Drueke, Moyer, Andersen, Rhiley and Smith win at Super Mania Night

Drueke, Moyer, Andersen, Rhiley and Smith win at Super Mania Night

By Greg Soukup

The Eagle Raceway track prep crew had their work cut out for them after a heavy rain Saturday morning, but the large crowd was able to see racing as only Eagle Raceway can give them.

Tadd Holliman had an easy roll-over in turn 1 of the first Budweiser 360 Sprint heat. The 1H also went for a roll on the front stretch of the Nebraska Drive Shaft & Radiator third heat. Neither driver was seriously injured.

The Budweiser 360 Sprint Car A Feature was the first of the evening. Jack Dover led lap 1 in the #53 followed by Stu Snyder’s 23S, the 12 of Tyler Drueke and the 27 of Mark Finnell. Jordan Boston moved the 91 past Finnell on lap 2 to take fourth, but ended up rolling it several times in turns 3 & 4 just 4 laps later to light the red lights in the corners. That moved the 35 of Trevor Grossenbacher to fourth. Drueke used the restart to jump up to the lead as Snyder took to the infield, moving the #77 of John Klabunde to the fourth position. Dover regained the spot 2 laps later but Drueke regained it on lap 13. The final slow-down of the race came on lap 21 when Terry Holliman’s 23 and the 44 of Doug Lovegrove got together and spun. Drueke held on for his 2nd win in a row, which also was his 2nd sprint win ever.

“I was glad to see the rain, so we’d have a fast tacky track again this week” Drueke said. He continued by saying “My crew guys are really hitting home runs every time out now. All I do is sit in the car and drive”. His last thought was “Last week was Father’s Day and this week is Dad’s birthday. I have to keep my car owner happy!”. Drueke’s sponsors include Jeffrey Jakubowski, JimBell, B & D Auto Sales, BI Mania, RTC, Truckercpa.com, Riggs Trucking, Wagner Trucking, Drueke Trucking and Eggert Auto Sales & Service.

The Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stocks were next. Casey Moyer’s 38C, the T2 of Troy Mabbitt, Don Hall Jr.’s 92 and the 18 of Tim LaPointe were the first 4 back to the flag stand. Chad Fegley moved the 13F into fourth on lap 2 as Hall Jr. grabbed second. Fegley passed Mabbitt the next time around and Roy Armstrong also passed Mabbitt to put the 6R into fourth. Lap 6 saw Fegley get around Hall Jr. for second. Armstrong passed Hall Jr. on lap 9. 2 more laps were in the books when Josh Kennell took over the fourth spot. Lap 14 saw Kennell pass Armstrong, but Armstrong retook the spot before the flag stand. Kennell again got past Armstrong the next time around. 1 more lap saw Armstrong get very loose, allowing Hall Jr. to move back to fourth. Tim Kozak’s 29 stopped in turn 3 on lap 17 for the only caution of the race. The final change in the top 4 came when Jesse VanLaningham vaulted the 72V all the way up to the runner-up spot. At the finish it was Moyer, VanLaningham, Fegley and Kennell.

“I’m not really good with words” Moyer related. “I just know it’s been 16 years of racing to get this win” he continued. He concluded the interview by saying “I have so many people to thank. Ron Moyer for buying this car for me to run, and Harold and Ron Moyer for all of their hard work and Todd Fraake. Most of all my wife Aliscia and my two boys Gavin and Isaaiah. Also to Roger for a great place to race every week. The track turned out perfect”. Moyer’s sponsors include TMF Performance, Terry from Parkside Café, Ryan and Sunny from Compass Concrete Pumping, Tailored Inspirations, El Portal and Jeff and Kayla’s Southside Bar.

The third A Main was for the NAPA IMCA Sport Modifieds. Shelly Andersen in the 5S led the fields on lap 1 with the 90 of Kevin Jochum, Anothony Kobus’s 13K and Buddy Ray Jones in the 25 in hot pursuit. Benji Legg put the 25B into fourth on lap 2, then got past Kobus 2 laps later. Legg was passed by the 22K of Kevin Anderson after 4 more circuits. The third and fourth spots changed hands with 2 to go when Geoff Olson’s 2G and Shawn Harker in the 40 grabbed those positions.

