Sprint Nationals Fan’s Fund!

Sprint Nationals Fan’s Fund!

After 3 years with no home, the IMCA Sprint Super Nationals are being resurrected this year at Eagle Raceway. The inaugural 1/3 Mile IMCA Sprint Super Nationals will be run Saturday and Sunday, August 31st and September 1st with a practice night on Friday, August 30th.

As we all know, travel expenses are higher than ever, especially when you are towing a trailer long distances just to race. Once you figure in fuel costs, you can see what a single race can cost a team. We are appealing to you, the fans, to help ensure that all of the drivers can cover their expenses for the trip by contributing to the Sprint Super Nationals Fan’s Fund. The Fan’s Fund will be divided among those drivers who do not qualify for the A Feature on Sunday night on top of their winnings. Every cent will go to help the teams!

As a thank you to those who donate $50 or more, you will receive recognition for your generosity. The donation will entitle you to one free front gate admission ticket with reserved seat for Saturday evening’s racing. (This is the only way to obtain reserved seating.) The reserved seating will also be yours on Sunday, but you will need to purchase your ticket for Sunday’s event.  In addition, you will receive an invitation to the drivers only lunch on Sunday. Not only will you get lunch, you can have some quality one on one time with the drivers themselves for pictures and autographs. Plus, you will receive a special commemorative souvenir available only to donators.

So, let’s all pitch in and give back to those who put their lives on the line for our pleasure by donating.  There is a PayPal Donation button on the main page of the website to donate or you may call our office for more details.

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