Interview with 2019 Champion Anthony Roth

Interview with 2019 Champion Anthony Roth

By Greg Soukup

Just 6 weeks from now Eagle Raceway will kick of the 2020 racing season with the 2-night Icebreaker Challenge. In our continued effort to keep your racing fever climbing until then, we visit with the 2019 Nebraska Lottery Modified points champion, 24-year old Anthony Roth.

I started off the interview asking what he attributed his success to and he said “I have to say my crew and all of the other people who help me week in and week out. Without them and all of my sponsors I couldn’t do it”.

That success started when he got his start in go karts at the age of 5. He moved up to a sportmod at 14 and then advanced to a full modified in 2015, winning the Central Region Rookie of the Year that season.

I then asked what he thought of racing at Eagle Raceway. He responded “It’s got its ups and down, like any track. The track always has a lot of character to it, week in and week out. You never know from one week to the next what will happen. It always makes for great racing and it’s hard to beat the competition week in and week out”.

As for his plans for the 2020 season he stated “We really don’t have anything set in stone as of right now. We’re not really sure where we’ll be. I’d like to come back and race at Eagle, but we’ll weigh out all of our options and see where they take us”.

He concluded his interview by saying “I’d like to give a shout out to all of the fans who come out each and every week.            I’ve got people who come out every week and come to the pits to celebrate every victory that we get with us. Without the fans we wouldn’t be racing”.

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