Full House Frenzy victories go to Kobus, Ware, Fugett, Nelson & Gullion

Full House Frenzy victories go to Kobus, Ware, Fugett, Nelson & Gullion

By Greg Soukup

Sunny skies and mid-80’s turned to a cool, clear evening for Full House Frenzy-Fan Appreciation Night, presented by Great Clips, Nebraska Lottery and Hoosier. The track was tacky and fast, with 3-wide racing thrilling the huge crowd.

The only serious incident came in the second heat for the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks when Tyler Jackson got forced high into the implement tire that guards the entrance to the pits. Jackson slid sideways full-blast into the tire. He was not seriously hurt, but his car was damaged beyond repair.

The first lap of the Hoosier Racing Tire IMCA Sportmod A Main had Joe Schidler’s K00, the 62 of Bobby Draper, Dion Kovar in the 18 and Anthony Kobus’ 27 out front. Terry Callender looped the 5T in turns 3 & 4 on lap 3 for a caution. Kobus moved to second on the restart with Draper third and Kovar fourth. Shawn Harker suffered a flat right rear on lap 5 and the yellow flag was unfurled again. Kovar advanced to third on lap 6. Josh Pfeiffer put the 33J into fourth on lap 9 when Draper slowed. Kobus grabbed the lead a couple of laps later as Matthew Andrews took over fourth in the 22. Randy Fox’s 09RX spun in turn four with 8 to go. Kovar slowed momentarily with 6 laps left, moving the 30T of Taylor Metz into fourth. The final top 4 were Kobus, Schidler, Andrews and Metz.

This was Kobus’ first win at Eagle Raceway this season, coming from the 8th spot on the starting grid. “I took the lead with 10 laps to go and ended up winning. The car was really good; high side or low side, it didn’t matter where we went it seemed like it worked pretty good tonight. We really needed that after a couple of bad nights here. I want to thank Razor Chassis; they’re the ones who build the car. Demon Decals make the car look good every night” he said. Kobus’ sponsors also include Albright Lawn Care, Kobus Well Drilling, Jensen Photography, Final Touch Detailing, Billie’s Bar and Mid-Nebraska Grading and Demo.

The Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks were next on the card for their finale. Chantel Bade’s 02 led the first circuit with Mark McKinney’s 23, the 38C of Casey Moyer and Michael Wade in the 12 close behind. Moyer passed McKinney for second on lap 2 and Tyler Saathoff put the 16T into fourth. Saathoff jumped up to second the next lap as Ryan Gilland moved the 46 into fourth. A car spun in turn 3 the next lap and was towed to the pits. Saathoff snagged the lead on the restart with Gilland second, Bade third and Moyer holding fourth. Jeff Ware vaulted up to third with 12 to go in the #83 with Colby Kaspar moving to fourth in his #39C. Bade spun in turn 4 with 10 to go for another caution. 1 lap after the restart Ware took the second spot and moved into first the next lap. Another circuit was in the books when Roy Armstrong put the 6R into fourth. Armstrong took over third on the final lap making the top 4 Ware, Saathoff, Armstrong and Gilland.

I thanked Ware for making my job easier as he was parked next to Kobus, to which he responded, “We talked about it before racing started”. This was Wares 6th victory this season at Eagle. I mentioned putting a bounty on him. “No! No! That brings out the bad in everybody. The track was fast tonight; FAST!! It was another win for the car, the crew and my sponsors”. Ware’s sponsors include Amy and Gary Wergin Motorsports, Dewine Mechanical, Kula Repair T & R Auto Repair and Demon Decals.

There was an 8-car pileup in turns 1 and 2 at the start of the Runner Freight IMCA Modified A Feature. Bob Zoubek’s 5S, the 19XX of Brandon Spanjer, Dan Nelson in the 94 and Aaron Pella’s 3A led the first official circuit. Tommy Defreece’s 2X slammed the front stretch wall after pirouetting out of turn 4 on lap 2, lighting the yellow lights in the corners. The restart was called back because of debris. Chad Andersen put the 8C into fourth on the restart. Nelson took over the lead the next lap with Jordan Grabouski moving the #30 into fourth. Lap 8 saw Grabouski advance into third. Andersen advanced to third with 9 to go as Grabouski moved up to second making the top 4 Nelson, Grabouski, Andersen and Zoubek.

