Danley, Ware, Homan, Sluka & Bruce win at Bab Fast Fever!

Danley, Ware, Homan, Sluka & Bruce win at Bab Fast Fever!

By Greg Soukup

Another great night of racing at Eagle Raceway Saturday night as Demon Decals and Budweiser presented Bad Fast Fever. A great crowd, plenty of cars in the pits and a beautiful summer night meant that it was going to be a fantastic show that finished in just over 3 hours.

There were no serious incidents in the preliminary events.

Roger Sluka brought the 5S back to the flag stand first in the Coors Light IMCA Sportmod A with Rich Flock’s 88F, the 31R of James Hines and Bobby Draper in the 62 rounding out the top 4 on lap 1. Lap 3 saw Braydon Latture put the 14 into second with Mike Scheinost taking third in the 51 and Draper holding onto fourth. Derek Hall passed Draper on lap 9 to put the 44D into fourth. Scheinost got past Latture for second 2 laps later but Latture got the spot back after another 2 circuits with Shawn Harker jumping the 40 up to third. Harker got past Latture after 2 more rounds as Arie Schouten moved his 99RE into fourth. Harker dropped out with just 3 to go making the final top 4 Sluka, Schouten, Latture and the 11B of Brian Baker.

Lap 1 of the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock main event saw 13T of Tyler Jackson in the lead, Neill Pella’s 3N second, Brett Saathoff’s 11B and the 22 of Nick Beckman fourth. Saathoff advanced to second on lap 5 as Jeff Ware put the 53 into fourth. Pella dropped back the next time around moving Beckman back to fourth. Ware moved up to second on lap 8. Brint Lemke’s 26L made hard contact with the tire guarding the back pit entrance with8 to go and had to be towed to the pits, slowing the action. It took Ware just 1 circuit after the restart to move to the lead as Mike Hansen put the #94 into the fourth position. Saathoff spun in turns 1 & 2 the next time around but kept going. That allowed Beckman to get up to third with the 46 of Ryan Gilland grabbing fourth. Beckman advanced to second with 2 to go making the final top 4 Ware, Beckman, Jackson and Gilland.

The Nebraska Lottery IMCA Modified feature’s first circuit saw Nate Thompson’s 3T, the 3A of Aaron Pella, Bob Zoubek’s 5S and the 27 of Clint Homan out front. Homan jumped up to second the next lap and Jaxon Saathoff took over fourth in the 96 with Thompson falling to third. Bob Ruisinger looped the 7 in turn 3 the next time around for a caution. Homan passed Pella for the lead the next time around. Saathoff moved up to third after another lap was in the books. Justin Wulf hit the implement tire guarding the inside of turn 1 the next circuit and spun out to bring out another yellow flag. Jordan Grabouski used the restart to put the 30 into fourth and moved to third the next time around as Saathoff slowed. At that time the top 4 were Homan, Pella, Grabouski and the 24T of Terry Hurt. Grabouski moved up to second 2 laps later. With 8 to go Chad Andersen vaulted up to third in the 8C. Anthony Roth cracked the top 4 with 5 to go in his 60IV. The final top 4 were Homan, Grabouski, Andersen and Roth.

Dan Markham’s 6 was out front of the ATV Motorsports IMCA Sport Compact man event followed closely by the 52D of Devin Bruce, Ray Harrington in the 70 and Drake Bohlmeyer’s 24. Bruce passed Markham on lap 3. Lap 6 saw Bohlmeyer move up to second with Dillon Richards putting the #19 into third. The final change in the top 4 came with 5 circuits remaining when Brian Cronin’s 35 advanced to fourth. The top 4 were Bruce, Bohlmeyer, Richards and Cronin.

