Auto Trans Matic presents Father’s Day Tribute! 06-17-11

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Auto Trans Matic presents Father’s Day Tribute! -Friday, June 17th, 2011

Pit gates will open at 5:30pm, Pit Meeting at 6:30pm, Hot Laps at 6:45pm, and Racing at 7:30pm.

Regular Pit Pass (not allowed in staging areas or on the track)- $5
Hot Pit Pass (allowed in staging area to start karts ect…)- $10
Nightly Driver Registration (Includes Pit Pass)- $20

All Mini E Kart drivers this Friday, June 17th will be admitted into the Eagle Raceway Grandstands on Saturday, June 18th for free. On Saturday, June 18th there will be a Kart Showing (pre-racenight at Eagle Raceway) from 5:30-6:30pm in the courtyard area. There will also be a 15 minute kart exhibition at intermission for interested drivers. Please call Racine @ 402-238-2595 if you are interested in participating in the kart showing or kart exhibition on Saturday. First call, first reserve. See you all on Friday for the 3rd night of racing at Mini E Raceway!

Please remember, any minors entering the pit area will need a minor release waiver signed by parents or guardian in front of either a notary or in front of our event staff at the track. Any Drivers who are minors will also need to bring a photocopy of their birth certificate along with the minor waiver.

Questions? Please feel free to call the office phone (402-238-2595)

Mini E Raceway is located at Eagle Raceway, 617 South 238th St., Eagle, NE 68347

Thanks for supporting Mini E Raceway “America’s mini Home Track”

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