Fan with a Can Night victories taken by Feyen, Brown, Andersen, Moyer and Lovegrove

Fan with a Can Night victories taken by Feyen, Brown, Andersen, Moyer and Lovegrove

by Greg Soukup

The fabulous weather continued for Fan with a Can Night at Eagle Raceway Saturday night, and the fans enjoyed it and great racing action through the evening and were headed out of the stands before 10 PM.

All preliminary events were run with no serious occurrences.

The first A Feature of the evening was for the NAPA IMCA Sport Modifieds. Dave Coberly’s 4U2, the 25! of Trevor Baker, Ken Stefonik’s 34K and the 2R of Don Rinke were the first four back to the flag stand on lap 1. Eric Spenner spun his 9X in turns 3 & 4 on the second lap for the first caution of the race. He spun again in turns 1 & 2 after contact with Rinke and Rinke was set back for the incident moving Bob Ruisinger’s 7 to third and the 25X of Joe Feyen to fourth. Baker grabbed the lead on the restart with Coberly falling out to 4th when Ruisinger, Feyen both passed him. Spenner again looped his racer in turns 1 & 2 the next lap and was sent pit-side. Shawn Harker put the 40 in fourth on the restart. Ruisinger and Feyen moved up to first and second on the next lap and Harker also moved up a spot to grab third the next time around. With 10 to go Harker moved past Feyen and then took the lead from Ruisinger the next lap as Feyen grabbed second. There were 7 laps left when Kyle Flodman cracked the top 4 in the 7K. Feyen took over the point the next lap. Joey Danley moved to fourth with 4 laps to go in the 14. Jared Cote spun his #57 on the front stretch with 1 lap left to bring out the final caution of the race. The final position change in the top four came when Danley got loose on the restart, allowing Flodman to again take fourth.

This was Feyen’s first Sport Modified win at Eagle after racing in one for 5 years, but he previously had a victory in the Pro-Am class. “I loved racing with Shawn in the heat and in the feature; neither of us wanted to let the other one win” Feyen said. “We’ve been chasing a motor problem for a month now, but we finally located it tonight. And we needed it right because the track was really good” he continued. His final thought was to relate “I want to thank my wife and father-in-law for helping out so much”. Feyen’s sponsors include Basements R Us, Tuff Turf, Cordes Painting and Bodies by Harker.

The Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock Feature saw Tim LaPointe in the 18, the 42 of Robbie Brown, Mark McKinney’s 23 and the 26 of Nick Lindblad the top four after lap #1. Brown and Lindblad both advanced 1 spot on lap 2 to move to first and third. Brandon Wergin’s #2 stopped in turn 3 on lap 4 and the yellow lights were lit. Lap 7 saw Lindblad pass McKinney to take over second. There was a debris caution with 10 laps left. Dan Noonan looped the #12 in turn 4 with 7 laps left and Cody Boone’s 22X hit him head on. Both went to the pits on the hook. Chad Fegley put the 13F into fourth on the restart and moved to third the next circuit as Lindblad and Brown fought tooth and nail for the lead over the next few laps. Roy Armstrong moved to fourth with 7 to go and then advanced to third the next time around. Fegley suffered a flat tire with 4 laps left and spun in turn four, collecting the 93 of RJ Macku and Ben Becher’s B4. The first four to the checkers were Brown, Lindblad, Armstrong and the 62 of Justin Busboom.

“It’s been a long time since you came down here” Brown stated, referring to the fact that he hadn’t claimed a victory since 2009, but was his fourth overall. He continued by relating “As long as I hit my spots I was fine. The problem that I have is that when I’m out front, I don’t know if I’m going fast enough or not. If I’m in second or whatever, I know I need to speed up. Tonight, whenever I caught sight of the 26 coming outside me I knew I needed to get going faster”. He finished the interview by saying “I want to thank the Barton family, the Boyleses and my mom and dad for helping out so much. Also, thanks to the gang at Air Lite, my aunt and uncle, nieces and nephews and Fred’s at Parkway”.

Next the Kaplan University IMCA Modifieds came out onto the high banks. The 60 of Anthony Roth, Hunter Marriot’s 62, Dustin Andersen in the 8A and the 21H of Shane Hiatt were the first four back to the flag stand at the end of lap 1. Marriott grabbed the top spot on lap 3 and Andersen followed him into second 2 laps later. Four more laps were in the books when Andersen passed Marriott for the lead and Hiatt advanced to third. Hiatt went off the track with 8 laps left, moving the 5S of Bob Zoubek into fourth position. Chris Ableson passed Zoubek the next lap to put the 1X into fourth. Zoubek got back around Ableson with 5 left. The final top 4 were Andersen, Marriott, Roth and Zoubek.