“This was my first win ever, EVER! It ‘s great to be able to win here, against a lot of tough competitors” Shelly said. “The car is finally working, and it goes wherever I want it to. I owe thanks to so many people; my Dad, Jim Sasse and my Mom too. Danny Vavrina, the Zoubeks, Carson and my son Dalton. And I want to thank off of the racing fans who come out here every week. Shelly’s sponsors include Neil Zank, Affordable and JD Windows.

That meant it was time for the Exhaust Pros IMCA Sport Compacts to take to the high banks for their Feature. Larry Cronin’s 63L reached the flag stand first followed by Erica Cronin’s 30, Kevin Zeitner’s 60 and the 20 of Sydney Yost. Ole Olsen moved the 23 to third on lap 2 and Yost held on to fourth. The next circuit saw Olsen go very high in turns 3 & 4, allowing Amada Rhiley’s 51 to move to third and Maynard Kinnersley moved the #18 to fourth. Maynard’s son Barry passed him on lap 5 to take the fourth spot in his 00. Erica Cronin grabbed the lead on lap 9 and Rhiley also passed Larry Cronin for second the next lap. Matt Moyer cracked the top 4 on lap12 as he put the 29 into fourth. Erica Cronin slowed dramatically the next time around as her engine stopped running. After the yellow flag was placed back in its holder the running order the top four were Rhiley, Larry Cronin, Matt Moyer and the 48 of Kevin Fearing. Fearing got loose on the restart which let Nick Lindblad put the 26 into fourth. At the checkers it was Rhiley, Larry Cronin, Moyer and Lindblad.

Rhiley said “I want to thank my crew chief, Sean Manning of Manning Motorsports. Thanks to Roger for giving us a place to race. Of course, thanks to Greg for putting my armband on every week”. “Duh”’s sponsors include Richards Machine, 2 Men and a Shop, 2 men Auto Sales and Aaron’s Auto Glass.

Last came the Nebraska Drive Shaft & Radiator A Feature. Rik Gropp used his front row starting spot to put the V45 out front on lap 1 with Doug Deterding’s 13, Chris Ableson’s 1X and Stacey Wilhelm’s 3W close behind. Dylan Smith put the 95 into fourth on lap 2 then passed Deterding for second 2 laps later. Ableson moved back to fourth on lap 5 but the 21H of Shane Hiatt and Aaron Pella’s 3A got together coming to the flag stand and the red flag flew. That made the top 4 Gropp, Smith, Wilhelm and Deterding. Bob Zoubek’s 5S took fourth from Deterding on lap 6, then moved up to third 2 laps later as Ableson again snagged fourth. Smith took the lead the next lap and Ableson moved to second with 7 to go. At the end it was Smith, Ableson, Gropp and Zoubek.

“The car feels really good right now. I could move up fast, and then when I got the lead I just had to make good decisions. I stayed on the smoothest part of the track and just held on” Smith stated. He concluded by saying “I guess that my luck is on an upswing. It was terrible this week, but it’s looking a lot better”. Smith’s sponsors include Active Life Chiropractic, Hypercoil, Bilstein, Circle Racing Wheels, Jet Racing, Eckley Racing Engines and Shocked by DSR.

Next weekend Kaplan University and Budweiser present Freedom Fest and Service Appreciation Night at Eagle. There will be a fireworks Super-Ganza after the racing. Police and military personell in uniform or with a valid ID will receive free front gate admission. The first 500 people through the front gate will receive a free pair of fireworks glasses. Kaplan University will have a booth in the courtyard and will be handing out free koozies, but supplies are limited. Sam’s Club will also be in the courtyard with information and memberships. Budweiser will have a Super Happy Hour from 6 until 7. Jolly Bean the clown will be on hand for face painting from 5:30 to 7:30. Active Life Chiropractic will also be in the courtyard. The Super drink of the night is the Artillery Bomb Shell.

Front gates open and hot laps begin at 5:30 with racing at 6:30. Adult front gate admission is $10, youths 6-12 are $5 and children 5 and under are free. Pit gates open at 4 P.M. with pit passes costing $20.


