Harker, Saathoff, Roth, Richards & Lovegrove win at Kid’s Night Ignited

Harker, Saathoff, Roth, Richards & Lovegrove win at Kid’s Night Ignited

By Greg Soukup

A typical late July afternoon greeted the large crowd that came out for Kids Night Ignited, presented by Colby Ridge and Casey’s General Stores Saturday. Clear, hot and humid turned to cloudy and muggy but the track stayed fast throughout the night.

There were no significant happenings in the preliminary events.

Jason Overholt’s 27J, the 18T of Cole Wayman, Tim Sutter in the 43S and the 44D of Derek Hall led lap #1 of the Hoosier Tire IMCA Sport Modified A Main event. Hall took 3rd on lap 2. The next circuit saw Adam Vrbka’s 7v stop after contact with another car and having the hood fly up. The restart saw Shawn Harker’s 40 move up to fourth. Overholt spun in turn 2 on lap 5, making the top 4 Wayman, Harker, Matt Andrews in the 22A and Hall. Harker took over the top spot on lap 8 as Trent Roth put the 14T into fourth. Rich Flock looped the 88F with 9 to go. Andrews advanced to second with 8 laps remaining as Roth grabbed third and Wayman fell to fourth.

Harker’s march to victory started on the outside of the fifth row. “I promised this little lady (6-year old Rain) that the next time we won she could drive the car back to the pits after pictures. This was 6 here at Eagle this year with I think 3 second place finishes too this year. The track was pretty good but the cushion was kind of treacherous. I found a good line, but I lost my brakes with 6 to go. I had to really be careful on my driving. I saw them closing in, and I really couldn’t drive my car the way I wanted to. I didn’t want to wreck, and I didn’t want to wreck anybody else. Matt surprised me that last lap, but we got it done. That car spun out in 3 coming to take the checkered flag, and with no brakes I had to lift. So, when I saw a car go down the track and he was going down there I gassed it back up to at least give it a shot to get back around him” Harker said. Harker’s sponsors include Jet Racing, Speedway Motors, Speedway Shocks, Lakeside Landscape, Tex Cattle and Patriot Crane.

Next up was the A Feature for the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks. Mariah Bade in the 04, Tyler Albracht’s 37A, the 11B of Brett Saathoff and Dave Carter’s 2C were the top 4 after lap #1. Albracht looped it in turn 4 on lap 2. Saathoff grabbed the lead on the restart with Carter moving to second, Mariah Bade holding onto third and Chantel Bade’s 115 fourth. Chantel Bade and the 7T of Tanner Dowty spun in

turn 2 the next time around. Kenny Roberts put his #69 into fourth on the restart and moved to third the next lap as Cody Leifeld advanced the 24X into fourth. Roy Armstrong passed Leifeld with 8 to go to put the 6R into fourth. Armstrong advanced to third with 6 to go as Leifeld again moved to fourth the next circuit. Armstrong took over second with 2 to go and Leifeld grabbed third the last lap. The final top 4 were Saathoff, Armstrong, Leifeld and Carter.

He stated “It was a good race. I started third row inside. The track was heavy and fast and we had the car dialed in tonight. It was hooked up and going. I just held my line and pretty much that’s how it worked out for me. I want to thank my brother, my buddy Corey, my Dad, my family, the whole Robertus clan and everybody that comes out and watches me race”. Saathoff’s sponsors include WC’s South, Bock Concrete, Big Daddy Machine and Shoemakers.

Andrew Hille’s 31 was first back to the flag stand on lap 1 of the Kaplan University IMCA Modified A. Hille lost the lead to the 8C of Chad Andersen on lap 2 with Justin Wulf holding third in the 86 and Anthony Roth’s 60IV in fourth. Roth jumped up to second the next time around as Bob Zoubek put the 5S into fourth. Roth snagged the lead on lap 10, lost it back to Andersen the next lap but regained it. Andersen and Roth both fell behind Wulf with 3 to go, but a caution saved them. The restart saw Shane Hiatt vault up to third. Hiatt got past Andersen for second the next lap but fell back to fourth at the end. The final top 4 ended up Roth, Andersen, Wulf and Shane Hiatt’s 21H who took over fourth in the closing laps.