Last out on the high banks were the final laps for the Duros Dent Works Racesaver IMCA Sprint Cars. Brandon Horton led the first circuit in the 1B with Doug Lovegrove’s 55, the 20 of Tim Hilfiker and Mike Boston’s 51 hot on his push bar. Gene Ackland’s 14G and the 30 of Jordan Grabouski looped it in turn 4 on lap 3, slowing the action. Boston moved up to third on lap 5. Another 3 laps were official when Horton fell to second the Joey Danley putting the 14 into third as Boston held onto fourth. Danley advanced to second on lap 12 with Trevor Grossenbacher putting his 95 into fourth the next time around. 1 more lap saw Lovegrove drop to the infield putting Boston in second , Grossenbacher third and Jason Danley’ 4X in fourth. Hilfiker and the 91 of Adam Gullion spun to a stop in turns 1 & 2 with 9 to go for another caution. Grossenbacher took advantage of the restart to advance to second. The next lap saw Josh Riggins put the 14J into fourth but lost the spot to Tyler Drueke’s 12 after another lap. Riggins went for a wild ride the following lap, flipping all the way into the pits through the entrance road and the red lights came on in the corners. He walked away from the incident. Stu Snyder took over the fourth spot with 2 to go in the #5 making the final top 4 Joey Danley, Grossenbacher, Boston and Snyder.

Next Saturday’s event is Stars & Stripes Shootout presented by Pepsi, Great Clips and Coors Light. Come out for a full night of great racing. At intermission there will be a fund raiser for the non-qualifiers at the IMCA Sprint Car Racesaver Nationals where you will have a chance to hurl water balloons at the track officials.

Front gates open at 5:00 with hot laps at 5:30 and racing at 6:30. Front gate adult admission is $12, youths 6-12 are just $5 and children 5 and under are free.

Pit gates open at 3:30 with pit passes costing $30.


IMCA Hobby Stock A-Feature

1. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 2. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. Michael Hansen Weeping Water, Ne. 6. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 7. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 8. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 9. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 10. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 11. Neil Pella Adams, Ne. 12. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 13. Kenny Roberts Lincoln, Ne. 14. Brooke Fluckiger Columbus, Ne. 15. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 16. Joe Copeland Jr. La Vista, Ne. 17. Brett Saathoff Lincoln, Ne. 18. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 19. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 20. Kyle Schamp(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock B-Feature

1. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 2. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 3. Joe Copeland Jr. La Vista, Ne. 4. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 5. Kenny Roberts Lincoln, Ne. 6. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 7. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 8. Matt Beckner Lincoln, Ne. 9. Chantel Bade Lincoln, Ne. 10. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne. 11. Jared Jackson Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Jeff Oehm(r) Eagle, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 1

1. David Carter Fremont, Ne. 2. Nick Beckman Lincoln, Ne. 3. Tyler Jackson Lincoln, Ne. 4. Brint Lemke Lincoln, Ne. 5. Cole Krichau Lincoln, Ne. 6. Khrysta Stransky Lincoln, Ne. 7. Roy Armstrong Beatrice, Ne. 8. Jeff Oehm(r) Eagle, Ne. 9. Chantel Bade Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 2

1. Tim Lapointe Lincoln, Ne. 2. Michael Hansen Weeping Water, Ne. 3. Jeff Ware Columbus, Ne. 4. Brooke Fluckiger Columbus, Ne. 5. Michael Wade Dorchester, Ne. 6. Ben Becher Lincoln, Ne. 7. Brad Schreiner Weeping Water, Ne. 8. Kenny Roberts Lincoln, Ne. 9. Matt Beckner Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat 3

1. Neil Pella Adams, Ne. 2. Brett Saathoff Lincoln, Ne. 3. Kyle Schamp(r) Lincoln, Ne. 4. Ryan Gilland Sterling, Ne. 5. Jeff Watts Beatrice, Ne. 6. Joe Copeland Jr. La Vista, Ne. 7. Albert Kiihne Lincoln, Ne. 8. Scott Santee Omaha, Ne. 9. Jared Jackson Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Modified A-Feature

1. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 2. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne. 3. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 4. Anthony Roth Columbus, Ne. 5. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 6. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 7. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne. 8. Josh Blumer Marysville, Ne. 9. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 10. Terry Hurt Ft. Calhoun, Ne. 11. Randy Brown Chichilla, Ca. 12. Justin Wulf Arlington, Ne. 13. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 14. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 15. Ryan Sample(r) Lincoln, Ne. 16. Andrew Bowman Lincoln, Ne. 17. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 18. Brandon Verbeek Hickman, Ne. 19. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 20. Jeff Schroyer(r) Elkhorn, Ne.

