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Contingency Items/Sponsorships

Driver Items:

Wix Racing Oil Filters: The First 42 cars to pass pre-tech will receive a Wix Racing Oil Filter

Continental Elite Belts and Hose: Top 10 Best Appearing Fan voted cars will receive an air hose.

Sapp Brothers (Lincoln): The 1st place winner of the Best Appearing Fan voted car gets a barrel of Fuel. 2nd and 3rd place will get a $25 Subway Giftcard.

Coors/State Distributing: 2 Kegs for the Pit Parties after the races

Tim Fraker Signs: The Car with the fastest lap time on Friday night will receive a $250 Gift Certificate for race car graphics

Jim Haines Sales: assorted grab bags with tools and supplies for cars as they pass technical inspection.

Saldana Racing and Pyrotect Racing Fuel Bladders: 24- $50 Gift Cards

Floyd Haines Memorial Award Sponsored by Hier and Haines Salon in McLean, VA: The top finishing racers from Oklahoma and the Virginia Sprint Series will each receive a $200 bonus! To be eligible, the driver must be an IMCA RaceSaver weekly or series driver.

Keizer Aluminum Wheels: 10- $50 Gift Cards

Rod End Supply: 50- $30 off Coupons

Vahlco Wheels: 1- 15” Sprint Direct Mount Front Non Beadlock wheel will go to the Hard Charger in the A Main Events on both Friday and Saturday. 1 Vahlco Beadbuster Tire Mounting tool will go to the first non-qualifier to the A Main on Saturday. 1 Complete set of 15” Sprint Direct Mount Hubs will go to the Hard Charger of the ENTIRE night on Sunday.

Action Signs/Speedway Graphics: $100 cash for each night’s A Feature Hard Charger and a $250 Gift Card for the 1st Non-qualifier on Sunday. Plus, a $100 gift card for 29th and 30th Non-Qualifier positions.

Colby Ridge: 120 popcorn bags for the driver contingency bags.

Day Motorsports: 120 Koozies, catalogs, and decals for driver bags, 10- $50 gift Certificates 1-American Racer front tire

Eagle Raceway: RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Nationals T-shirt for driver bags, Championship Belt, Championship Flag, 1st and 2nd place drivers on Sunday will receive a free DVD package of the weekend filmed by Steven Clegg.

Eagle Awards: Trophies for all classes each night

Auto Trans Matic: Something for Drivers bags to be determined

Hoosier: Decals and Hats for Driver bags and a Right Rear RaceSaver Tire

VP Racing Fuels: 1 drum of M1 Methanol

Maxima Oil: 1 Case of Oil

Guaranteed Oil: 10 Cases of Oil

June Ring, Leighun Brabec, and Gary Dominguez- Home Real Estate: The Good Neighbor award (Voted by Drivers) $300 cash

Comp Cams:

-25 certificates that are $50 off a purchase of $150 or more for non-qualifiers

-Big Dance Finishers: 1st place- $250, 2nd place-$125, 3rd place-$75, 4th place-$50, 5th Place-$25

-Banners, decals, hats, OneDirt magazines for driver bags.

Sam’s Club: Candy for driver bags

ATM Performance (Assassin Engines): 10 Sets of Valve Springs

Butler Built: $500 off a Seat for Saturday’s Feature Hard Charger

Dirt Defender: 15 Wheel Covers

Wilwood: 20 Rear Brake Pads

Ultrashield: Full Containment Seat and a set of sprint car seatbelts

DMI: Wheel Wrench and a ratchet engine turnover tool

Triple X: Front Axle

NAPA: 1 Porter Cable Drill and 1 drill/impact driver.

110 NAPA Hats for Driver Bags

110 NAPA BDG Can Coolers for driver bags

110 NAPA Filter pens for driver bags

110 NAPA Omaha Cups for driver bags

MyRacePass:  – (Everyone gets) $100 Off Direct to Garment T-Shirt Design

– (5) 20% Off Any Hero Card Purchase

Driver Websites:  – (1) FREE Professional Website Package $1900 value For the Hard Luck Award

– (5) $300 Off Veteran Website Package, plus upgrade option – $425 value ($2125 Total Value)


Fan Items:

Jim Haines: Kiddy packs for the first 500 young fans on Friday,

Joyo Theater: Tickets for the first 500 fans on Saturday

Vahlco Racing Wheels: 12 Vahlco T-Shirts for giveaways.

Precise Roofing and Eagle Raceway: First 1,000 fans will receive a driver introduction ceremony light up wand.

Hoosier: Caps, Flags, Seat Cushions, etc for fan giveaways

Eagle Raceway: Lots of giveaways signed by drivers


Miss Eagle Raceway items:

Eagle Raceway: $500 to the winner, $150 to the 1st Runner up and $100 to the 2nd Runner up

Carole’s Flowers and Vintage Finds: Rose Bouquets for the Miss Eagle Raceway girls

Jamberry Nails by Katlin Leonard: Mani pack, Pedi Pack and accent nail sample pack for all girls

It Works by Racine Hadan: 3 samples of greens and an It works energy drink for each of the girls.

Hair Art: $25 Gift Certificates to Miss Eagle Raceway’s Runner Up and 2nd Runner up.

Avon by Julie Hayden: A bracelet for each bag.

Scentsy by Kayla Johannsen: Something for all of the girl’s contingency bags

Beachbody by Lacy Brantley: Something for all of the girl’s contingency bags

Pampered Chef by Theresa Thulin: Pairing Knife and a Cord Wrap

Miss Mini E Raceway Items:

Heartland paper: $50 for each winner

Carole’s Flowers and Vintage Finds: Rose Bouquets for the Miss Mini E Raceway girls

Jamberry Nails by Katlin Leonard: Jamberry Sample packs

Avon by Julie Hayden: 9 Bracelets

Eagle Raceway: Barbie with Miss Mini E Raceway Sash for all girls and some other items



Non Qualifier cash Sponsorships:

1st non-qualifier-Heir &Haines Salon – McLean, VA $300

2nd non-qualifier- Virginia Sprint Series family and sponsors – $200

3rd non-qualifier- Virginia Sprint Series family and sponsors – $200

4th non-qualifier- In Memory of Mick Nelson $200

5th non-qualifier- Virginia Sprint Series family and sponsors – $200

6th non-qualifier- Virginia Sprint Series family and sponsors – $200

7th non-qualifier- Virginia Sprint Series family and sponsors – $200

8th non-qualifier- Holle Home Improvement – $200

9th non-qualifier- Sprint Series of Texas – $200

10th non-qualifier- Oxbow Animal Health – $200

11th non-qualifier- Welch Masonry – $200

12th non-qualifier- Eagle Raceway tow crew/Auto Connection- $170

13th non-qualifier- Justin Lee Haase Memorial – $100

14th non-qualifier- Sherri Eggleston Photography $50

15th non-qualifier- Eagle Raceway Gate Guys (Todd & John)- $50