This was Nelson’s first win in 2018 at Eagle Raceway, starting fourth. He stated “It got pretty tight there at the start of the race. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’m glad I didn’t get tied up in it. It was rough getting into 1 but smooth on the bottom. It was rough around 3 and 4 when you got up around the cushion. I followed a couple of cars around the bottom there at the start but figured I wasn’t going to pass them by following them, so I went to the cushion in 3 and 4 and was able to get around them”. Nelson’s sponsors include Nebraska Hydroseeding, Scott Pope, Goldfuss Repair, Nelson Tree Service, Popeye Racing Engines, Curtis Construction, Grand Avenue Bar and Grill, Jordan Grabouski Racing, Heartland and Fastenal.

The ATV Motorsports IMCA Sport Compact A Main saw Noah Boller’s 28B, Jared Jackson in the 98, Trenten Fugett’s 3T and the 6 of Dan Markham the first 4 after 1 lap. Fugett passed Jackson for second on lap 2 with Justin Callender jumping into third in his 13BS on lap 3 as Jackson fell to fourth. Markham moved back to fourth after another circuit. Shawn Hein put the 5H into 4th with 9 to go but lost the spot to Josh Young’s 13J 5 laps later. Fugett grabbed the lead with 2 to go as Young passed Callender making the final top 4 Fugett, Boller, Young and Callender.

This marked Fugett’s second win this year at Eagle after starting fourth. “It was a really good race. There was a lot of good competition up there! They gave me a really good battle for first. The track was outstanding tonight; probably one of the best tracks we’ve had this year. I’d like to thank Zach and Drake Bohlmeyer, Dillon Richards and Dillon’s step-dad Wade. They all do so much for me that nobody sees”. Fugett’s sponsors include Fester’s Bait and Tackle and Hamilton Construction.

The Racesaver IMCA Sprint Car A Main saw Keith Dragoo’s 77D first back to the flag stand with Tim Hilfiker’s 20, the 12N of Neil Nickolite and Ryan Kitchen in the 21 rounding out the top 4. Tige Jensen’s 12T stopped on the front stretch on lap 2 and the yellow flag came out. Kitchen moved up to third on the restart. Shon Pointer put the 20P into fourth the next lap. Adam Gullion took over the fourth spot on lap 8 in the #91. Mike Boston’s 51 spun to a stop at the top of turn 1 the next time around. Kitchen grabbed second on the restart. Gullion moved up to third on lap 11. 2 laps later Kitchen took the lead from Dragoo. Gullion and Pointer both moved up 1 spot as Gullion tried to reel Kitchen in. Gullion made his move with 3 to go, passing Kitchen for the lead as Jason Danley moved to fourth in the 4X. Gullion proceeded to hold off Kitchen to the end making the final top 4 Gullion, Kitchen, Pointer and Danley.

Victory #2 this year at Eagle for Gullion. “We’ve been struggling this year and we’ve had just some stupid stuff happen. I told my guys last week ‘Hey, we’ve done about all of the dumb stuff that we can do, so now It’s all out of the way. Now we just need to finish where we deserve’. I told my guys while we were getting ready for the feature and setting the car up ‘It’s going to be the old Eagle that it was before’. They wanted to set up for the bottom and drag race. But I said ‘The bottom is going to be gone in about 12 laps, so let’s pound the fence and hopefully we can stay with people early and then late let’s see if we’ve got something for them’. On the buzz lap I thought ‘Man, we’re too good right now’, but the car just kept getting better and better. I ran the whole race up on the fence and getting into 1 there were some ruts, but I knew how to get through them wide open. Ryan didn’t, because he’d been running the bottom the whole race. I actually got by him, but then his Dad told him to go to the top and I was thinking ‘I’ve got 1 shot at this because he’s not going in hard. I’ve got to go through the middle and try to get by him’. I didn’t get as good a restart as I needed to and he kind of got away from me. I went to the middle and kind of let him drive back by me. He started to drive away from me and I thought to myself ‘Just make some laps and see if we can get to traffic and do something with him’. We were fortunate enough late in the race that we were making a little bit better time on the top than he was. I think that was just the experience from running the top the whole race. But, I was able to slide him. I heard him coming low and I went straight into 3 and kind of slid myself. I got back to the top and just tried to make good laps”. Gullion’s sponsors include Walker Performance, BR Motorsports, King Racing Products, Maxim, Weld Wheels, Filley Custom Powder Coating, Cheetah Racing Engines, Pro Shocks, Speedway Shock Technology, Butler, Simpson and PT Steering Gear Service.

