Mini E Raceway Awards Banquet Tickets Now on Sale.

Mini E Raceway Awards Banquet Tickets Now on Sale.

The Mini E Raceway Gokart Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, November 16th 2018 at Round the Bend Steakhouse’s “Ballroom” located at 30801 East Park Highway Ashland, NE 68003.  Doors open at 6:15PM. Food is served at 7PM, and the Awards Ceremony will follow. Dinner will include a Soft Drink, Chicken Breast, Cheesy Potatoes, Corn on the cob and Cookies. There will be a cash bar for anyone wanting an alcoholic beverage. All Drivers receiving awards will receive a FREE ticket but must RSVP by Wednesday, November 7th. All other Tickets for family/friends are $20 and must be purchased by Wednesday, November 7th. We decided to go with a larger venue this year so that we do not sell out like previous years.

Drivers receiving awards and their Point Fund Money amounts are listed below. (The Mini E Raceway Rules state: Drivers are supposed to race 75% of the races in order to receive awards/point fund money. We were a little lenient this year and allowed anyone who raced at least 10 events (about 67%)  to receive awards/point fund money. Also all track champions regardless of how much they raced will receive an award and Champion Jacket):

Attention Mini E Track Champions: You are also invited to attend the Eagle Raceway Awards banquet in January, will be recognized and receive another plaque there. Tickets will be available soon for the Eagle Banquet.

Drivers are required to attend the Mini E Banquet in order to receive awards and point fund money. If you absolutely cannot make it,  you must have someone at the banquet to pick up any awards you may have, otherwise you may never receive them.


FLAT JR AMATEUR:                                       
1st:                                                         Jake Rodeman #7                         $100

1st:       Cody Berkenmeier #8        $100
2nd:      Anna Keith #AK1                 $50

McClutches FLAT JR 2:
1st:       Julianna Satriano #17        $100
2nd:      Toby Fulks #54F                  $50
3rd:      Tyler Hendrickson #10JR  $40
4th:      Evie Fay #5                           $20

1st:       Dominique Magana #46D $100
2nd:      Rick Kovar #1                       $50
3rd:      Calley Fulks #7F                  $40
4th:      Jeff Condon #83                  $20

1st:       Reid Thornton #21R           $100
2nd:      Kamden Gossard #14          $50
3rd:      Alaina Hall #44A                 $40
4th:      Riley Evans #37                   $20
5th:       Liberty Weiler #100                       $20
6th:      Greyson Angell #G5                        $20
7th:       Grady Turner #11                $20    
8th:      Tyler Scheinost #52                        $20

1st:       Avari Thornton #21A         $100
2nd:      Cash Beckman #4X             $50
3rd:      Ollie Geiger #7                     $40
4th:      Jordan Ball #9J                   $20
5th:       Dominic White #11DW      $20
6th:      Luke Williams #75              $20
7th:       Layne Kiner #14L                $20
8th:      Brayden Kozak #12             $20
9th:      Carter Weston #86C           $20
10th:    Will Duros #24                    $20
11th:     Olivia Pokorney #22O        $20
12th:     Caleb Windorski #24C       $20
13th:     Knox Bivens #K56               $20
14th:     Mylee Hadan #4                  $20
15th:     Austin Hill #8A                   $20

Accelerated GraphX CAGE JR 1:
1st:       Sawyer Kiner #14S              $100
2nd:      Carson Goff #16                   $50
3rd:      Gerald Pokorney #24G      $40
4th:      Keegan Osantowski #21     $20

Kiner Inc. CAGE JR 2:
1st:       Aiden Floyd #7                     $100
2nd:      Noah Williams #27             $50
3rd:      Lauren Cook #7X                $40
4th:      Austin Sterling #21S           $20
5th:       Tyler Brown #78                 $20
6th:      Lathan Zabel #11L               $20
7th:       Aidan Beckenhauer #06A $20
8th:      Atley Johnson #10              $20
9th:      Josh Kucera #24                  $20
10th:    Trevor Foote #57                 $20
11th:     Riley Osantowski #38        $20
12th:     Michael Hindera #M53      $20

CAGE 206:
1st:       Kelbie Volkman #5K           $100
2nd:      Amber Cook #21                  $50
3rd:      Ryan Sanford #13                $40
4th:      Hayden Loll #6                    $20
5th:       Trent Allen #110                  $20
6th:      Jack Hearty #10                   $20

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