Interview with 2019 Hobby Stock Champion Jeff Ware

Interview with 2019 Hobby Stock Champion Jeff Ware

By Greg Soukup

This time we visit with the 2019 Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock Champion Jeff Ware.

The 27-year old is a dedicated young man who works equally hard on and off the track. That is evidence by the fact that he won not only the Eagle Raceway track championship, but came in first in points at 3 other tracks, the Nebraska State IMCA Championship and the IMCA National Championship! The National win was the first ever for a hobby stock driver from Nebraska.

He accomplished all of this working not one but 2 jobs!! Besides being a service person/installer for O’Reilly Auto Parts he also puts in lots of hours at Demon Decals. I wondered how he managed 2 jobs and racing 4 nights a week. He said ““It was pretty easy. Both of my bosses are my best friends and they’re both about the same age as me. Luckily my job at O’Reilly’s is from 7:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday so it was pretty easy to get away”.

His results at Eagle Raceway last season were out of this world. His record showed wins in 13 out of the 17 A Features that he ran during the regular season at Eagle, including having won the first 9 in a row!!! Making it even tougher was the fact that most nights he had to come from the 12th spot on the starting grid because he was leading the points at the time. “And it’s not like I didn’t have to fight for every spot! There were plenty of nights where I had to battle just to get a chance to make a pass on the last lap for the win”. 

His plans for 2020 are to just keep on doing what he’s been doing.  Do you think he can repeat his results from last year? Or can he possibly even top it? Only time will tell. See you all at Eagle Raceway starting Friday April 17th for the Ice Breaker Challenge to find out!!!

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