Roth’s first 2017 Eagle Raceway win came from the 7th spot on the starting grid. “It was a good race between Chad and I. There was slide jobs back and forth. He got to the front right away, and I was chasing him down. I caught up with him coming out of four and passed him once. There was no looking back after that. I’d like to thank my dad, my brother Trent and Curt who just got back from Iraq. We couldn’t be more pleased to have him back so I don’t have to do so much work on the car (laughs). I also want to thank my girlfriend and my sister and everyone else who helps with the car and makes it go forward” related Roth. Roth’s sponsors include Razor Chassis, Shell Valley, Speedway Crate Engines, Pyrotech, Afco and Willwood Brakes.

The Mountain Dew Kick Start IMCA Sport Compact A Feature’s first circuit saw the 24 of Drake Bohlmeyer, Michelle Nicholson’s 88, the 8 of Sarah Cronin and Brian Haller in the 2CS out front after the first lap. Melissa Cronin’s 70SS passed Haller on lap 2. The next circuit saw Nicholson move to the lead, Sarah Cronin took second, Bohlmeyer held third and Dillon Richards put the 24R into fourth. Richards jumped up to second the next circuit with Melissa Cronin holding third and Bohlmeyer fourth. Bohlmeyer grabbed the lead the next lap with Zach Bohlmeyer’s 24Z second, Richards third and Melissa Cronin fourth. The top 4 were a huge battle with Zach and Drake Bohlmeyer, Richards and Ramsey Meyer’s 21R swapping spots back and forth each lap. Cole Krichau cracked the top 4 in the closing laps in his 30K.The checkered flag saw Richards with the win, Meyer second, Drake Bohlmeyer third and Krichau fourth.

This was Richards’ third win out of the four visits he has made to Eagle Raceway this year, coming from the outside of the sixth row. “It was really smooth on the top, and that’s my kind of track! I love it and hope that they keep doing it!!! I really have to thank my step-dad and Trent who pulls me up here every week. If it wasn’t for those guys I wouldn’t be up here. Also my cousins Zach and Drake; they help me with the car here at the track. If it wasn’t for all of them, I wouldn’t be here”. Richard’s sponsors include Sutton Repair.

The Racesaver IMCA Sprint Car Main Event had Brandon Horton’s 1B lead the initial circuit followed by Boyd Peterson in the 57B, Neil Nickolit’s 12N and Doug Lovegrove’s 1. Nickolite and Lovegrove passed Peterson on lap 2 for second and third respectively. Brandon Bosma’s #23 got up over the cushion, climbed the turn 1 guard rail and flipped wildly into turn 2. He was not seriously injured. After the red lights were turned off Lovegrove moved to second on the restart and snagged the lead the next time around. Tyler Drueke put the #12 into fourth on lap 6 and moved up to third the next lap with Peterson holding onto fourth. Lap 9 saw a debris caution, erasing a straightaway lead by Lovegrove. 1 lap after the restart Drueke moved up to second and Peterson followed him into third the next time around. Lap 13 saw Kaleb Johnson spin the 22 in turn 4. Adam Gullion used the restart to move the 91 into fourth. Gullion advanced to third with 11 to go. The final change in the top 4 came with 2 laps remaining as Clint Benson’s 100 took over the fourth spot. In the end it was Lovegrove, Drueke, Gullion and Benson.

This was Lovegrove’s first win of the 2017 season after starting fifth. “It HAS been awhile. I think we’ve had 4 second places this year. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride….FINALLY the bride. I got out to the lead I think in the fourth lap and kind of set sail. The car was getting around the bottom really good. I thought the track was good. I thought the top would be good but I knew it was a little dicey, and nobody would be able to consistently get around there lap after lap. My car was working good around the bottom, that’s what I’m good at so that’s what I did. I want to thank my crew chief, Aaron Allgood. He’s kind of the brains behind this operation. Also Kevin Beasley; my truck broke yesterday so he brought my car out and helped service it today. My brother Dan and brother-in-law James and Chris Archer” he said. Lovegrove’s sponsors include Precise Racing Products, Trackside Bar and Grill and Terry’s Body Shop.

Next Saturday is Summer Sizzle, presented by Hormel and Hotsy. Happy D Klown will be there from 5:30 to 7:30. 50/50 Raffle proceeds will benefit Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome and Lincoln Chamber members will be there. The Hillbilly Slip ‘N Slide will be set up after the features.

Front gates open at 5:15, hot laps begin at 5:30 and racing kicks off at 6:30. Adult front gate admission is $10 and kids 12 and under are free for this event.

Pit gates open at 4 o’clock with pit passes costing $25.

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