Another New Class – CAGE Amateur

Posted 09 Jan 2013 in Headlines

Please visit the website below to view the rules for this class. It is a class in between CAGE Rookie and CAGE Jr. 1… The rookie class is specifically meant for drivers with absolutely no experience. The Amateur class is meant for those that are not quite ready for the jump to Jr. 1. If you think your child is not ready for Jr. 1 then the Amateur class is the one you should sign up for. However, if your racer did good as a rookie I would suggest not holding them back in the Amateur class. Move them to Jr. 1 if they are ready. The Amateur class will run the same restrictor as the Rookie class, and will have a minimum weight of 280lbs. The Amateurs will have a rolling start so that they start getting used to it for Jr. 1. The age limit for CAGE Amateur is 6-9.

Posted by littleeagle