Eagle Nationals see Hiatt, Olsen & Loyet win

Eagle Nationals see Hiatt, Olsen & Loyet win

By Greg Soukup

A beautiful night for racing saw a very large crowd turn out to see the Eagle Nationals at America’s Home Track Saturday night. The Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour came to the high banks to battle against the local 360 drivers and there was excitement from start to finish.

Tyler Drueke’s #12 went for a wild ride in turns 1 & 2 as the buzz laps for the first ASCS heat were being run. Stu Snyder went up and over with his 17B climbing the turn 3 wall in heat 3. They righted his mount and he pushed off to finish the heat. The final incident in the preliminary events saw Brandon Hanks’ racing night come to a conclusion as he totaled the 3H in heat #4 for the ASCS racers when he ran headlong into the turn 1 armco. All 3 drivers were unhurt.

Chad Anderson’s 8C, Mike Densberger in the 81, Doug Deterding’s 13 and the V45 of Rik Gropp were the first four to the flag stand at the end of lap 1 for the Kaplan University IMCA Modified A Feature. Justin Wulf jumped around Deterding and Gropp to take his #86 into third on lap 2 before giving the spot up to the 21H of Shane Hiatt the next time around. Densberger passed Anderson the following lap. Matt Boucher’s 5B stopped in turns 3 & 4 on lap 7 for a caution period. Hiatt took advantage of the restart to move up to second. Wulf again moved to third and Hiatt took over the lead the next circuit. Lap 10 saw the #60 make contact with Anderson, sending Anderson spinning into the implement tire that guards the backstretch pit entrance. That made the top 3 Hiatt, Densberger and Wulf. Dylan Smith cracked the top 4 on lap 12 in the #95. Smith advanced to third on lap 14. There was another caution on lap 15 for debris. Smith moved up to second on the restart and Wulf again moved to third with 2 laps left. Hiatt held Smith off to grab the victory.

Although he is leading the weekly point chase at Eagle, this was Hiatt’s first victory this season at the track. Hiatt stated “I want to thank Roger and the crew for giving us an awesome racing surface all year. We hurt a motor and Roth Racing and Jono’s Racing Engines made sure we got back here for tonight’s win. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Shawn, Kyle and Max for all of their help and the late nights. This was a special win because it came on Dad’s birthday; a really awesome night”. Hiatt’s sponsors include Jono’s Racing Engines, Billie’s Bar, DSR, J & K Motorsports, Gaver Tire, Moock Trucking, Razor Chassis, Roth Racing, Benes Service, Knuth Farms, KC Auto Supply, 3H Trucking and D-Sign Shop.

The Sam’s Club IMCA Sport Compacts were up next for their A Main. Melissa Etherton’s 14M, Ole Olsen in the 23 and Erica Cronin in the 30 led the first circuit. Justin Olsen moved the 14J up to fourth on lap 2. Etherton headed to the pits the next time around, putting Amanda Rhiley’s 51 into fourth. Ole Olsen took the lead on lap 4 and Justin Olsen moved up to second the next lap with Rhiley taking over third and Matt Moyer grabbing fourth in the #29. Moyer advanced to third with 8 to go and then up to second the next lap while Justin Olsen grabbed the lead. Justin held on for the victory.

This was Justin’s first racing victory in this, his second year competing. “I want to do this again, for sure!! The track was a little rough, but it was really cool racing with Moyer there for the win. I want to thank my favorite fan Tyson, my dad Brian Hartshorn and the Johnson family” Justin said. Olsen’s sponsors include Wiestar Towing, Belmont Husky and Z & T Lawn Care.

Jay Russell led lap 1 of the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour main event in the #76 with Brad Loyet’s 05, the 3 of Billy Alley and Johnny Herrera in the 45X rounding out the top 4. Loyet passed Russell for the lead the second time around. Herrera moved up to third on lap 3 with the 87 of Aaron Reutzell taking over fourth the next lap. Ryan Roberts’ 18 spun to the infield in turn 4 on lap 7 and retired for the evening, but the caution lights were lit. Herrera got past Russell on lap 9 with Reutzell also moving up a spot the next time around. Matt Covington’s 95 went extremely high in turns 1 & 2 on lap 11 for another caution. At that time the top 4 were Loyet, Herrera, Reutzell and Russell. Lap 21 saw the 15H of Sam Hafertepe Jr. move to fourth and pass Reutzell for third in the closing laps. Loyet and Herrera then put on a battle to long be remembered. When Loyet went high in the turns, Herrera took the low line. When Loyet hugged the bottom, Herrera went to the cushion. Although Herrera closed on Loyet several times, Loyet managed to fend him off to hold on for the win. At the checkers it was Loyet, Herrera, Hafertepe Jr. and Reutzell the top 4.

“My guys got the set-up right tonight, and the car was on a rail the whole night. This is a fun type of track and suits my style. I like it up against the wall and elbows up!!” Loyet said. Loyet’s sponsors include Vacuworks Global, Miller Truck Lines and Loyet Landscape.

Next weekend Comfort Suites East presents Dirt Break Out as the weekly racing continues.