IMCA Modified B-Feature

1. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 2. Jeff Schroyer(r) Elkhorn, Ne. 3. Andrew Bowman Lincoln, Ne. 4. Ryan Sample(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Brandon Verbeek Hickman, Ne. 6. Nick Snyder(r) Beatrice, Ne. 7. Scott Bivens Ceresco, Ne. DNS. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. DNS. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 1

1. Aaron Pella Lincoln, Ne. 2. Justin Wulf Arlington, Ne. 3. Anthony Roth Columbus, Ne. 4. Chad Andersen Ft Calhoun, Ne. 5. Josh Blumer Marysville, Ne. 6. Brandon Verbeek Hickman, Ne. 7. Jared Deterding Lincoln, Ne. 8. Nick Snyder(r) Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 2

1. Terry Hurt Ft. Calhoun, Ne. 2. Shane Hiatt Rising City, Ne. 3. Jaxon Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Bob Zoubek Dorchester, Ne. 5. Randy Brown Chichilla, Ca. 6. Norm Ziegenbein Lincoln, Ne. 7. Ryan Sample(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Scott Bivens Ceresco, Ne.

IMCA Modified Heat 3

1. Nate Thompson Fremont, Ne. 2. Clint Homan Bellevue, Ne. 3. Brandon Spanjer Crete, Ne. 4. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne. 5. Bob Ruisinger Bennet, Ne. 6. Andrew Bowman Lincoln, Ne. 7. Jeff Schroyer(r) Elkhorn, Ne. 8. Johnny Saathoff Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact A-Feature

1. Devin Bruce Bennet, Ne. 2. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 3. Dillon Richards Beatrice, Ne. 4. Brian Cronin Lincoln, Ne. 5. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 6. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 7. Jacob Schwab Cordova, Ne. 8. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 9. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 10. Thomas Powell Adams, Ne. 11. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne. 12. Steve Phillips(r) Lincoln, Ne. 13. Kasha Hall Lincoln, Ne. 14. Leah Penney(r) Hickman, Ne. DNS. Jeremy Bohlen Percival, Ia.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 1

1. Rj Maas Wilber, Ne. 2. Thomas Powell Adams, Ne. 3. Brian Cronin Lincoln, Ne. 4. Dan Markham Plattsmouth, Ne. 5. Jacob Schwab Cordova, Ne. 6. Steve Phillips(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. Kasha Hall Lincoln, Ne. 8. Leah Penney(r) Hickman, Ne.

IMCA Sport Compact Heat 2

1. Drake Bohlmeyer Beatrice, Ne. 2. Tim Horsham Raymond, Ne. 3. Devin Bruce Bennet, Ne. 4. Ray Harrington Lincoln, Ne. 5. Dillon Richards Beatrice, Ne. 6. Tyler Masek Raymond, Ne. 7. Jeremy Bohlen Percival, Ia.

IMCA SportMod A-Feature

1. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne. 2. Arie Schouten Omaha, Ne. 3. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 4. Brian Baker  5. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 6. Derek Hall Lincoln, Ne. 7. Mike Scheinost Ceresco, Ne. 8. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 9. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 10. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 11. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 12. Mary Lenz Lincoln, Ne. 13. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 14. Kaylin Lopez  15. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 16. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 17. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 18. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 19. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 20. Trevor Baker Crete, Ne.

IMCA SportMod B-Feature

1. Kaylin Lopez  2. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 3. Brian Baker  4. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 5. Steffen Oaks(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Dane Martindale(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. John Allensworth Sr.(r) Omaha, Ne. 8. Noah Williams(r) Ashland, Ne. 9. Ahnna Schouten Omaha, Ne. 10. Shawn Hein(r) Beatrice, Ne. 11. Michael Towle(r) Douglas, Ne. 12. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne.

