Major Decisions to be made on the Adult LO206 Class

Major Decisions to be made on the Adult LO206 Class

After finding numerous local LO206 Engines altered, we will be making a decision shortly on whether to either

  1. Eliminate the LO206 class for the Adult Cage Karts and go to a Clone Motor for them which would be 100% Pre-Inspected and Sealed
  2. Allow LO206 with pre-inspection with the upper end sealed as well. (similar to what we already do with our Clone Motors with an inspection fee)
  3. Have random track tear down (outside the briggs factory seals) & send the engine home in a box. (Any Alterations of a LO206 Engine will result in loss of points for the season)

Click the link to view the 2017 LO 206 Rules:
Please look at Section 19.

In hind sight I wish there wasn’t any cheating & that deeper inspections were feasible week in and week out, but racing is a competitive sport and everybody is looking for an advantage. A decision will be made on the 2018 LO206 season in the next few weeks.

Here are just a few issues we found this year:

NOT CORRECT – Should be Casted RT-1


CORRECT – Casted RT-1


WRONG – Head Milled below minimum of Shallow end of combustion chamber


CORRECT – Above minimum Shallow End Thickness


WRONG – Floor Depth Minimum .341 exceeded


CORRECT- Above Minimum Floor Depth


WRONG- Does Not have the Briggs and Stratton Stamp. Incorrect Rocker Ratio


CORRECT- Briggs and Stratton Stamped, Unaltered, and correct rocker ratio

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