Breanna Pfanstiel #33

Posted 28 Aug 2012 in Drivers Profile - Flat Karts

Division: Junior 2 Hvy Alc
Name: Breanna Pfanstiel
Age: 13
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 33
Years In Racing: 3
Car Owner: Doug Pfanstiel
Crew Members: Doug Pfanstiel
Chase Pfanstiel
Breanna Pfanstiel
Diane Stewart
Sponsors: -The Friendship Home
-Traction Dynamics
-Stewart Farms
-Pure Movement Dance Institute
-Bully Clutches
-Spanel Racing

Family: Diane Stewart
Doug Pfanstiel
Chase Pfanstiel
Gabriel Tufts
Job Info: I volunteer at the Belmont Community Center.
Racing Accomplishments: Having lots of fun. Being a girl racer and showing that a girl can be just as good of a racer as a guy can. Letting jesus make the decisions in my racing career

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