The Future/Thanks to Mini E Emergency Crew

The Future/Thanks to Mini E Emergency Crew

After considering all the text, emails, and phone calls from Friday’s Mini E participants, the decision has been made to remain racing on Friday Nights for the remainder of the 2011 season. Mini E’s staff appreciates all of the effort from our participants and hopes to continue to fulfill the need for your karting fix.

Looking into the 2012 season, the approval has been given to Double D Excavating to extend the existing track to a full 1/8 mile track with even higher banking. (Scheduled immediately after the final 2011 kart race).

Eagle Raceway is known as one of the areas premier tracks and Mini E Raceway will become a premier kart track.

By the way, looks like Mini E’s General Fire and Safety crew is on top of things and can do a great job under the worst conditions… HA! (Thanks to all the great medical staff at Mini E!)               -From Roger

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