Auto Trans Matic presents ICE BREAKER CHALLENGE DAY 2*

Auto Trans Matic presents ICE BREAKER CHALLENGE DAY 2*

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Adult 13+ GA Ticket: $15
Kids 6-12 GA Ticket: $5
Kids 5 and Under GA Ticket: FREE
Pit Pass: $25

Pit Gates Open: 3PM
Gates Open: 4:30PM
Hot Laps: 5PM
Racing Starts: 6PM


Ice Breaker Challenge -MOD MANIA Day Two! -Saturday, April 21st 2018

Auto Trans Matic presents Ice Breaker Challenge!
Friday, April 20th & Saturday, April 21st 2018
RAIN DATE: If either Friday or Saturday is Cancelled, that show will run on Sunday, April 22nd

Saturday, April 21st:
Featuring IMCA Runner Freight Modifieds, IMCA Purdue University Global SportMods, IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars & IMCA Stock Cars. IMCA National, Regional and State points awarded to all classes.


Grandstand Gate opens at 4:30PM, There is a Modified/SportMod Car show/autograph session in the courtyard area from 4:30-5:30PM. Hot Laps at 5PM, Racing at 6PM
Grandstand Admission: Adult (13+) $15, Youth (6-12) $5, Child (5 & under) FREE
(Please note: there is a $1 processing fee per ticket if using a credit/debit card at the ticket office)
ATM Machine is available if needed with a processing fee. Our concessions are CASH ONLY.
This is a Special Event. Regular Event Passes and Silver Passes are not valid for this event.
Drink Special: Miller Lite or Miller High Life $3.25
KIDS 12 and under: Join the Eagle Raceway Jr. Fan Club at the track on any race night FOR FREE! Receive a punch card for a free popcorn each night, join in on the Autograph Scavenger hunt to win prizes and more!

Pit Gates Open at 3PM – Pit Pass $25
Click the link to view the payout for all classes each day & Driver Registration Form for this Special Event:
Or, you can register online at this link:
twICE is nICE Challenge: If a Modified or SportMod Driver wins BOTH Friday and Saturday night’s features, they will win an EXTRA $1,000!

ATTENTION MINORS THAT WILL BE ENTERING THE PIT AREA- OUR INSURANCE COMPANY REQUIRES: ALL Minors that will be purchasing a PIT PASS must have a COMPLETED minor release and copy of birth certificate or State ID/Drivers License number on file with the track. Minor Releases must be signed by BOTH parents/guardians and BOTH signatures must be either NOTARIZED or WITNESSED BY AN AUTHORIZED TRACK OFFICIAL in order for it to be valid for the event. The only exception is if one parent is deceased or one parent has full custody (This Needs to be noted on the release or we will consider it not valid). Minor pit passes are the same price as adults.

IceBreaker Challenge (Saturday Portion) Pre-Registered Drivers as of 04-17-18:

IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car (48):
0:            Chase Weiler                     Lincoln, NE
1:            Doug Lovegrove               Waverly, NE
1R:          Matt Richards                    Lincoln, NE
3G:         Bill Garrow                          Lincoln, NE
4:            Jeff Pendergast                                Norfolk, NE
4U:         Dwight Carter                    Lincoln, NE
4W:        Nate Weiler                        LaVista, NE
4X:          Jason Danley                      Lincoln, NE
5:            TBA                                        Lincoln, NE
7:            Toby Chapman                  Panama, NE
8:            Jacob Hughes                    Hartford, SD
8G:         Jimmy Grasso                    Omaha, NE
12:          Tyler Drueke                      Eagle, NE
12N:       Neil Nickolite                     Bellwood, NE
12T:        Tige Jensen                        Lincoln, NE
14:          Joey Danley                        Lincoln, NE
14G:       Gene Ackland                    Martell, NE
14J:        Josh Riggins                        Lincoln, NE
17:          Dan Satriano                      Papillion, NE
17X:       Kade Hagans                      Lacrosse, KS
19:          Dustin Reeh                       Council Bluffs, IA
19J:        Zach Blurton                       Quinter, KS
19JR:      Paul Hendrickson             Lincoln, NE
20:          Tim Hilfiker                         Greenwood, NE
20P:       Shon Pointer                      Grand Island, NE
21:          Ryan Kitchen                      Lincoln, NE
22:          Kaleb Johnson                   Sioux Falls, SD
22D:       Danny Nekolite                 O’Neill, NE
23S:        Stuart Snyder                    Lincoln, NE
28:          Tom Belsky                         North Platte, NE
33S:        Jeremy Schultz                  Stewart, MN
35:          Trevor Grossenbacher   Hickman, NE
36:          Jason Martin                      Lincoln, NE
36K:       Rick Hansen                        Omaha, NE
40X:       Jason Tanner                     Lincoln, NE
47:          Cody Ledger                       Omaha, NE
51:          Mike Boston                      Lincoln, NE
54:          Trey Gropp                         Lincoln, NE
55:          Richard Weers                   Lincoln, NE
57B:       Boyd Peterson                  Ithaca, NE
62:          Tim Fricke                            Lincoln, NE
73:          Lee Bowes                          Lincoln, NE
77D:       Keith Dragoo                      Greenwood, NE
79:          Dakota Osborn                  Savannah, MO
83:          Austin McLean                  Loveland, CO
91:          Adam Gullion                     Lincoln, NE
93:          Ryan King                            Bennet, NE
100:        Clint Benson                       Papillion, NE

