Logan Henriksen #0

Posted 21 Jan 2013 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Cage 206 Light

Name: Logan Henriksen

Age: 17

Hometown: Bellevue, NE

Car#: 0

Years In Racing: 5

Car Owner: Elite Welding & Fabrication / Status Chassis

Crew Members: Matt Gropp, Kevin Kruse, Randy Hiskey and my Dad Brian Henriksen if


Sponsors: Status Chassis, Elite Welding & Fabrication, Great Grandma Boehm and

always willing to bring new sponsors to our team and our sport.



Family: Brian Henriksen ( dad )

Kerry Henriksen ( mom )

Delaney Henriksen ( sister )


And the whole Status Chassis Family !!!

Job Info: Status Chassis : House Kart Driver


Bellevue West : Student

Racing Accomplishments: I feel very fortunate and humbled at the success I’ve had

since I started racing karts.  I won my first A feature the very first night I

started racing ( 2008 Junior 1 Cage and had 10 feature wins total for the year).  I

raced Junior 2 Cage the next year and had a little bit of a sophomore slump but did

win some A features.  The next year I switched to the 206 Animal Cage class and won

the A feature my very first night. We had some feature wins and learned a lot being

in the most highly competitive Cage class.  In 2011 we won the Points Championship

in the 206 Animal cage class, thanks to everyone for helping us reach our goal.  In

2012 I drove the Status Chassis house kart and raced to 9 feature wins for the year.

I can’t THANK Matt Gropp and Kevin Kruse at Status Chassis enough, they gave me the

opportunity to drive the best there is in the dirt cage kart world and again I say

Thank You!  For 2013 I will be driving #0 Status kart again and I can’t wait for the

season to start.  I plan to move up to big cars when I get the chance.  I can’t be

thankful enough for the fun, friends, racing family’s and the great times I have had

while being at the race track, I just wanna race!


Comments: THANKS to everyone for all their support over the years.


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