360 Sprint 6/23/2012

A Feature:1. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 2. Jack DOVER (Springfield, NE), 3. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 4. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE), 5. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 6. Jason DANLEY (Lincoln, NE), 7. Mark Finnell (Osage Beach, MO), 8. Adam GULLION (Lincoln, NE), 9. Stu Snyder (Waverly, NE), 10. Tadd Holliman (Beaver Lake, NE), 11. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 12. Terry Holliman (Hamburg, IA), 13. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 14. Jordan BOSTON (Lincoln, NE), 15. Glen Passmore (Afton, OK)

Heat 1:1. Stu Snyder (Waverly, NE), 2. Jordan BOSTON (Lincoln, NE), 3. Jack DOVER (Springfield, NE), 4. Mark Finnell (Osage Beach, MO), 5. Terry Holliman (Hamburg, IA), 6. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 7. Adam GULLION (Lincoln, NE), 8. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 2. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE), 3. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 4. Glen Passmore (Afton, OK), 5. Jason DANLEY (Lincoln, NE), 6. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 7. Tadd Holliman (Beaver Lake, NE)

IMCA Hobby Stock 6/23/2012

A Feature:1. Casey Moyer (Auburn, NE), 2. Jesse VANLANINGHAM (Beatrice, NE), 3. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 4. Josh Kennell (Bennet, NE), 5. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 6. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 7. John Cain (Homer, NE), 8. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 9. Derick Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 10. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 11. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 12. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 13. Bill Woehler (SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE), 14. Troy Mabbitt (Council Bluffs, IA), 15. Don Hall Jr (Lincoln, NE), 16. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 17. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 18. Lee Kracht (Scribner, NE), 19. Cody Boone (Syracuse, NE), 20. Brandon Baker (Omaha, NE)

B Feature:1. Jesse VANLANINGHAM (Beatrice, NE), 2. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 3. Derick Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bill Woehler (SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE), 5. Jeremy Conkel (Lincoln, NE), 6. Khrysta Stransky (Lincoln, NE), 7. Troy Dowty (Fremont, NE), 8. Chris LaChapelle (Omaha, NE), 9. Tyler Potts (Lincoln, NE), 10. Mike Christainsen (Nebraska City, NE), 11. Fred Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 12. Peter SHOUP (Lincoln, NE), 13. Justin Rezebek (Wilber, NE), 14. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 15. Joe Copeland (Omaha, NE), 16. Roger Timperley (Tekamah, NE), 17. Blake Haas (Eagle, NE), 18. Thom Marsh (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 1:1. Don Hall Jr (Lincoln, NE), 2. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 3. Josh Kennell (Bennet, NE), 4. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 5. Roger Timperley (Tekamah, NE), 6. Justin Rezebek (Wilber, NE), 7. Peter SHOUP (Lincoln, NE), 8. Derick Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 9. Blake Haas (Eagle, NE)

Heat 2:1. Casey Moyer (Auburn, NE), 2. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 3. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 4. Lee Kracht (Scribner, NE), 5. Chris LaChapelle (Omaha, NE), 6. Fred Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 7. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 8. Mike Christainsen (Nebraska City, NE), 9. Thom Marsh (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 3:1. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 2. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 3. Brandon Baker (Omaha, NE), 4. Cody Boone (Syracuse, NE), 5. Khrysta Stransky (Lincoln, NE), 6. Troy Dowty (Fremont, NE), 7. Joe Copeland (Omaha, NE), 8. Bill Woehler (SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE)

Heat 4:1. Troy Mabbitt (Council Bluffs, IA), 2. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 3. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 4. John Cain (Homer, NE), 5. Jeremy Conkel (Lincoln, NE), 6. Tyler Potts (Lincoln, NE), 7. Jesse VANLANINGHAM (Beatrice, NE), 8. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE)

IMCA Modified 6/23/2012

A Feature:1. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 2. Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA), 3. Rik Gropp (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 5. Chris Alcorn (Lincoln, NE), 6. Mike Densberger (Malcolm, NE), 7. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 8. Tim Ward (Gilbert, AZ), 9. Dustin Andersen (Omaha, NE), 10. Stacey Wilhelm (Martell, NE), 11. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 12. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 13. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 14. Scott Bivens (Ceresco, NE), 15. Andrew HILLE (Hickman, NE), 16. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 17. Kyle SCHWARTING (Lincoln, NE), 18. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 19. Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), 20. Aaron Pella (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 2. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 3. Dustin Andersen (Omaha, NE), 4. Aaron Pella (Lincoln, NE), 5. Kyle SCHWARTING (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dustin Gray (Omaha, NE), 7. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 8. Scott Anderson (Omaha, NE), 9. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 10. Matt Stevens (Waverly, NE), 11. Tracy Harr (Elkhorn, NE), 12. Jerry Trejo (Lincoln, NE), 13. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE)

