Interview with the 2018 Sprint Car Champ Tyler Drueke

Interview with the 2018 Sprint Car Champ Tyler Drueke

By Greg Soukup

Well; spring has sprung (FINALLY!!!). And, in spring, the dirt track community lightly turns to thoughts of RACING!!!

The opening night of the 2019 season at Eagle Raceway is just a week away when the POWRI Lucas Oil WAR Sprint Cars, the Precise Racing Products Sprint Series of Nebraska and the IMCA Stock Cars turn out to compete at the Rumble In The Bullring, presented by Miller Lite.

So, in order to get our minds off the devastation across this great state of ours I thought that I would interview last year’s points champions from America’s Home Track.

First up is the young man who has taken home the crown for the Duros Dent Works Racesaver IMCA Sprint Cars for the last 3 years in a row, Tyler Drueke.

Q: That was your third points victory in a row at Eagle Raceway. What was the secret of your success?

Tyler: Consistency, I guess. I was fighting and clawing for every point and that’s probably what did it. It was by no means our best year. I guess that by our standards it was a bad year; I shouldn’t say a bad year, but just an average year. I sure didn’t win as many races as I’d like, but every night that we had a bad night we made the best out of it and that turned out to be enough.

Q: What are you looking forward to this coming season?

Tyler: Our plans are still kind of up in the air right now. I’m getting married this weekend. Last year my plan was to get married this year, so I was going to race as much as possible, and that’s what I did. I raced 2 nights a week, raced all over and traveled quite a lot. Now, we’ve been planning a wedding, and weddings are expensive. Any extra money that I have that I would have spent on racing I’ve been putting towards the wedding. Then, I also expanded my trucking business, so I guess you could say that real life is happening and my plans are kind of up in the air. We’re going to start the year by running the Sprint Series of Nebraska shows; I think there’s 5 of them through early April. We’re just going to start the year and have fun.

Q: Any new sponsors this year?

Tyler: I think that everyone from last year is back with us this year. Vahlco Wheels, Zoz Farms, Drueke Trucking and Ranch, Jeffries Trucking, Picadilly Rosehill Ranches, Johnson Farms, Angels Energy Service, Agri Builders, True Trucking, Cornhusker 800, TD Sign and Graphics, Jim Bell, Sardeson Racing, Double Z Express, Gordon Electric, Speedway Motors Racing Engines, CSI Shocks. Pretty much everything stays the same. We’ll just go at it and try to win more races this year.

Good luck Tyler; in racing and marriage!!!

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