Richard Weers #55
Posted 20 Jun 2013 in Drivers - Sprint

Division: Sprint
Name: Richard Weers
Age: 24
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 55
Years In Racing: 3
Car Owner: Dick Weers
Crew Members: Dick Weers
Mark Harris
Kalyn Poyser
Sponsors: Colby Ridge
Deb Wagner
AgWest Commodities
Dick Weers Insurance
Rocking K Farms
Family: Dick Weers – Dad
Yvonne Weers – Mom
Emily Weers – Sister
Kalyn Poyser – Fiance’
Job Info: Lincoln Chrome
Racing Accomplishments: So far 4th place in the A feature in the 305 Sprint Class.
The biggest accomplishments are yet to come!
Comments: I have been around racing for most of my life. I raced a few go kart races
in Waverly years ago. I had the opportunity to be on the crew for a couple 360
sprint cars which I really enjoyed. Grew up watching Billy Alley move from Mini
Sprints right on up to the 410’s. The last two years I have raced a Mini Sprint at
Kam in Hastings and with the Jayhuskers. As soon as I heard that Eagle was going to
run 305’s I told my dad “next year we are going to have a 305”. We are thrilled to
be racing a sprint car and are having a blast.
Thanks to everyone that has helped along the way.

Richard Weers

Richard Weers #55


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