s 93 were the top 4 on lap 1. Galusha took second from Satriano on lap 2 with Trevor Grossenbacher putting the 35 into fourth. Grossenbacher moved up to third the next lap with King retaining fourth. Grossenbacher continued his assault taking second the next time around and moving to the lead after another lap.  Joey Danley put the 14 into fourth the following circuit and moved to third the next time around with Galusha holding down the fourth spot. Danley advanced to second the next lap. Lap 10 saw a caution, bunching up the field with Grossenbacher leading, Danley second, Johnson third and Galusha fourth. Jason Danley passed Galusha to put the 4X in fourth but lost the spot back to him after 2 more laps were in the books. Joey Danley got past Grossenbacher with 10 to go as Jason Danley moved up to third. Grossenbacher regained the top spot the next time around. Tyler Drueke took over the fourth spot with 7 to go in the 12. With Grossenbacher being held up by traffic again Joey Danley snatched the lead away on the final lap making the top 4 Joey Danley, Grossenbacher, Jason Danley and Drueke.

Joey said “I think Trevor was the class of the field tonight and I just kind of got lucky. I got to second pretty fast but man, he was in the lead on the second lap it felt like. He was just gone!! Luckily we caught a yellow there after I got to second. That gave me a shot at him, but in clean air I couldn’t touch him. We got to traffic and it slowed him down a little bit and I wasn’t struggling as much in traffic as he was for whatever reason. I got by him once and he came back by me. Then I stuck it in the wall in four and I thought we were done but I sailed back into second. We ran into more traffic and he was really getting held up then. I got to his bumper in turn 2 on the last lap and I decided to just send it and see what happens. It stuck and I couldn’t believe it! I have to thank my dad and Mark and Kyle because they bust their butts for me”. Joey’s sponsors include Empire Fencing, Russell Shoulders Race Engines, Nissen Hardwood Floors, The Wave, Clean Right Street Sweeping and Onyx Wraps.

Next Saturday Duros Dent Works and Nebraska Lottery present Salute to Dads.

Front gates open at 5:00. Adult admission is $12, youths 6-12 is just $5 and children 5 and under are free.

Pit gates open at 3:30 with pit admission being $30.

Hot laps begin at 5:30 with racing kicking off at 6:30. All 5 classes will be in action, including the Duros Dent Works Sprint Cars, Nebraska Lottery Modifieds, A1 Iron/Sany Stock Cars, Modern Real Estate SportMods & Valentino’s Hobby Stocks.


Hobby Stock-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 2. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 3. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 4. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 5. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 6. Michael Hansen Weeping Water, Ne. 7. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 8. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 9. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 10. Rowan Mason Lincoln, Ne. 11. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 12. Charlie Bartels Lincoln, Ne. 13. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 14. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 15. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 16. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 17. Jared Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 18. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 19. Kyle Schamp Lincoln, Ne. 20. Dillon Richards Beatrice, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 2. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 4. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 5. Jared Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 6. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne. 7. Kile Casteel Roca, Ne. 8. Kasha Hall(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Jarod Stream(r) Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Adam Wasserman Fairbury, Ne. 2. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 3. Dillon Richards Beatrice, Ne. 4. Michael Hansen Weeping Water, Ne. 5. Charlie Bartels Lincoln, Ne. 6. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne. 8. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 9. Jarod Stream(r) Lincoln, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 2. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 3. Kyle Schamp Lincoln, Ne. 4. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 5. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 6. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 7. Jared Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 8. Kasha Hall(r) Lincoln, Ne.


Hobby Stock-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 2. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 4. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 5. Rowan Mason Lincoln, Ne. 6. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 7. Kile Casteel Roca, Ne. 8. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne.


Modified-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 2. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 3. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne. 4. Ryan Jenkins Blair, Ne. 5. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 6. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 7. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 8. Brent Curran 9. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 10. Rik Gropp Lincoln, Ne. 11. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 12. Ryan Sample Lincoln, Ne. 13. Andrew Bowman Lincoln, Ne. 14. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 15. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 16. Mike Lineberry Omaha, Ne. 17. Nick Frey Fremont, Ne. 18. James Mesenbrink Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Brandon Verbeek Hickman, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Mike Lineberry Omaha, Ne. 2. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 3. Ryan Jenkins Blair, Ne. 4. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 5. Brandon Verbeek Hickman, Ne. 6. Andrew Bowman Lincoln, Ne. 7. James Mesenbrink Lincoln, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 2. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 3. Mike Densberger Cortland, Ne. 4. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 5. Nick Frey Fremont, Ne. DNS. Rik Gropp Lincoln, Ne.


