Zach Bohlmeyer #5

Posted 23 Feb 2013 in Drivers Profile - Flat Karts

Drivers Profile:
Division: Flat Jr. 2 Hvy
Name: Zach Bohlmeyer
Age: 15
Hometown: Beatrice Nebraska
Car#: 5
Years In Racing: 1 going on 2
Car Owner: Dan Bohlmeyer
Crew Members: dad grandpa brother
Sponsors: Morris Used Cars, Hardin Farms, Extreme Motorsports
Family: Gary and Patty-grandma and grandpa
Dan and Stacie Bohlmeyer-mom and dad
Danny Bohlmeyer-grandpa
Job Info: Morris Used Cars
Racing Accomplishments: 3rd in points at eagle last year
Comments: I want to become a part of NASCAR!

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