Next weekend is the much-anticipated Black Jack Bonanza-Kids Night presented by Colby Ridge and Casey’s. Happy D Klown and Blinky the Clown will both be there from 5 to 8 for the kids. As always, there will be a huge bike giveaway for the kids at intermission. Register to win a Bike in the Courtyard for FREE! Kids must go to the courtyard to draw for a chance to win a bike starting at 4:45pm until the last one gets drawn… it is first come first serve on the bike giveaway… Please follow the signs. All kids that do not win a bike will get a prize. The bikes will be given to the winners at intermission. There will be drivers in the courtyard for autographs beginning at 4:45.

Front gates open at 5:15 with hot laps at 5:30 and racing at 6:30. Adult and youths 6-12 are just $5 and children 5 and under are free.

The Racesaver Sprint Cars, Runner Freight Modifieds, Hoosier Racing Tire Sport Modifieds, Valentino’s Hobby Stocks and ATV Motorsports Sport Compacts will all be in competition.

Pit gates open at 4 P.M. with pit passes costing $25.


IMCA Hobby Stock A-Feature 1. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 2. Tyler Saathoff Holland, Ne. 3. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 6. Casey Moyer Auburn, Ne. 7. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 8. Brooke Fluckiger(r) Columbus, Ne. 9. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 10. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 11. Mark McKinney Omaha, Ne. 12. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 13. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 14. Brett Saathoff Lincoln, Ne. 15. Colby Kaspar Columbus, Ne. 16. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 17. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 18. Chantel Bade Lincoln, Ne. 19. Ryan Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. DNS. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock B-Feature 1. Mark McKinney Omaha, Ne. 2. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 3. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 4. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 6. Roger Timperley Tekamah, Ne. 7. Anthony Petersen Brock, Ne. 8. Dillon Richards(r) Beatrice, Ne. 9. Matt Beckner Lincoln, Ne. 10. Jeff Dodd(r) Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Brenden Helms(r) Auburn, Ne. DNS. Rowan Mason(r) Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 1 1. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 2. Casey Moyer Auburn, Ne. 3. Troy Dowty Fremont, Ne. 4. Brooke Fluckiger(r) Columbus, Ne. 5. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 6. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 7. Mark McKinney Omaha, Ne. 8. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 9. Dillon Richards(r) Beatrice, Ne. 10. Rowan Mason(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 2 1. Colby Kaspar Columbus, Ne. 2. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 3. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 4. Chantel Bade Lincoln, Ne. 5. Brett Saathoff Lincoln, Ne. 6. Roger Timperley Tekamah, Ne. 7. Matt Beckner Lincoln, Ne. 8. Jeff Dodd(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 10. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 3 1. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 2. Tyler Saathoff Holland, Ne. 3. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. Ryan Roschewski Beatrice, Ne. 6. Tanner Dowty Fremont, Ne. 7. Brenden Helms(r) Auburn, Ne. 8. Anthony Petersen Brock, Ne. DNS. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Modified A-Feature 1. Dan Nelson Holmesville, Ne. 2. Jordan Grabouski Beatrice, Ne. 3. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 4. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 5. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 6. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 7. Rik Gropp Lincoln, Ne. 8. Nathan Landauer Davey, Ne. 9. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 10. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 11. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 12. Jan Korth Lincoln, Ne. 13. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 14. Justin Wulf Arlington, Ne. 15. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 16. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 17. Tommy Defreece Cairo, Ne. 18. Kevin Kloke(r) David City, Ne. 19. Trevor Baker Omaha, Ne. 20. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne.