Modified-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne. 2. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 3. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 4. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 5. Brent Curran 6. Ryan Sample Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Devyn Peterson Milford, Ne. 2. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 3. Tyler Nerud Dorchester, Ne. 4. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 5. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 6. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 7. Mark Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 8. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne. 9. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 10. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 11. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 12. Scott Bivens Ceresco, Ne. 13. Dana Deeke Waverly, Ne. 14. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 15. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 16. Zachary Kucera Lincoln, Ne. 17. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 18. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 19. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 20. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 2. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 3. Zachary Kucera Lincoln, Ne. 4. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne. 5. Adam Baker 6. Devon Tinddle 7. Michael Towle Douglas, Ne. 8. John Allensworth Sr. Omaha, Ne. 9. Sean Manning Bennington, Ne. 10. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 11. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 12. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA C-Feature

  1. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 2. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 3. Adam Baker 4. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne. 5. Mary Hahn Lincoln, Ne. 6. Bryce Walker(r) Omaha, Ne. 7. A.j. Oaks(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 9. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 10. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 11. Brian Baker Bakersfield, Ca. 12. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. DNS. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. DNS. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 2. Devyn Peterson Milford, Ne. 3. Mark Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 5. Michael Towle Douglas, Ne. 6. Devon Tinddle 7. Bryce Walker(r) Omaha, Ne. 8. A.j. Oaks(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 10. Shawn Pospisil Lincoln, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 2. Scott Bivens Ceresco, Ne. 3. Tyler Nerud Dorchester, Ne. 4. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 5. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 6. John Allensworth Sr. Omaha, Ne. 7. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 8. Mary Hahn Lincoln, Ne. 9. Tyler Deeke Waverly, Ne. 10. Brian Baker Bakersfield, Ca.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 2. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 3. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 5. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 6. Noah Williams Ashland, Ne. 7. Adam Baker 8. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 9. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne.


SportMod-IMCA Heat 4

  1. Jacob Swanson Lincoln, Ne. 2. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 3. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne. 4. Dana Deeke Waverly, Ne. 5. Zachary Kucera Lincoln, Ne. 6. Sean Manning Bennington, Ne. 7. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 8. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 9. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 2. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 3. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 4. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 5. Jake Galusha(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne. 7. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 8. Jay Russell Wathena, Ks. 9. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 10. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 11. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 12. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 13. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 14. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 15. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 16. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 17. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 18. Dan Nekolite O’neill, Ne. 19. Dan Satriano Omaha, Ne. 20. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA B-Feature

  1. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 2. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 3. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 4. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 5. Dan Nekolite O’neill, Ne. 6. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne. 7. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 8. Maxwell Roseland 9. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 10. Brandon Sampson 11. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 12. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Dan Satriano Omaha, Ne. 2. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 3. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 4. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 5. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 6. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 7. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 8. Dan Nekolite O’neill, Ne. 9. Alex Davenport Lincoln, Ne. 10. Maxwell Roseland


Sprint-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Nate Johnson Hastings, Ne. 2. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 3. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 4. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 5. Jay Russell Wathena, Ks. 6. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 7. Bill Garrow Lincoln, Ne. 8. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 9. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne.


Sprint-IMCA Heat 3

  1. Jake Galusha(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 3. Josh Riggins Lincoln, Ne. 4. Cody Ledger Omaha, Ne. 5. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 6. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 7. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 8. Brandon Sampson 9. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.


Stock Car-IMCA A-Feature

  1. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 2. Damon Richards David City, Ne. 3. Shane Stutzman Milford, Ne. 4. Cade Richards Lincoln, Ne. 5. Hunter Wergin Milford, Ne. 6. Austin Brauner Platte Center, Ne. 7. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne. 8. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 9. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne. 10. John Meyer Odell, Ne. 11. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 12. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 13. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 14. Jake McCloud Carter Lake, Ia. 15. Joseph Baker Plattsmouth, Ne. 16. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 17. Adam Armstong Pickrell, Ne. DNS. Jeremy Bohlen Percival, Ia.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 1

  1. Damon Richards David City, Ne. 2. Cade Richards Lincoln, Ne. 3. Shane Stutzman Milford, Ne. 4. Matt Boucher Murdock, Ne. 5. Hunter Wergin Milford, Ne. 6. Joseph Baker Plattsmouth, Ne. 7. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 8. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 9. Jeremy Bohlen Percival, Ia.


Stock Car-IMCA Heat 2

  1. Kyle Vanover Beatrice, Ne. 2. Gary Laflin Beatrice, Ne. 3. Austin Brauner Platte Center, Ne. 4. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 5. Dylan Haney Fremont, Ne. 6. Jake McCloud Carter Lake, Ia. 7. John Meyer Odell, Ne. 8. Adam Armstong Pickrell, Ne. 9. Marty Steinbach Fremont, Ne.


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