May 2nd’s Races are cancelled- Private Practice Sessions now available on May 1st, 2nd & 3rd

May 2nd’s Races are cancelled- Private Practice Sessions now available on May 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Since the current Direct Health Measures in Cass County were extended to May 4th, the Gokart races that were scheduled on May 1st and the Jr. Fan Club Salute that was scheduled at Eagle Raceway on May 2nd are both cancelled. The Sam’s Club Kid’s Candy Dash intermission activity that was scheduled for May 2nd is tentatively rescheduled to happen on August 22nd. We are still working on the rest of the schedule in May to see what rules we need to put in place to make these race nights happen. We will put out a press release when we have that info ready. Since this weekend’s races are cancelled, we have opened up more practice sessions on Saturday, May 2nd and Sunday, May 3rd. To sign up for these practice sessions, call 402-238-2595. Here are the times for private practice sessions:

Friday, May 1st
4-5:45PM: 3 Spots Open
6-7:45PM: 3 Spots Open


Saturday, May 2nd
10-11:45AM: Joe Copeland, James Hines, 1 spot Open
12-1:45PM: Jared Jackson, Stu Snyder, Josh Vogt
2-3:45PM: Dave Carter, Brandon Horton, Mark Vanderheiden
4-5:45PM: Shawn Harker, Joe Feyen, Nick Snyder
6-7:45PM: Rj Maas, Cade Murray, Stephen Oaks


Sunday, May 3rd
10-11:45AM: Gary Saathoff, 2 Spots Open
12-1:45PM: Cole Wayman, Shawn Micheal, Khrysta Stransky
2-3:45PM: Brock Ackerman, Trenton Fuggett, Drake Bolhmeyer
4-5:45PM: Chantel bade, Adam Gullion, Neil Nickolite
6-7:45PM: Doug Wilson, Jeff Jones, 1 spot Open

Eagle Raceway practices: We will have RESERVED Practice sessions instead of OPEN Practice Sessions. You will have to reserve your time slot (1 Hour & 45 min Time Slots). We will only allow 3 racecars in the pits at a time with a max of 3 people per car including the driver. The three teams must pit at least 10 pit spaces apart on the back stretch to allow for plenty of social distancing between teams. One or Two Cars will be allowed on the track at a time. The Pit area Men’s and Women’s bathrooms will be open, but please try not to use them unless you need to. We will have a 15 minute time frame in between each time slot for the 3 racecars to load, the next 3 racecars to arrive and unload and for us to thoroughly sanitize the bathrooms for the next group. The cost per Eagle Raceway (Regular Track) time slot per racecar/3 person team will be $100. You must reserve and pay for your time slot in advance and as soon as possible by calling 402-238-2595, because we expect them to fill up fast. We will not charge your card until the date of your practice session in case of a force majeure (such as further restrictions due to COVID-19, or Rain Out) cancellation of your scheduled session. If we need to add more practice dates we will work on adding them. Upon arrival to the track, we will have each crew sign their own separate waiver. We will provide each crew member/driver a pen if you do not have one and let you keep the pen. WE ASK THAT IF ANYONE AT ALL ON YOUR TEAM IS FEELING SICK THE DAY OF PRACTICE, FOR THEM NOT TO COME. We understand that with the limitation of only 3 people in the pit area, it is hard to choose who to have come if you have large families and crews. Therefore, we will also allow each team to register a max of 4 vehicles for access to watch practice safely from their vehicles in turns one and two behind the catch fence drive-in theater style. Spectator vehicles will be spaced out and no one should be getting out of their vehicles to socialize with anyone or tailgate. We will have a couple of staff members at the track to make sure social distancing is enforced and to make sure the bathroom stays sanitized. We will also have a first responder/fire & safety member available as a precaution. If you are not abiding by the rules you will be asked to leave. NO OTHER SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED BESIDES THOSE FEW VEHICLES THAT WERE SIGNED UP WITH THE TEAM, SO PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP THINKING YOU CAN WATCH. No Concessions will be available.

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