Changes to the schedule- Practice is cancelled and Hot Lap session for Mini Ice Breaker Extended

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Due to a number of circumstances, The Open House GoKart Practice that was scheduled for Saturday, April 6th has been cancelled. However, the date of the Mini Ice Breaker Challenge, we have extended our Hot Lap Session times. Please look below for the info. Also please make sure to get your season registration and Mini Ice Breaker Registration forms in as soon as possible to avoid a long driver check-in line on the first nights. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also a safer barrier wall is being installed for safer gokart racing this season. Thank you!


Mini Ice Breaker Challenge and Extended Hot Lap Session* – Saturday, April 13th at Mini E Raceway “America’s mini Home Track”!

The Mini Ice Breaker Challenge will be held at Mini E Raceway on Saturday, April 13th. –No Track Points

Pit Gates Open at 10:00AM

Hot Laps/Practice from 11:30AM-12:30PM

Racing at 12:45PM

Driver Check-in ends at Noon (If you are late for driver check-in please find Racine ASAP)

Pit Pass Prices-

Cold Pass (Spectator Pass, Not allowed in “Hot” Areas): $5

Hot Pass: $10

Driver Pass (Does not include Entry Fee): $20


Trophy Only Classes: RJ Floor Coverings CAGE Rookie, CAGE Amatuer, Accellerated Graphx CAGE Jr. 1, CAGE Jr. 2, RJ Floor Coverings FLAT Jr. Amateur. –Do not need to pay an Entry Fee

Paid Classes : CAGE 206 Light, CAGE 206 Heavy, FLAT Jr. 1, FLAT Jr. 2 Medium, FLAT Jr. 2 Heavy, FLAT Adult Clone 370, FLAT Adult Stock, and Auto Trans Matic FLAT Extremes.

(Auto Trans Matic FLAT Adult Extremes will not pay an entry fee because their payout will be normal. – $100 to 1st Place, and 50% payback to 2nd and 3rd places as long as there are 3 karts in that class. Otherwise it is just 50% payback 1st-3rd Place.)


All RJ Floor Covering’s CAGE Rookie and FLAT Jr. Amateur participants will receive a trophy. The top 3 in CAGE Amateur, CAGE Jr. 1, and CAGE Jr. 2 will receive trophies. If you are running any class with a payout, only 1st place receives a trophy.

Guaranteed Payout:

Adult Classes:

CAGE 206 Light, CAGE 206 Heavy, FLAT Adult Clone 370, FLAT Adult Stock

1st- $200

2nd- $125

3rd- $75

4th- $50

5th- $25

Junior Classes:

FLAT Jr. 1, FLAT Jr. 2 Medium, FLAT Jr. 2 Heavy

1st- $100

2nd- $75

3rd- $50


5th- $20


You only need to pay the Entry Fee if you are one of the classes listed below:

(CAGE 206 Light, CAGE 206 Heavy, FLAT Jr. 1, FLAT Jr. 2 Medium, FLAT Jr. 2 Heavy, FLAT Adult Clone 370, FLAT Adult Stock)

Entry Fee if Pre-Entered by 4-8-13 is $10 (You must have the whole entry form filled out and into our office by 4-8-13 NO EXCEPTIONS!

Late Entry Fee if Entered after 4-8-13 is $15

If you will be racing in more than one class, you must pay an entry fee per class you are racing in.

If you are pre-entering you need to fill out an Entry Form, and Fill out a Terms of Agreement Form and get it into the office with payment before 4-8-13. If you are a Trophy Class or Flat Adult Extreme you still need to fill out an entry form and a terms of agreement form before you participate even though you do not owe an entry fee (We recommend you get this into the office ahead of time so that your info is pre-entered into the computer to keep the driver check-in line moving fast.)

Rules and Regulations:

Most Flat Kart classes use IKF Rules unless stated. Please visit our rules section of the website to view:

To view/print the Mini Ice Breaker registration form/flyer visit:

To view/print the terms of agreement form visit:

Minors (17 and younger):

About minor releases–

Cold Pass: You do not need a minor release.

Hot Pass: Must have a Notarized Minor Release signed by both parents.

Driver Pass: Must have a Notarized Minor Release signed by both parents and a copy of birth certificate or State ID.

To view/print the minor release visit:

If you have questions please call 402-238-2595.

Office Address:

12240 N. 153rd Cir.

PO Box 17

Bennington, NE 68007

Track Address:

Featured at Eagle Raceway

617 S. 238th St.

Eagle, NE 68347


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