IMCA Runner Freight Modifieds (49):
00:          Tim Pickens                        Bellevue, NE
00?:        Jeff Schroyer                     Elkhorn, NE (Need a diff #)
01:          Jacob Hobscheidt             Plattsmouth, NE
1Z:          Norm Ziegenbein             Lincoln, NE
3A:         Aaron Pella                         Lincoln, NE
3B:          Eddie Belec                         Arvada, CO
3T:          Nate Thompson                               Fremont, NE
4:            Chevy Hadan                     Bennington, NE
4J:           Jordy Nelson                      Marysville, KS
4T:          Lisa Wagner                        Beatrice, NE
5:            Ken Eckhoff                        Hooper, NE
5S:          Bob Zoubek                        Dorchester, NE
6:            Ryan Jenkins                      Omaha, NE
7:            Bob Ruisinger                    Bennet, NE
7C:          Benjamin Chukuske        Welcome, MN
7N:         William Nusser                  Larned, KS
7N?:       Jay Noteboom                  Hinton, IA (Need a diff #)
7W:        James Kleinheksel           Columbus, NE
8C:          Chad Andersen                 Fort Calhoun, NE
11N:       Nathan Landauer             Davey, NE
13H:       Travis Hatcher                   Honey Creek, IA
13J:        Jared Deterding                                Lincoln, NE
15A:       Jason Britton                      Lincoln, NE
19XX:     Brandon Spanjer              Crete, NE
20:          Chad Ten Napel                                Sioux City, IA
21:          Josh Blumer                       Marysville, KS
21H:       Shane Hiatt                         Rising City, NE
22:          Pat Wheeler                       Omaha, NE
22?:        Anthony (AJ) Valim         Palmer Lake, CO
24T:        Terry Hurt                           Ft. Calhoun, NE
25!:        Trevor Baker                      Omaha, NE
27:          Clint Homan                       Bellevue, NE
28:          John Burrow Jr.                 Denver, CO
30:          Jordan Grabouski             Beatrice, NE
37:          Randy Foote                      Stanton, IA
42K:       Jan Korth                             Lincoln, NE
53GT:    Tyler Sutton                       Beloit, KS
60IV:      Anthony Roth                    Platte Center, NE
71M:      Eric McMillan                     Wilber, NE
74:          Alan Schmitt                       Omaha, NE
79:          Pete Shoup                        Lincoln, NE
81:          Mike Densberger             Lincoln, NE
86:          Justin Wulf                          Arlington, NE
93:          Jason Brinkman                                DeWitt, NE
95:          Ashley Schaaf                    Lincoln, NE
95?:        Dylan Smith                        Osceola, NE (Need Diff #)
96:          Jaxon Saathoff                  Beatrice, NE
96J:        Johnny Saathoff                               Beatrice, NE
V45:       Rik Gropp                            Lincoln, NE

