Feel the RUMBLE! August 5th, 2011

Feel the RUMBLE! August 5th, 2011

Feel the RUMBLE! Friday, August 5th, 2011

Nebraska’s “Must See” Event of the Year! Featuring the USAC Wingless 410 Sprints, SLMR Late Models, ModLites and Mini Sprints!

Visit www.usacracing.com/sprint for the 2011 National Sprint Championship Drivers.  The series top drivers consist of:    Levi Jones driving for Tony Stewart Racing along with Chris Windom, Jon Stanbrough, Bryan Clauson, Robert Ballou, Hunter Schuerenberg, Damion Gardner, Dave Darland, Bobby East and Tracy Hines rounding out the top ten in points.

Visit www.neracewaypark.com/I80Speedway for the 2011 SLMR, Super Late Model Racing Drivers.  The series top drivers consist of:   Travis Dickes, Joe Kosiski, Leon Zeitner, Al Humphrey, Mike Wiarda, Kyle Berck, Justin Zeitner, Jase Kaser, Robbie Andersen and Bill Leighton Jr. rounding out the top ten in points.

Supporting classes consist of the ModLite Dwarf Cars and Mini Sprints.

Racing starts at 7pm.  Front Gates open at 5:30pm.  Front Gate Admission:  Adults (13+) $20, Youth (6-12) $5, Children (5 & under) Free    Visit these sponsors for $5 off adult front gate admission coupons with any purchase(while supplies last)… COLBY RIDGE Office 5601 S. 49th St., 48th & Pioneers, 70th & VanDorn & 14th & N St.    ROCKET FIZZ 70th & A St. Clocktower & 14th & Pine Lake Road     SILVER SPOKE SALOON 14th & Saltillo Road

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will be on site with important information on Diabetes and the dedication to finding a cure.   Warning signs of type 1 diabetes may occur suddenly and include: Extreme thirst, Frequent urination, Drowsiness or lethargy, Increased appetite, Sudden weight loss, Sudden vision changes, Sugar in the urine, Fruity odor on breath, Heavy or labored breathing, Stupor or unconsciousness

Eagle Raceway strives to make a difference in our community…our 50/50 will be dedicated to the JDRF and it’s dedication to find a cure!  Please help us in our fight to cure Diabetes!

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