Heat 1:1. Rik Gropp (Lincoln, NE), 2. Dylan Smith (Osceola, NE), 3. Chris Alcorn (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bob Zoubek (Dorchester, NE), 5. Scott Bivens (Ceresco, NE), 6. Dustin Gray (Omaha, NE), 7. Justin Wulf (Arlington, NE), 8. Tim Pickens (Omaha, NE), 9. Jared Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 10. Tracy Harr (Elkhorn, NE)

Heat 2:1. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 2. Chris Abelson (Sioux City, IA), 3. Stacey Wilhelm (Martell, NE), 4. Mike Densberger (Malcolm, NE), 5. Andrew HILLE (Hickman, NE), 6. Nathan Landauer (Lincoln, NE), 7. Jerry Trejo (Lincoln, NE), 8. Kyle SCHWARTING (Lincoln, NE), 9. Scott Anderson (Omaha, NE)

Heat 3:1. Tim Ward (Gilbert, AZ), 2. Josh Most (Red Oak, IA), 3. Shane Hiatt (Rising City, NE), 4. Doug Deterding (Lincoln, NE), 5. Chad Andersen (Omaha, NE), 6. Matt Stevens (Waverly, NE), 7. Dustin Andersen (Omaha, NE), 8. Aaron Pella (Lincoln, NE), 9. Lowell Holland (Omaha, NE)

IMCA Sport Compact 6/23/2012

A Feature:1. Amanda Rhiley (Bennington, NE), 2. Larry CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 3. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 4. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 5. Chad Bassinger (Nebraska City, NE), 6. Maynard Kinnersley (Gretna, NE), 7. Kevin Fearing (Lincoln, NE), 8. Brandon Bolin (Lincoln, NE), 9. Nathan Scribner (Crete, NE), 10. Michelle NICHOLSON (Ashland, NE), 11. Sydney Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 12. Erica CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 13. Josh Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 14. Nickalaus Jensen (Hickman, NE), 15. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 16. Shannon Wulf (Lincoln, NE), 17. Barry Kinnersley (LaVista, NE), 18. Elliott Halvorsen (Eagle, NE), 19. Ole Olsen (Carter Lake, IA), 20. Kevin Zeitner (Omaha, NE)

B Feature:1. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 2. Nathan Scribner (Crete, NE), 3. Brandon Bolin (Lincoln, NE), 4. Shannon Wulf (Lincoln, NE), 5. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 6. Pete Rogers (Omaha, NE), 7. Nicholas Krichau (Lincoln, NE), 8. James Dixon (Lincoln, NE), 9. Amanda Triplette (Lincoln, NE), 10. Brian Haller (Lincoln, NE), 11. Melissa CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 12. Keith Miller (Lincoln, NE), 13. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 14. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE)

Heat 1:1. Barry Kinnersley (LaVista, NE), 2. Amanda Rhiley (Bennington, NE), 3. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 4. Sydney Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Josh Johnson (Lincoln, NE), 6. Brian Haller (Lincoln, NE), 7. Pete Rogers (Omaha, NE), 8. Brandon Bolin (Lincoln, NE), 9. Rick Hollandsworth (Lincoln, NE), 10. Jeremy Baker (Nebraska City, NE)

Heat 2:1. Erica CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 2. Kevin Zeitner (Omaha, NE), 3. Maynard Kinnersley (Gretna, NE), 4. Chad Bassinger (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Nickalaus Jensen (Hickman, NE), 6. Shannon Wulf (Lincoln, NE), 7. Nathan Scribner (Crete, NE), 8. Keith Miller (Lincoln, NE), 9. James Dixon (Lincoln, NE), 10. Nicholas Krichau (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 3:1. Kevin Fearing (Lincoln, NE), 2. Michelle NICHOLSON (Ashland, NE), 3. Larry CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 4. Ole Olsen (Carter Lake, IA), 5. Elliott Halvorsen (Eagle, NE), 6. Matt Moyer (Gretna, NE), 7. Melissa Etherton (Lincoln, NE), 8. Melissa CRONIN (Lincoln, NE), 9. Amanda Triplette (Lincoln, NE)