This was Andersen’s third win this year at Eagle, but his first since back-to-back victories in May. “I about gave up on this car. Last week we couldn’t get out of our own way, but, I think I’ll keep it now. I need to thank Robby and Ryan for putting this car together” Andersen said. He finished by stating “The track was really racy tonight, and once I got out front I could run anywhere that I wanted. But I was really hooked up on the bottom”. Andersen’s sponsors include Nebraska’s Best, Construction Specialist and GRT Race Cars.
The first four at the end of the first lap of the Sam’s Club IMCA Sport Compact A Main were Justin Olsen in the 14J, Rick Hollandsworth in the 35H, Cole Krichau’s 5K and the 69 of Kenny Roberts. Hollandsworth took over the lead on lap 2 as Matt Moyer put the 29 into fourth. Moyer jumped up to second on lap 4 and took the lead the next circuit. Chad Bassinger cracked the top four on lap 6 before moving up to third the next time around. Robert moved back into fourth with 9 laps left and Bassinger moved up to second the next lap. The top four remained the same to the finish with Moyer winning, Bassinger second, Hollandsworth third and Roberts fourth.

Moyer’s victory came with 2 broken bones in his right foot, suffered in an accident in last week’s A. “My foot was swollen enough that I had to borrow Barry Kinnersley’s shoe!! I need to thank Chad Zoober for straightening the frame. Also Maynard, Jake, Chuck and Charlie for wrenching on the car this week since I couldn’t” Moyer said. Moyer’s sponsors include General Siding, Luddeman Construction, Kinnersley Grading and Scott Angel at the Design Shop.

The Budweiser IMCA Racesaver Sprint Cars then took their turns. Doug Lovegrove held the lap 1 lead in the 1 followed by the 73 of Lee Bowes, Keith Dragoo in the 77D and Nate Weiler’s 54. Lacey Tuttle moved the #50 into fourth past Weiler on lap 2, but Gene Ackland passed her in his 14G the next lap. With 6 to go Mike Boston’s 51 and Ackland got together. Both cars went to the pits; Boston’s with a flat right rear and Ackland’s racer with undetermined damage. That made the top 4 Lovegrove, Bowes, Dragoo and Tuttle. Dragoo passed Bowes for second with 6 left and Tuttle also passed Bowes the next lap. With 3 to go Bowes jumped back up to second, only to lose the spot to Tuttle the next circuit. The final standings showed Lovegrove winning with Tuttle, Bowes and Dragoo rounding out the top 4.

“I want to dedicate this win to Brian Bye; this is the anniversary of his death. This one is for him!” Lovegrove said. He continued by stating “Thanks to Aaron Allgood, Kevin Beasley, Dan Lovegrove and James Pracht for all of the hard work that they do on the car”. He concluded the interview by relating “Also, thank you to my beautiful wife Amie, who is expecting twins!! I couldn’t do this without her support”. Lovegrove’s sponsors include Our Family Foods, Integrity Vinyl Graphics and Trackside Bar and Grill.

Next Saturday Colby Ridge presents Junior Fan Club and Scout Night at Eagle. Scouts (including troop leaders) will receive free front gate admission if they are in uniform. Happy D Klown will be on site from 5:30 to 7:30. Happy Hour will feature “Dirty” Lemonade from 6 until 7.

Front gate admission is $10 for adults, $5 for youths 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under. Pit gates open at 4 with pit admission costing $20.

Remember that the Fan’s Fund for the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Supernationals on August 31st and September 1st is going. Please help out the racers who put their lives on the line for our entertainment by contributing whatever you can afford. For more details, click this link:


IMCA Hobby Stock 8/10/2013

A Feature:1. Rob Brown (Nebraska City, NE), 2. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 3. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 4. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 5. John Cain (Homer, NE), 6. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 7. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 8. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 9. Tyler Davis (Fairbury, NE), 10. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 11. Luke Nicholson (Ashland, NE), 12. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 13. Mark McKinney (Omaha, NE), 14. Randall Macku (Lincoln, NE), 15. Peter Shoup (Lincoln, NE), 16. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 17. Cody Boone (Syracuse, NE), 18. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 19. Brandon Wergin (Milford, NE), 20. Denny Berghahn Sr. (Plattsmouth, NE)

B Feature:1. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 2. Luke Nicholson (Ashland, NE), 3. Denny Berghahn Sr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 4. Cody Boone (Syracuse, NE), 5. Peter Shoup (Lincoln, NE), 6. Aaron Johnston (Lincoln, NE), 7. Brendan Jones (Ralston, NE), 8. Brandon Baker (Omaha, NE), 9. Scott Santee (Omaha, NE), 10. Ron Novak (Blair, NE), 11. Michael Rice (Elmwood, NE), 12. Shane Hennessy (Alvo, NE)

