Drivers - Hobby Stock

#22x Cody Boone

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Cody Boone
Age: 23
Hometown: Unadilla NE
Car#: 22X
Years In Racing: One
Car Owner: Cody Boone
Crew Members: Gary Boone, Trevor Snyder, Jimmy Linthicum
Sponsors: Speedway Motors

Familly and Friends
Family: Daughters Alexis Boone, and Madison Booone Step daughter Hopelynn Snyder Amber Fields
Mom Dad
Stasha and family
Angie and family
Job Info: Cargill meats  Dock worker driving fork lift
Racing Accomplishments: Getting some track time

Chris LaChapelle #31

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Chris LaChapelle
Age: 30
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Car#: 31
Years In Racing: 5
Car Owner: Chris LaChapelle
Crew Members: Jason Tadlock
Dave Tadlock
Mark McKinney
Cliff McKinney
Sponsors: none
Family: John LaChapelle (dad)
Barb LaChapelle (mom)
David LaChapelle (brother)
Job Info: Assistant Kitchen Manager for Grandmother’s Restaurant in Omaha, NE
Racing Accomplishments: 2007 Nebraska Cup, Sport Compact Division

Troy Dowty #17t

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Troy Dowty
Age: 37
Hometown: Fremont
Car#: 17t
Years In Racing: 15
Car Owner: Troy Dowty
Crew Members: Tanner Nate Trenton Tyler Evelyn
Sponsors: Stevens constrution, Dowty’S Home Repair ,Vuk Law, House of Muffler, Fremont Foot Clinc
Family: Amanda wife, Kids Brandon, Tanner, Trenton, Brittany
Job Info: Owner and Manager of Dowty’s Home Repair
Racing Accomplishments: to win points
Website: y
Comments: Race to Win

William Medley #k70

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: william medley
Age: 41
Hometown: Abilene , KS
Car#: K70
Years In Racing: 1
Car Owner: Carl and Marcy medley
Crew Members: Craig medley
Sky medley
Trent Medley
Robert freeman
Tim Cigelman
Bob Cigelman
Adam Medley
Sponsors: none
Family: Carl Medley SR (dad)
Marcy Medley (mom)
Kenneth (son)
Whitney (daughter)
John II (son)
Racing Accomplishments: none
Website: K70

Jared Flodman #4J

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Jared Flodman
Age: 17
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 4J
Years In Racing: I’m a rookie!
Car Owner: Tom Flodman (Dad)
Crew Members: Cindy (Mom)
Lindsey (Sister)
Sponsors: Wollen Racing Engines
Grass Choppers Lawn Care Service

Family: Mom (Cindy)
Dad (Tom)
Sister (Lindsey)
Job Info: Operating a Lawn Care Service
Going to Graduate High School, and go to College
Racing Accomplishments: Working on that right now
Comments: I would like to thank my dad, mom, sister for their support. Also, for all the help that I’ve received from my Uncle Randy, […]

Ben Becher #B4

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Ben Becher
Age: 29
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: B4
Years In Racing: 4th year
Car Owner: Clark Becher
Crew Members: Clark Becher
Clay Becher
Phil Coffin
Adam Schmidt
Sponsors: The Auto Connection
Kohmetscher Roofing
WC’s South
Lasting Memories Photography Egan Heavy Equipment
Lincoln Lawn Guys

Family: Gavin (son)
Job Info: Bryan LGH
Racing Accomplishments: I got my first win 5/29/10 in front of a near capacity 10,000 fan crowd.

2010 Eagle Raceway Hobby Stock Hard Charger Award winner.

Luke Nicholson #55N

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Luke Nicholson
Age: 23
Hometown: Ashland,NE
Car#: 55N
Years In Racing: 1
Car Owner: Luke & Michelle Nicholson
Crew Members: MIchelle-wife
Bill Nicholson-dad
Unlce Mike-#94 hobby stock
Kevin Hansen
Bolin Racing
Busboom Racing

Sponsors: Rotella’s Italian Bakery- LaVista
Bargin Mart Tools&More-Gretna
Hobby Shop Paint&Body-Gretna
Family: Michelle-wife
Hoosier- my yellow lab
Job Info: Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co.
Parts Department
Shipping & Receiving
Racing Accomplishments: None Yet. Didnt do to bad for rookie season with no prior racing expierence

Adam Vrbka #7V

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Adam Vrbka
Age: 18
Hometown: Eagle, NE
Car#: 7v
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: Adam Vrbka
Crew Members: Dan Vrbka, Brian Haller, Anna Hiebert
Sponsors: Eagle Automotive, Fritzen Farms, LT Designs, AutoTrim, Randy Todd
Family: Dan, Susan, Chris, Jake, Stacy
Job Info: student, Waverly High School
Racing Accomplishments: 6 A Feature wins in 2009 and 2010. 7th in Points at Eagle Raceway in 2009 and 4th in 2010. Hard Charger of the Year and Best Appearing Car Awards in 2010 in the Sport […]

Timothy LaPointe #18


Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Timothy LaPointe
Age: 35
Hometown: Lincoln Nebraska
Car#: 18
Years In Racing: 2
Car Owner: Timothy LaPointe
Crew Members: Roger Dillon
Sponsors: Custom FX Design, Health Source, Speedy Steve, Auto Connection, Bulldog garage door, Old Man Construction, Spider Racecars, Deuce Deuce Beckman, Speedway Motors gives amazing parts.
Family: Wife: Shelly
Daughters: Harley, Savanna, Brieanna
Job Info: Work at Lester Electrical
Racing Accomplishments: 2010 Rookie of the Year, 13th in points at Eagle

71k Josh Kennell

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Josh Kennell
Age: 29
Hometown: Bennet, NE
Car#: 71k
Years In Racing: 4th year
Car Owner: Josh Kennell
Crew Members: Josh Kennell
Sponsors: Kennell Racing Fuels
Big Red Tire
Midwest Lubricants Inc.
Family: Darlene Chin – Mother
Jeremy Kennell – Brother
Tonya Hillman – Sister
Annysia Kennell – Daughter
Zachyus Kennell – Son
Jaydn Kennell – Son
Job Info: Big Red Tire
Racing Accomplishments: 2008 Eagle Raceway IMCA Hobby Stock Rookie of the year.
1st win came on Aug. 31st, 2008 in my rookie season at Eagle Raceway.
2009 finished 2nd in State […]