IMCA Modified B-Feature 1. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 2. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 3. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Jan Korth Lincoln, Ne. 5. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 6. Nathan Meyer Ohiowa, Ne. 7. Brandon Verbeek DNS. Peter Shoup Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 1 1. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 2. Dan Nelson Holmesville, Ne. 3. Rik Gropp Lincoln, Ne. 4. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 5. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 6. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 7. Peter Shoup Lincoln, Ne. 8. Nathan Meyer Ohiowa, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 2 1. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne. 2. Justin Wulf Arlington, Ne. 3. Nathan Landauer Davey, Ne. 4. Jordan Grabouski Beatrice, Ne. 5. Kevin Kloke(r) David City, Ne. 6. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 7. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 8. Jan Korth Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 3 1. Trevor Baker Omaha, Ne. 2. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 3. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 4. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tommy Defreece Cairo, Ne. 6. Brandon Verbeek 7. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact A-Feature 1. Trenten Fugett Homesville, Ne. 2. Noah Boller Beatrice, Ne. 3. Josh Young Beatrice, Ne. 4. Justin Callender Lincoln, Ne. 5. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 6. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 7. Nick Lindblad Beatrice, Ne. 8. Tommy Etherton Lincoln, Ne. 9. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 10. Josh Black Beatrice, Ne. 11. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 12. Jared Jackson Crete, Ne. 13. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 14. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 15. Devin Bruce Bennet, Ne. 16. Brad Gallagher Plattsmouth, Ne. 17. Kyle Grobeck(r) Omaha, Ne. 18. Louis Pavey Douglas, Ne. 19. Nathan Wahlstrom Beatrice, Ne. 20. Kelly Petersen(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact B-Feature 1. Devin Bruce Bennet, Ne. 2. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 3. Brad Gallagher Plattsmouth, Ne. 4. Kyle Grobeck(r) Omaha, Ne. 5. Louis Pavey Douglas, Ne. 6. Drew Grobeck Omaha, Ne. 7. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne. 8. Jared Lewis Murray, Ne. 9. Jeffrey Scott Blue Springs, Ne. 10. Jeremy Shell Columbus, Mo. DNS. Allie Hover Bellevue, Ne. DNS. Kasha Hall Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Mark Lamer Carter Lake, Ia. DNS. Adam Reifler Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 1 1. Trenten Fugett Homesville, Ne. 2. Nick Lindblad Beatrice, Ne. 3. Justin Callender Lincoln, Ne. 4. Shawn Hein Beatrice, Ne. 5. Nathan Wahlstrom Beatrice, Ne. 6. Allie Hover Bellevue, Ne. 7. Mark Lamer Carter Lake, Ia. 8. Kyle Grobeck(r) Omaha, Ne. 9. Jeffrey Scott Blue Springs, Ne. 10. Drew Grobeck Omaha, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 2 1. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 2. Noah Boller Beatrice, Ne. 3. Josh Young Beatrice, Ne. 4. Steffen Oaks Lincoln, Ne. 5. Kelly Petersen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Devin Bruce Bennet, Ne. 7. Jared Lewis Murray, Ne. 8. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 9. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne. 10. Jeremy Shell Columbus, Mo.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 3 1. Jared Jackson Crete, Ne. 2. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 3. Tommy Etherton Lincoln, Ne. 4. Josh Black Beatrice, Ne. 5. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 6. Kasha Hall Lincoln, Ne. 7. Louis Pavey Douglas, Ne. 8. Brad Gallagher Plattsmouth, Ne. 9. Adam Reifler Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA SportMod A-Feature 1. Anthony Kobus David City, Ne. 2. Joe Schidler Omaha, Ne. 3. Matthew Andrews Malcolm, Ne. 4. Taylor Metz Washington, Ks. 5. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 6. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 7. Arie Schouten Blair, Ne. 8. Dillon Schultz(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 10. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 11. Mike Scheinost Ceresco, Ne. 12. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 13. Randy Fox Lincoln, Ne. 14. Brock Curtis Papillion, Ne. 15. Josh Pfeifer St. Paul, Ne. 16. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 17. Scott Bivens Waverly, Ne. 18. Dennis Engelhaupt Page, Ne. 19. Terry Callender Lincoln, Ne. 20. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne.

