MOMS RULE- With Powderpuff Races

MOMS RULE- With Powderpuff Races

Friday, May 11th is MOMS RULE at Mini E Raceway sponsored by Mini E Raceway!

There will be POWDERPUFF RACES after the races! So bring a girl to race your
kart! Normal Mini E participants may not race in the powderpuff races. There
will be Four Powderpuff Classes- Flat Carts 12 and under, Flat Carts 12 and up,
Cage Carts 12 and under, and Cage Carts 12 and up…

Pit Gate opens at 5:30PM, Driver Check-in ends at 7:00PM, Hot Laps at 7:00PM, and Racing Starts at 7:30PM.


Flat Karts: Jr. Amateur (Rookie), Jr. 1, Jr. 2 Medium, Jr. 2 Heavy, Adult Clone 370, Adult Stock Medium, Adult Stock Heavy, Adult Animal
Cage Karts: Rookie, Jr. 1, Jr. 2, Adult 206 Light, Adult 206 Heavy

Driver Pass (includes nightly entry fee): $20 (If you are racing in an additional class it is $10 extra)
Hot Pass: $10
Cold Pass: $5
Cold Pass = not allowed on the track, or in the staging area
Hot Pass = allowed on track and in staging area (usually the person starting the kart and helping if there is an issue on the track)
Driver Pass = the person who is driving the kart
If you have not already registered your kart number for the season, late number registration is $20.
OUR INSURANCE COMPANY REQUIRES: All minors (17 and younger) entering the pit area MUST have a NOTARIZED minor release waiver signed by BOTH parents/guardians or one parent/guardian must be PRESENT to sign a minor waiver EVERY night that the minor enters the pit area or NO PIT ENTRY.
Any DRIVER who is a minor will also need a copy of thier birth certificate or State ID on file with Mini E.
If you have questions, please call the office. 402-238-2595

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