Mini E Raceway “America’s Mini Home Track” Opening in 2011

Posted 07 Mar 2011 in Headlines

The Saturday night big track’s motto “America’s Home Track” makes for a higher standard to live up to, but with a combination of a great staff and even tougher, more exciting racing action, Eagle Raceway is becoming very well known nationally. Why do you think drivers travel past the other tracks to race at Eagle Raceway? Answer: To race against the best.

With the addition of Mini E Raceway we are hoping to start the groundwork to create the next big thing. With the Eagle Raceway staff’s commitment to creating a fun and competitive atmosphere there is no doubt that the next Jeff Gordon or 7 time national champion “Johnny the Jet” will be honing their skills on Mini E Raceway very soon. Whether you are looking to be the next big thing or just having a good time with your friends and family, we look forward to offering Mini E Raceway as you Friday night hangout.

Mini E Raceway…America’s Mini Home Track!

Posted by littleeagle