Shayle Bade #03

Shayle Bade #03

Name: Shayle Bade

Age: 20 almost 21

City and State of Residence: Lincoln, NE


Years In Racing:13

Crew Members:Butch Bade, Mike Dreier, Shane Alley, Michelle Bade, Chantel Bade,
Mariah Bade Rick Bogenrief, Dick Shiveley, Chris Helget, Steve Shiveley,

Sponsors: MDR Racing & Customs, American Drywall, Revised Graphics, Thanks to our
Army National Guard!

Family: Butch Bade- Father
Michelle Bade- Mother
Alex Bade- Sister
Mariah Bade- Sister
Chantel Bade- Sister
Job Info: I’m a body mechanic at MDR Racing & Customs. We do restoration and custom
Bio: I have been racing some kind of car since i was 8. I started in go-kars at
Nebraska City Raceway. After a year racing local we started to compeat in IKF(
International Karting Federation), WKA (World Karting Association). In 2007 I won
one of the biggest kart races in the U.S called the Jr. Kahuna. In 2009 at age 15
was my first time in a Micro Sprint at Wavelink Raceway Park. We traveled all around
the mid west racin money shows (Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, .
When we didnt have anywhere to go we would race at Hastings, Nebraska our closest
track to home . After 5 years of racing micros we have decided for year 2013 we were
going to make the jump to 305s. So here we are.

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