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#28 Rowan Mason

Posted 16 Jun 2014 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Cage 206 Light Name: Rowan Mason Age: 14 Hometown: Lincoln, NE Car#: 28 Years In Racing: 1st Year Car Owner: Monte Mason Crew Members: Mom Grandma Uncle Monte Jeff Zac Matt Kevin Sponsors: Redline Racing Collectables 7000 Daily Driver Big Red Tire Wolf Tackle Shop Family: Grandma Gloria Mom Mandi Uncle Monte All cousins in Litchfield, NE Job Info: 3rd Level In Zoo Crew Detassill Racing Accomplishments: 3rd Place finish at Little Sunset Speedway in first ever race. Website: Comments: Want to end up racing in NASCAR

#05 Lily Tubbs

Posted 16 Jun 2014 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Cage Rookie Name: Lily Tubbs Age: 8 Hometown: omaha Car#: 05 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Lily Tubbs Crew Members: Jeff Tubbs Jennifer Emma Sponsors: Graphics Plus Family: Jeff Jennifer Emma Jessica Vanessa Katie Job Info: Only job is to learn Racing Accomplishments: New to karting. Website: Comments: Lily has been wanting to do this for over 3 years

Kamdyn Roebke #19

Posted 12 Jun 2013 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Cage Amatuer Drivers Name: Kamdyn Roebke Drivers Age : 8 Drivers Hometown: Lincoln, NE Drivers Car # : #19   Car Owner : Kamdyn Roebke Racing Crew Members: Dad, Tony, Noah, Mom, Jacob, Jackson, Parker & Kailyn Years In Racing: 1 Sponsors: Green Furnace and Plumbing Co., Inc. Rob Bryant AllState Insurance 6211 O Street Lincoln NE  Mom and Dad, Grandma Shirley and Jim, Nana and Papa, Bob & Myra Family : Mom – Krista, Dad – Jeremy and Brother – Noah Job Info: Student, Athlete and Go Kart Driver Racing Accomplishments: Won my first 2 A Features, Finished 9th in points in first year Website: Kamdyn Roebke Racing – Facebook Comments: I want to thank all my family and...

Cade Richards #1R

  Drivers Profile:   Division: Flat Jr. 1   Name: Cade Richards   Age: 8   Hometown: Lincoln   Car#: 1R   Years In Racing: 4   Car Owner: Matt Richards   Crew Members: Matt Richards   Sponsors: Richards Machine       Family: Matt & Jessica Richards   Job Info: Racing   Racing Accomplishments: 2012 Mid Season & Full Season Points Champion in Jr Amat.   Flat Kart.       2012  Joes’s Karting Dirt Series Points Champion       2012 Nebraska Cup Feature Winner in Flat Kart Jr Amat.       2012-8 feature wins at Eagle Raceway       Website:   Comments: I’m thankful I get to race it is really fun.  My...

Logan Henriksen #0

Posted 21 Jan 2013 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Cage 206 Light Name: Logan Henriksen Age: 17 Hometown: Bellevue, NE Car#: 0 Years In Racing: 5 Car Owner: Elite Welding & Fabrication / Status Chassis Crew Members: Matt Gropp, Kevin Kruse, Randy Hiskey and my Dad Brian Henriksen if needed. Sponsors: Status Chassis, Elite Welding & Fabrication, Great Grandma Boehm and always willing to bring new sponsors to our team and our sport.     Family: Brian Henriksen ( dad ) Kerry Henriksen ( mom ) Delaney Henriksen ( sister )   And the whole Status Chassis Family !!! Job Info: Status Chassis : House Kart Driver   Bellevue West : Student Racing Accomplishments: I feel very fortunate and humbled at the success I’ve had since I...

Cal Birnley #6

Posted 18 Jan 2013 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Rookie Gas Cage Name: Cal Birnley Age: 6 Hometown: Lincoln Car#: 6 Years In Racing: 2 Car Owner: Team Birnley Crew Members: Crew Chief – Kenny Foster Owner – Team Birnley Pit Captain – Dad Financier’ – The Bank of Birnley Sponsors: Dad’s Wallet Anyone who wants to give us $$$$$$. Family: Dad, Mom, Sis, and Eddie Job Info: Part time student and full time Super Hero! Racing Accomplishments: Made it through the first season. Website: Comments: I’m just glad to be here.  

Braydon Thornton #21T

Posted 12 May 2011 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Division: Rookie Gas Cage Name: Braydon Age: 7 Hometown: Nebraska City,NE Car#: 21T Years In Racing: rookie year Car Owner: Brandon Thornton Crew Members: Brandon,Paige, Avari, Reid Sponsors: Mom and Dad Family: Brandon-dad Paige-Mom Avari-sister Reid=brother Job Info: school Racing Accomplishments: Ran my first race ever at the Turkey Chase Website: Comments:

Paul “P3″ Harlow #52

Posted 12 May 2011 in Driver Profile - Cage Karts

Drivers Profile: Division: Rookie Gas Cage Name: Paul “P3″ Age: 8 Hometown: Omaha Car#: 52 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Dad & Mom Crew Members: Dad Paul Jr Mom Shel Papa Paul Sr Nana Romona Sponsors: Mischief Motorsports AAA-Ammunition pure Hair Studio Family: Family is my crew Job Info: School Racing Accomplishments: Beat dad at Gran Turismo 5 and Pro Street on ps3 Website: Comments: Life is a gift…. Enjoy it. So let’s race.