Heat 1:1. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 2. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 3. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 4. Mark McKinney (Omaha, NE), 5. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 6. Luke Nicholson (Ashland, NE), 7. Cody Boone (Syracuse, NE), 8. Shane Hennessy (Alvo, NE), 9. Ron Novak (Blair, NE)

Heat 2:1. Rob Brown (Nebraska City, NE), 2. Randall Macku (Lincoln, NE), 3. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 4. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 5. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 6. Denny Berghahn Sr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 7. Aaron Johnston (Lincoln, NE), 8. Peter Shoup (Lincoln, NE), 9. Scott Santee (Omaha, NE)

Heat 3:1. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 2. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 3. Brandon Wergin (Milford, NE), 4. Tyler Davis (Fairbury, NE), 5. John Cain (Homer, NE), 6. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 7. Brendan Jones (Ralston, NE), 8. Brandon Baker (Omaha, NE), 9. Michael Rice (Elmwood, NE)

IMCA Modified 8/10/2013

A Feature:1. Dustin Andersen (Omaha, NE), 2. Hunter Marriott (Brookfield, MO), 3. Anthony Roth (Columbus, NE), 4. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 5. Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA), 6. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 7. Tim Ward (Gilbert, AZ), 8. Mike Densberger (Lincoln, NE), 9. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 10. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 11. Roger Hadan (Bennington, NE), 12. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 13. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 14. Andrew Hille (Hickman, NE), 15. Nate Thompson (Fremont, NE), 16. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 17. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 18. Jerry Trejo (Lincoln, NE), 19. Scott Bivens (Ceresco, NE), 20. Chris Alcorn (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 2. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 3. Roger Hadan (Bennington, NE), 4. Jerry Trejo (Lincoln, NE), 5. Scott Bivens (Ceresco, NE), 6. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 7. Scott Anderson (Omaha, NE), 8. Jan Korth (Lincoln, NE), 9. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE), 10. Michael Lund (Bennington, NE), 11. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 12. Dustin Gray (Omaha, NE), 13. Stacey Wilhelm (Martell, NE)

Heat 1:1. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 2. Dustin Andersen (Omaha, NE), 3. Andrew Hille (Hickman, NE), 4. Chris Alcorn (Lincoln, NE), 5. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 6. Jerry Trejo (Lincoln, NE), 7. Michael Lund (Bennington, NE), 8. Scott Bivens (Ceresco, NE), 9. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE)

Heat 2:1. Nate Thompson (Fremont, NE), 2. Tim Ward (Gilbert, AZ), 3. Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA), 4. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 5. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 6. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 7. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE), 8. Dustin Gray (Omaha, NE), 9. Stacey Wilhelm (Martell, NE)

Heat 3:1. Anthony Roth (Columbus, NE), 2. Hunter Marriott (Brookfield, MO), 3. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 4. Mike Densberger (Lincoln, NE), 5. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 6. Jan Korth (Lincoln, NE), 7. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 8. Scott Anderson (Omaha, NE), 9. Roger Hadan (Bennington, NE), 10. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE)

IMCA Sport Compact 8/10/2013

A Feature:1. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 2. Chad Bassinger (Nebraska City, NE), 3. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 4. Kenny Roberts (Lincoln, NE), 5. Cole Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 6. Nickalaus Jensen (Hickman, NE), 7. Erica Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 8. Josh Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 9. Tyler Vukonich (Lincoln, NE), 10. Tanner Schmitz (Nebraska City, NE), 11. Sydney Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 12. Justin Olsen (Lincoln, NE), 13. Elliott Halvorsen (Eagle, NE), 14. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE), 15. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 16. Mitchell Wachter (Syracuse, NE), 17. Kevin Staack (Lincoln, NE), 18. Brandon Thornton (Nebraska City, NE), 19. Rich Eacret (Nebraska City, NE), 20. Aaron Edwardson (Sioux City, IA)

B Feature:1. Nickalaus Jensen (Hickman, NE), 2. Elliott Halvorsen (Eagle, NE), 3. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 4. Mitchell Wachter (Syracuse, NE), 5. Aaron Edwardson (Sioux City, IA), 6. Tim Horsham (Raymond, NE), 7. Shannon Wulf (Lincoln, NE), 8. Brian Haller (Lincoln, NE), 9. Shane Oknewski (Omaha, NE), 10. Anthony Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 11. Joseph Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 12. Robbie Lange (Plattsmouth , NE), 13. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 14. James King (Bennet, NE), 15. Melissa Cronin (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 1:1. Justin Olsen (Lincoln, NE), 2. Erica Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 3. Kevin Staack (Lincoln, NE), 4. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 5. Sydney Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 6. James King (Bennet, NE), 7. Aaron Edwardson (Sioux City, IA), 8. Elliott Halvorsen (Eagle, NE), 9. Shannon Wulf (Lincoln, NE), 10. Melissa Cronin (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Cole Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 2. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 3. Kenny Roberts (Lincoln, NE), 4. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Chad Bassinger (Nebraska City, NE), 6. Nickalaus Jensen (Hickman, NE), 7. Tim Horsham (Raymond, NE), 8. Mitchell Wachter (Syracuse, NE), 9. Anthony Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 10. Robbie Lange (Plattsmouth , NE)