IMCA Purdue University Global SportMods (65):
00X:       Jeff Brunssen                    Lemars, IA
0NA:      Ahnna Schouten              Blair, NE
09RX:     Randy Fox                           Lincoln, NE
1J:           Colby Langenberg            Norfolk, NE
2R:          Don Rinke                           Lincoln, NE
3J:           Jeremy Baker                    Nebraska City, NE
4D:         Jeremy Down                    Nebraska City, NE
5D:         Devyn Peterson                               Milford, NE
5J:           Jarid Jochum                      Lincoln, NE
5S:          Roger Sluka                        Lincoln, NE
5T:          Terry Callender                 Lincoln, NE
6A:         Adam Armstrong             Beatrice, NE
6H:         Jason Harms                       David City, NE
7V:         Adam Vrbka                       Eagle, NE
9T:          Logan Thomsen                                Lincoln, NE
10:          Bradley Scheidler             Weeping Water, NE
11H:       Nick Morris                         Bellevue, NE
13K:       Karl Brewer                        Vermillion, SD
14:          Braydon Latture               Omaha, NE
14T:        Trent Roth                          Platte Center, NE
16:          Austin Svoboda                                David City, NE
16J:        Justin Svoboda                  David City, NE
17:          Mary Lenz                           Lincoln, NE
18:          Dion Kovar                          Rising City, NE
18?:        Cole Wayman                    Lincoln, NE (Need diff #)
18C:       Brock Curtis                        Papillion, NE
18R:       Thomas Powell                 Hickman, NE
20:          Randy Archer                     Council Bluffs, IA
21:          Amber Cook                       Lincoln, NE
21G:       Derick Noonan                  Lincoln, NE
21T:        Tracy Harr                            Ashland, NE
22:          Matthew Andrews          Malcolm, NE
23B:       Brandon Ebert                   Syracuse, NE
24X:       Steven Muhlecke            Omaha, NE
25:          Gunnar Pike                       South Bend, NE
25X:       Joe Feyen                           Plattsmouth, NE
27:          Anthony Kobus                 David City, NE
33:          Jeremy Noonan                                Dorchester, NE
33J:        Josh Pfeifer                        St. Paul, NE
36:          Dana Deeke                       Waverly, NE
40:          Shawn Harker                    Nebraska City, NE
44D:       Derek Hall                           Lincoln, NE
47:          Darin Roepke                     LeMars, IA
49:          Rick Pendergast                                Norfolk, NE
51:          Mike Scheinost                 Ceresco, NE
55D:       Dillon Schultz                     Lincoln, NE
55M:      Tony Schultz                       North Platte, NE
57T:        Brad Perkons                     Waterloo, NE
62:          Robert Draper                   Valparaiso, NE
66:          Trevor Noonan                 Dorchester, NE
76:          Lance Borgman                 Beatrice, NE
79:          Brian Barber                       Platte Center, NE
87M:      Matthew Draper              Bennet, NE
88F:        Richard Flock                      Malcolm, NE
88J:        Jason Heaps                       Lincoln, NE
93:          Preston Gigax                    Omaha, NE
94:          Mike Hansen                     Weeping Water, NE
96:          Gary Saathoff                    Beatrice, NE
97:          David Johnson                   Columbus, NE
98:          Dan Jackson                       Lincoln, NE
98?:        John Riggleman                                Omaha, NE (Need Diff #)
99RE:     Arie Schouten                   Blair, NE
99W:      Hunter Weber                   Council Bluffs, IA
KOO:     Joe Schidler                        Omaha, NE
S56:        Scott Bivens                       Waverly, NE

IMCA Stock Cars (32):
01B:       Kevin Brunk                        Dunlap, IA
1:            Shawn Primrose               Norfolk, NE
5B:          Matt Boucher                    Murdock, NE
5ELI:       Marty Steinbach               Fremont, NE
6:            Tyler Phelps                       Beatrice, NE
10A:       Austin Brauner                  Platte Center, NE
11:          Chad Bruns                         Wakefield, NE
12:          Ron Pettitt                          Norfolk, NE
12T:        Tanner Pettitt                    Norfolk, NE
19:          Dustin Reeh                       Council Bluffs, IA
19H:       Justin Hanson                    Platte Center, NE
19?:        Kyle Vanover                     Beatrice, NE (Need Diff #)
21:          Eric Rempel                        Palmyra, NE
22S:        Shane Stutzman               Milford, NE
24:          Cole Wayman                    Lincoln, NE
25B:       Eric Bartels                          Plymouth, NE
26J:        Justin Addison                   Norfolk, NE
29:          John Meyer                        Odell, NE
32:          Justin Regnerus                                Orange City, IA
40:          Jake McCloud                    Carter Lake, IA
43:          Tyler Hiner                          Columbus, NE
46:          Paul Burck                           Beatrice, NE
51W:      BJ Wagoner                        Colby, KS
53E:        Tyler Easterday                 Lexington, NE
55JR:      Tim Drake                            Omaha, NE
67:          Damon Richards               David City, NE
75:          Kurt Hansen                       Walnut, IA
83Z:        Allen Zimmerman            Central City, NE
92:          Darrin Adamy                    David City, NE
93:          Doug Adamy                      Columbus, NE
94:          Dan Nelson                         Holmesville, NE
P42:       Dave Plowman                  Omaha, NE

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