Mini Miss NE Cup Contest Application

Posted 02 Jul 2014 in Featured News, Headlines

Here is a link to the application:

This is an application for entry into the Mini Miss Nebraska Cup Contest at Mini E Raceway. We will take 6 finalists from the received applications, in each Age Division to compete in the actual contest on Friday, September 6th.  All Entries must be in by August 9th. We will call and let you know if you have been chosen to be a participant in the contest by August 12th. All chosenparticipants must be available on Friday, August 23rd to come to Mini E Raceway for instruction, to get their sashes and have a professional photo shoot. All chosen participants must be available on at least one of these dates at the big track: Saturday, August 31st or Sunday, September 1st. All chosen participants must be available on Friday, September 6th to come to Mini E Raceway for the competition and crowning of Mini Miss Nebraska Cup for both age divisions. Winners will  act as trophy girls for the Mini

Nebraska Cup race. All participants have a choice to be trophy girls for the 2014 gokart races. If you are chosen to be an official 2013 Mini Miss Nebraska Cup you will need to be able to be available to come to the big track Nebraska Cup on September 8th to appear in front of the crowd as Mini Miss Nebraska Cup and be flower girls for the big track Miss Nebraska Cup.


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