Heat 3:1. Tanner Schmitz (Nebraska City, NE), 2. Josh Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 3. Tyler Vukonich (Lincoln, NE), 4. Rich Eacret (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Brandon Thornton (Nebraska City, NE), 6. Shane Oknewski (Omaha, NE), 7. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 8. Joseph Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 9. Brian Haller (Lincoln, NE), 10. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE)

IMCA Sport Modified 8/10/2013

A Feature:1. Joe Feyen (Beaver Lake, NE), 2. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 3. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 4. Kyle Flodman (Hickman, NE), 5. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 6. Ken Eckhoff (Hooper, NE), 7. Joey Danley (Lincoln, NE), 8. Trevor Baker (Lincoln, NE), 9. Benji Legg (Beatrice, NE), 10. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 11. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 12. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 13. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 14. Kaleb Kennedy (Sioux City, IA), 15. Jared Cote (Lincoln, NE), 16. Dave Coberly (Council Bluffs, IA), 17. Trent Roth (Columbus, NE), 18. Kevin Anderson (Lincoln, NE), 19. Ken Stefonick (Lincoln, NE), 20. Eric Spenner (Tekamah, NE)

B Feature:1. Ken Eckhoff (Hooper, NE), 2. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 3. Kevin Anderson (Lincoln, NE), 4. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 5. Jeremy Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 6. Sean Conaway (Omaha, NE), 7. Randy Fox (Lincoln, NE), 8. Gunnar Pike (South Bend, NE), 9. Jack Prall III (Union, NE), 10. Dustin Thayer (Omaha, NE), 11. Scott Holle (Lincoln, NE), 12. Bryan Adams (Nebraska City, NE), 13. Matt Boucher (Murdock, ne), 14. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 15. Rod Schreiner (Weeping Water, NE), 16. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 17. Gene Kohmetscher (Lincoln, NE), 18. Blake Haas (Eagle, NE)

C Feature:1. Gene Kohmetscher (Lincoln, NE), 2. Bryan Adams (Nebraska City, NE), 3. Dave Berger (Lincoln, NE), 4. Matthew Marquardt (Tekamah, NE), 5. Jeff Reed (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dan Jackson (Crete, NE)

Heat 1:1. Joey Danley (Lincoln, NE), 2. Trevor Baker (Lincoln, NE), 3. Ken Stefonick (Lincoln, NE), 4. Jared Cote (Lincoln, NE), 5. Kevin Anderson (Lincoln, NE), 6. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 7. Jeremy Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 8. Sean Conaway (Omaha, NE), 9. Dave Berger (Lincoln, NE), 10. Dan Jackson (Crete, NE)

Heat 2:1. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 2. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 3. Trent Roth (Columbus, NE), 4. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 5. Ken Eckhoff (Hooper, NE), 6. Scott Holle (Lincoln, NE), 7. Blake Haas (Eagle, NE), 8. Gunnar Pike (South Bend, NE), 9. Gene Kohmetscher (Lincoln, NE), 10. Bryan Adams (Nebraska City, NE)

Heat 3:1. Joe Feyen (Beaver Lake, NE), 2. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 3. Benji Legg (Beatrice, NE), 4. Eric Spenner (Tekamah, NE), 5. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 6. Dustin Thayer (Omaha, NE), 7. Randy Fox (Lincoln, NE), 8. Matt Boucher (Murdock, ne), 9. Jeff Reed (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 4:1. Kyle Flodman (Hickman, NE), 2. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 3. Dave Coberly (Council Bluffs, IA), 4. Kaleb Kennedy (Sioux City, IA), 5. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 6. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 7. Rod Schreiner (Weeping Water, NE), 8. Jack Prall III (Union, NE), 9. Matthew Marquardt (Tekamah, NE)

IMCA Sprint 8/10/2013

A Feature:1. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 2. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 3. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 4. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 5. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 6. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 7. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE), 8. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 9. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 10. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 11. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 12. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 13. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 14. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 15. Jason Brinkman (Grand Island, NE), 16. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 17. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE)

Heat 1:1. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 2. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 3. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 4. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 5. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 6. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE), 7. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 8. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 9. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE)

Heat 2:1. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 2. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 3. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 4. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 5. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 7. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 8. Jason Brinkman (Grand Island, NE)

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