IMCA Sport Modified 6/23/2012

A Feature:1. Shelly Andersen (Lincoln, NE), 2. Kevin Jochum (Roca, NE), 3. Geoff Olson (Sioux City , NE), 4. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Benji Legg (Beatrice, NE), 6. Kevin Anderson (Lincoln, NE), 7. Todd Boulware (Jefferson, SD), 8. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 9. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 10. Nathan Kobus (Lincoln, NE), 11. Dustin Thayer (Bellevue, NE), 12. Kyle Flodman (Hickman, NE), 13. Buddy Ray Jones (Council Bluffs, IA), 14. Laini Schwartz (Omaha, NE), 15. Steve SWARTHOUT (Beatrice, NE), 16. Mike Morton, Jr (Waterloo, NE), 17. Anthony Kobus (David City, NE), 18. Max Harder (Blue Springs, ne), 19. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 20. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Mike Morton, Jr (Waterloo, NE), 2. Todd Boulware (Jefferson, SD), 3. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 4. Steve SWARTHOUT (Beatrice, NE), 5. Dustin Thayer (Bellevue, NE), 6. Joe FEYEN (Beaver Lake, NE), 7. Denny Berghahn Jr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 8. Gunner Pike (South Bend, NE), 9. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 10. Jack Prall III (Union, NE), 11. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 12. Steven Saunders (Bellevue, NE), 13. Jeremy Peckham (Lincoln, NE), 14. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 15. Larry Robinson Jr. (Omaha, IA), 16. Matt Boucher (Murdock, ne), 17. Jared Cote (Lincoln, NE)

C Feature:1. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 2. Jared Cote (Lincoln, NE), 3. Ken Eckhoff (Hooper, NE), 4. Lindsey Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 5. Nate Thompson (Fremont, NE), 6. Larry Robinson Sr (Omaha, NE), 7. Mary Lenz (Elmwood, NE), 8. Jason Trent (Omaha, NE), 9. Dave Coberly (Council Bluffs, IA), 10. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 11. Jason Tadlock (Omaha, NE), 12. Jesse Osmon (Alvo, NE), 13. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 14. Jeremy Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 15. Craig Zabokrtsky (Endicott, NE)

Heat 1:1. Max Harder (Blue Springs, ne), 2. Kevin Jochum (Roca, NE), 3. Kyle Flodman (Hickman, NE), 4. Mike Morton, Jr (Waterloo, NE), 5. Dustin Thayer (Bellevue, NE), 6. Steven Saunders (Bellevue, NE), 7. Mary Lenz (Elmwood, NE), 8. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 9. Larry Robinson Sr (Omaha, NE)

Heat 2:1. Buddy Ray Jones (Council Bluffs, IA), 2. Nathan Kobus (Lincoln, NE), 3. Geoff Olson (Sioux City , NE), 4. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 5. Jack Prall III (Union, NE), 6. Denny Berghahn Jr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 7. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 8. Jeremy Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 9. Dave Coberly (Council Bluffs, IA)

Heat 3:1. Kevin Anderson (Lincoln, NE), 2. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 3. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 4. Matt Boucher (Murdock, ne), 5. Larry Robinson Jr. (Omaha, IA), 6. Gunner Pike (South Bend, NE), 7. Ken Eckhoff (Hooper, NE), 8. Jared Cote (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 4:1. Anthony Kobus (David City, NE), 2. Shelly Andersen (Lincoln, NE), 3. Laini Schwartz (Omaha, NE), 4. Steve SWARTHOUT (Beatrice, NE), 5. Todd Boulware (Jefferson, SD), 6. Jeremy Peckham (Lincoln, NE), 7. Lindsey Yost (Nebraska City, NE), 8. Craig Zabokrtsky (Endicott, NE), 9. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE)

Heat 5:1. Benji Legg (Beatrice, NE), 2. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 3. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 5. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 6. Joe FEYEN (Beaver Lake, NE), 7. Jesse Osmon (Alvo, NE), 8. Nate Thompson (Fremont, NE), 9. Jason Trent (Omaha, NE), 10. Jason Tadlock (Omaha, NE)

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