IMCA SportMod B-Feature 1. Dillon Schultz(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Taylor Metz Washington, Ks. 3. Arie Schouten Blair, Ne. 4. Mike Scheinost Ceresco, Ne. 5. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 6. Tyler Hammons Fremont, Ne. 7. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 8. Jason Heaps Lincoln, Ne. 9. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 10. Logan Thomsen Lincoln, Ne. 11. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 12. Beau Riffel(r) Fremont, Ne. 13. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne. DNS. Deven Schelm Omaha, Ne. DNS. Mary Lenz Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA SportMod C-Feature 1. Taylor Metz Washington, Ks. 2. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 3. Tyler Hammons Fremont, Ne. 4. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 5. Bradley Schreiner(r) Weeping Water, Ne. 6. Alex Donovan Sterling, Ne. 7. Kyle Trout Bellevue, Ne. 8. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne. 9. Ahnna Schouten Blair, Ne. DNS. Lane Cornwell Newman Brave, Ne. DNS. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 1 1. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 2. Terry Callender Lincoln, Ne. 3. Randy Fox Lincoln, Ne. 4. Dennis Engelhaupt Page, Ne. 5. Mike Scheinost Ceresco, Ne. 6. Logan Thomsen

Lincoln, Ne. 7. Beau Riffel(r) Fremont, Ne. 8. Lane Cornwell Newman Brave, Ne. 9. Gunnar Pike South Bend, Ne. 10. Tyler Hammons Fremont, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 2 1. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 2. Joe Schidler Omaha, Ne. 3. Josh Pfeifer St. Paul, Ne. 4. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 5. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 6. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 7. Jason Heaps Lincoln, Ne. 8. Alex Donovan Sterling, Ne. 9. Kyle Trout Bellevue, Ne. 10. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 3 1. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 2. Scott Bivens Waverly, Ne. 3. Anthony Kobus David City, Ne. 4. Brock Curtis Papillion, Ne. 5. Dillon Schultz(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Arie Schouten Blair, Ne. 7. Breanna Pfanstiel Lincoln, Ne. 8. Bradley Schreiner(r) Weeping Water, Ne. 9. Ahnna Schouten Blair, Ne. 10. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 4 1. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 2. Matthew Andrews Malcolm, Ne. 3. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 4. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 5. Trevor Noonan Dorchester, Ne. 6. Deven Schelm Omaha, Ne. 7. Mary Lenz Lincoln, Ne. 8. Taylor Metz Washington, Ks. 9. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne.

IMCA Sprint A-Feature 1. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 2. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 4. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 5. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 6. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne. 7. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 8. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 9. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 10. Danny Nekolite O’neill, Ne. 11. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 12. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 13. Kaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, Sd. 14. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 15. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 16. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 17. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 18. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 19. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 20. Tige Jensen(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sprint B-Feature 1. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 3. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 4. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 5. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 6. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 7. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne. 8. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 10. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 11. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 1 1. Ryan Kitchen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 2. Keith Dragoo Greenwood, Ne. 3. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 4. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 5. Kaleb Johnson Sioux Falls, Sd. 6. Trey Gropp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 8. Brandon Horton Omaha, Ne. 9. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 2 1. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 2. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 3. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tige Jensen(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 8. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 9. Jason Miller Omaha, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 3 1. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 2. Danny Nekolite O’neill, Ne. 3. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne. 4. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 5. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 6. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 7. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 8. Dwight Carter Lincoln, Ne

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