Convenient Online Driver Registration

Convenient Online Driver Registration

We know that lots of you wait until the last minute to register to race at Mini E Raceway, but it will save you a whole lot of time and less waiting in line if you get your Minor Releases & 2018 Mini E Raceway Season Registration in now.  You also now have the convenience of registering and paying online for 2018 Mini E Registration. You can visit this link to find either the online or printable options for registration and a printable Minor Release Form:

Here are the Drivers that are registered as of 04/03/18:



FLAT JR 2           
43                         Ava Nelson                           Gretna, NE  (Need TOA and TA Signed)
83:                        Michael Prendergast        Bennington, NE

FLAT Adult Clone
83:          Jeff Condon                       Ithaca, NE

12           Brayden Kozak                  Lincoln, NE 
21R         Reid Thornton                   Nebraska City, NE
21G        Grant Noonan                   Lincoln, NE
100         Liberty Weiler                    Omaha, NE

14L         Layne Kiner                        Aurora, NE
16           Jace Humlicek                    Omaha, NE
21A        Avari Thornton                  Nebraska City, NE
21G        Gage Noonan                    Lincoln, NE  
22O:       Olivia Pokorney                                Lincoln, NE
24C:       Caleb Windorski               Bennington, NE
K56         Knox Bivens                       Waverly, NE

9              Tyler Logan                         Hastings, NE
14S         Sawyer Kiner                     Aurora, NE
16           Carson Goff                        Omaha, NE
24G:       Gerald Pokorney              Lincoln, NE

7X           Lauren Cook                       Lincoln, NE
10           Atley Johnson                   Eagle, NE
11L         Lathan Zabel                      Lincoln, NE
M53       Michael Hindera               Lincoln, NE

6              Hayden Loll                         Lincoln, NE
7J            Jeff Seaman                       Omaha, NE
11J          Jaden Zimmerman          Lincoln, NE
21           Amber Cook                       Lincoln, NE
43           Jarret Nelson                     Gretna, NE (Need TOA and TA signed)

Here is the list of Driver/Hot Pass Minors (under 17) with COMPLETED Minor Release and Birth Certificate on File that are set to receive an “Approved Minor Card”:
Avari Thornton
Braydon Thornton
Reid Thornton
Lathan Zabel
Carson Goff
Atley Johnson
Liberty Weiler
Gerald Pokorney

You are now able to register online and pay with a credit card by visiting this link:

If you prefer to print a registration form and mail it in with payment, here is a link to a printable registration form:

Any Minor (Age 17 or younger) that is getting a Driver Pass  or Hot (Crew) Pass MUST have a completed Minor Release on file with the track.  Minors with a Driver Pass will also need a Copy of either a birth certificate or State Issued ID on file with the track fr age verification.  Minors getting a spectator pass do not need to have a minor release on file, however they do need to have an adult (18+) to sign them in at the track each night. The minor release form MUST be either NOTARIZED or witnessed by a designated Track Official and signed by BOTH parents/guardians. Only exception is if you have FULL CUSTODY and that must be noted on the form. If you sent in a minor release that was NOT notarized, it is NOT valid and you will have to complete a new one. Here is a link to the 2018 Minor Release Form:



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