IMCA Modified 5/31/2014

A Feature:1. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 2. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 3. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 4. Mike Densberger (Lincoln, NE), 5. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 6. Hank Berry (Sidney, MT), 7. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 8. Clint Homan (Bellevue, NE), 9. Anthony Roth (Columbus, NE), 10. Rik Gropp (Lincoln, NE), 11. Trevor Baker (beatrice, NE), 12. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 13. Todd Sanford (Lincoln, NE), 14. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 15. Matt Boucher (Murdock, NE), 16. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE), 17. Jim Mathieson (Sioux City, IA), 18. Jan Korth (Lincoln, NE), 19. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 20. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 21. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 22. Terry Berg (South Sioux City, NE), 23. Jeff Joldersma (McClelland, IA)

Heat 1:1. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 2. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 3. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 4. Jeff Joldersma (McClelland, IA), 5. Matt Boucher (Murdock, NE), 6. Trevor Baker (beatrice, NE), 7. Todd Sanford (Lincoln, NE), 8. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Rik Gropp (Lincoln, NE), 2. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 3. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 4. Anthony Roth (Columbus, NE), 5. Clint Homan (Bellevue, NE), 6. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 7. Jim Mathieson (Sioux City, IA), 8. Terry Berg (South Sioux City, NE)

Heat 3:1. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 2. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 3. Mike Densberger (Lincoln, NE), 4. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 5. Hank Berry (Sidney, MT), 6. Jan Korth (Lincoln, NE), 7. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE)

IMCA Sport Compact 5/31/2014

A Feature:1. Justin Olsen (Lincoln, NE), 2. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 3. Ole Olsen (Carter Lake, IA), 4. Amanda Rhiley (Bennington, NE), 5. Brandon Thornton (Nebraska City, NE), 6. Cole Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 7. Tim Horsham (Raymond, NE), 8. Kevin Staack (Lincoln, NE), 9. Erica Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 10. Spencer Pavey III (Sterling, NE), 11. Tyler Vukonich (Lincoln, NE), 12. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE), 13. Melissa Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 14. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 15. Thomas Powell (Hickman, NE), 16. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 17. Kyle Owen (Nebraska City, NE), 18. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 19. Anna Hiebert (Raymond, NE), 20. Mitchell Wachter (Syracuse, NE)

B Feature:1. Cole Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 2. Spencer Pavey III (Sterling, NE), 3. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 4. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 5. Tyler Vukonich (Lincoln, NE), 6. Evan Hrabik (Bellevue, NE), 7. Chris McAtee (Firth, NE), 8. Anthony Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 9. Chelsea Zysset (Omaha, NE), 10. Sarah Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 11. Jacob Miller (Omaha, NE), 12. James King (Bennet, NE)

Heat 1:1. Kevin Staack (Lincoln, NE), 2. Ole Olsen (Carter Lake, IA), 3. Brandon Thornton (Nebraska City, NE), 4. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 5. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 6. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 7. Spencer Pavey III (Sterling, NE), 8. Anthony Skinner (Lincoln, NE), 9. Jacob Miller (Omaha, NE)

Heat 2:1. Tim Horsham (Raymond, NE), 2. Justin Olsen (Lincoln, NE), 3. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE), 4. Anna Hiebert (Raymond, NE), 5. Kyle Owen (Nebraska City, NE), 6. Cole Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 7. Chelsea Zysset (Omaha, NE), 8. Tyler Vukonich (Lincoln, NE), 9. Larry Cronin (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 3:1. Amanda Rhiley (Bennington, NE), 2. Mitchell Wachter (Syracuse, NE), 3. Erica Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 4. Melissa Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 5. Thomas Powell (Hickman, NE), 6. James King (Bennet, NE), 7. Sarah Cronin (Lincoln, NE), 8. Chris McAtee (Firth, NE), 9. Evan Hrabik (Bellevue, NE)

ASCS 360 National Sprints 5/31/14

A-Feature 1. Brad Loyet #05 2. Johnny Herrera #45x 3. Sam Hafertepe #15h 4. Aaron Pelltzel #87 5. Blake Hahn #17 6. Billy Alley #3 7. Jack Dover #53 8. Jay Russell #76 9. Jordan Boston #1b 10. Jeff Swindell #94 11. Jason Johnson #41 12. Jake Martens #48 13. Tony Bruce Jr #18 14. Jason Martin #5x 15. Seth Bergman #23 16. Jonathan Cornell #24h 17. Matt Covington #95 18. Cody Ledger #35L 19. Luke Cranston #e85 20. Trevor Grossenbacher #35 21. John Klabunde #77 22. Ryan Kitchen #18r

B-Feature Non-Qualifiers 1. Jason Danley #82 2. James Mosher #12m 3. Shayle Bade #03 4. Josh Baughman #17x 5. Ryan Bickett #17h 6. Randy Hibbs #2a 7. Ryan Kitchen #21 8. Stu Snyder #17b 9. Gage Dorr #17g 10. Brandon Hahn #29 11. Tyler Drueke #12 12. Brandon Hanks #3h

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