Freaky Friday -Fri, July 13th

Freaky Friday -Fri, July 13th

Freaky Friday – Friday, July 13th 2018 –  Pit Gates open at 5:15PM, Hot Laps are at 7PM, and Racing is at 7:30PM. Driver Check in ends at 7PM

Featuring: Cage Rookie, Cage Amateur, Accelerated GraphX Cage Jr. 1, Kiner Contracting Cage Jr. 2, Eagle Raceway Cage 206, Flat Jr. Amateur, Flat Jr. 1, Flat Jr. 2 Medium, Auto Trans Matic Flat Adult Clone.

For Weekly Awards/Purse info Click Here

DRIVER PASS- $20 (If you are a minor you must have all proper Minor Paperwork in to be able to race)

HOT PASS- $10 (Hot Pass is for those who will be helping with the kart and the driver. May be in the staging lanes to start the kart, allowed on the track to help the participant if necessary. If you are a minor you must have all proper Minor Paperwork in to be allowed in the Pits)

SPECTATOR PASS- $5 (With a spectator pass you are not allowed in any staging areas, “Hot Pass Only Areas” or on the gokart track at ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON… Minors with spectator passes do not need a minor waiver on file, however they still need someone who is 18 years or older to sign them in every night, minors must be monitored at all times or may be asked to leave the pit area)

2018 Yearly Number Registration Fee: If you have not registered your kart number for the season there will be a one time registration fee of $20. Click Here for a printable Season Registration form  All Number registration fees go into a point fund for the drivers at the end of the year.


ALL Minors that will be purchasing a HOT PASS or a DRIVER PASS must have a COMPLETED minor release and copy of birth certificate or State ID/Drivers License number on file with the track in order to compete. Please note: Minors need to have a new form filled out for each new season. Minor Releases must be signed by BOTH parents/guardians and BOTH signatures must be either NOTARIZED or WITNESSED BY AN AUTHORIZED TRACK OFFICIAL in order for it to be valid for the 2018 season. The only exception is if one parent is deceased or one parent has full custody (This Needs to be noted on the release or we will consider it not valid). If only one parent has signed the release, it will ONLY BE VALID for the race night THAT IT IS RECEIVED…. Minor Waiver- Click Here for 2018 Mini E Minor Release Form

2018 Rules: Please visit Click here for 2018 Mini E Raceway Rules

If you have questions, please call the office. 402-238-2595

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