IMCA SportMod C-Feature

1. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne. 2. Ahnna Schouten Omaha, Ne. 3. Shawn Hein(r) Beatrice, Ne. 4. Michael Towle(r) Douglas, Ne. 5. McLain Reed(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Daniel Morris Bellevue, Ne. 7. Shawn Pospisil(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 9. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 1

1. Derek Hall Lincoln, Ne. 2. Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne. 3. Rich Flock Malcolm, Ne. 4. Amber Cook Lincoln, Ne. 5. Joe Feyen Plattsmouth, Ne. 6. Kaylin Lopez  7. Ahnna Schouten Omaha, Ne. 8. Michael Towle(r) Douglas, Ne. DNS. Shawn Hein(r) Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 2

1. Bobby Draper Valparaiso, Ne. 2. Jeremy Baker Nebraska City, Ne. 3. Gary Saathoff Beatrice, Ne. 4. Arie Schouten Omaha, Ne. 5. Dane Martindale(r) Lincoln, Ne. 6. Nick Morris Bellevue, Ne. 7. Shawn Davis Burr, Ne. 8. Hunter Weber Council Bluffs, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 3

1. Adam Vrbka Eagle, Ne. 2. Braydon Latture Omaha, Ne. 3. James Hines Bellevue, Ne. 4. Mary Lenz Lincoln, Ne. 5. John Allensworth Sr.(r) Omaha, Ne. 6. Steffen Oaks(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. Daniel Morris Bellevue, Ne. 8. Shawn Pospisil(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA SportMod Heat 4

1. Roger Sluka Lincoln, Ne. 2. Mike Scheinost Ceresco, Ne. 3. Trevor Baker Crete, Ne. 4. Dion Kovar Rising City, Ne. 5. Noah Williams(r) Ashland, Ne. 6. Brian Baker  7. McLain Reed(r) Lincoln, Ne. 8. Cole Wayman Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sprint A-Feature

1. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 2. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 3. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 4. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 5. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 6. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 7. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 8. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 9. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 10. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 11. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 12. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 13. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 14. Troy Sanford(r) Lincoln, Ne. 15. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 16. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 17. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 18. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 19. Tim Fricke Lincoln, Ne. 20. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne.

IMCA Sprint B-Feature

1. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 2. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 3. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne. 4. Troy Sanford(r) Lincoln, Ne. 5. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 6. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 7. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 8. Alex Davenport(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Brian Hurst Blair, Ne. 10. Rich Cerveny(r) Omaha, Ne. 11. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. DNS. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 1

1. Brandon Horton Waterloo, Ne. 2. Nathan Weiler Lavista, Ne. 3. Jason Danley Lincoln, Ne. 4. Joey Danley Lincoln, Ne. 5. Clint Benson Papillion, Ne. 6. Trevor Grossenbacher Panama, Ne. 7. Rich Cerveny(r) Omaha, Ne. 8. Andrew Jackson Fremont, Ne. 9. Troy Sanford(r) Lincoln, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 2

1. Gene Ackland Martell, Ne. 2. Mike Boston Lincoln, Ne. 3. Stuart Snyder Lincoln, Ne. 4. Doug Lovegrove Waverly, Ne. 5. Tim Fricke Lincoln, Ne. 6. Jordan Grabouski(r) Beatrice, Ne. 7. Boyd Peterson Ithaca, Ne. 8. Toby Chapman Panama, Ne. 9. Brian Hurst Blair, Ne.

IMCA Sprint Heat 3

1. Tyler Drueke Eagle, Ne. 2. Ryan King Bennet, Ne. 3. Tim Hilfiker Greenwood, Ne. 4. Adam Gullion Lincoln, Ne. 5. Neil Nickolite Bellwood, Ne. 6. Josh Riggins(r) Lincoln, Ne. 7. Chase Weiler Lincoln, Ne. 8. Alex Davenport(r) Lincoln, Ne. 9. Shon Pointer Grand Island, Ne.

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