Jacob Miller #77jr

Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Jacob Miller
Age: 14
Hometown: omaha
Car#: 77JR
Years In Racing: 1
Car Owner: Jason Miller
Crew Members: Seth Blimling
Harley Finazzo
Joey Finazzo
Sponsors: exhaust pros
miller construction and demo
Midwest powewrsports pro
Family: jayden miller
Jason miller
erin miller
Brooklyn miller
Job Info: miller construction and demo
Racing Accomplishments: none yet

#6 Jeremie Densberger

Division: Sprint
Name: Jeremie Densberger
Age: 23
Hometown: Wahoo
Car#: 6
Years In Racing: 8
Car Owner: Jeremie Densberger
Crew Members: Ralph Densberger (dad)
Steven Hoyle
Sponsors: DJ DuVall
Sick Tin Garage
Auto Craft Apholstery
Douglas Tire
U-Save Pharmacy
Family: Ralph & Cathy Densberger (parents)
Alexis (wife)
Brooke (daughter)
Roxy & Melissa (sisters)
Job Info: Custom Fitter/Welder for Valmont
Racing Accomplishments: 2003 & 2006 Wavelink Track Champion
Comments: Dale Hoyle got me started racing go-karts at Nebraska City Raceway in 2002
where I finished 2nd in points. In 2003 we started racing at Wavelink Raceway Park
where i won two track […]

#7H Anna Hiebert

Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Anna Hiebert
Age: 18
Hometown: Raymond, NE
Car#: 7H
Years In Racing: First year
Car Owner: Anna Hiebert
Crew Members: Adam Vrbka, Mom, Dad, Rich Tate
Sponsors: Family and friends. Tonis Corner
Family: Jamie, Daune, Jacob
Job Info: Baby sitting
Racing Accomplishments: I want to drive a sport mod in 7 years.

#13 James King

Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: James King
Age: 28
Hometown: Bennet
Car#: 13
Years In Racing: 2
Car Owner: James King
Crew Members: Lew
Sponsors: European Auto Tech
King Ranch
Moose Mountain
Family: Meghan Moreno and daughter
Job Info: Stay at home dad
Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the year @ Eagle 2013!
Turning into a fireball first week out in new car.
Comments: Lets Go Racing

#115 Jamie Bruce

Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Jamie Bruce
Age: 41
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 115
Years In Racing: 5
Car Owner: Jamie Bruce
Crew Members: none
Sponsors: Bruce Home Improvements
Family: Treven Bruce
Savannah Ross
Kirsten Bruce
Brenden Bruce
Job Info: self employeed, owner Bruce Home Improvements
Racing Accomplishments: many heat race wins, 4th in feature best finish

#15V Mark Vanderheiden

Division: Sprint
Name: Mark Vanderheiden
Age: 35
Hometown: Papillion
Car#: 15v
Years In Racing: 1/2
Car Owner: Vandy Inc.
Crew Members: Crew Chief

Sponsors: Vandy Tile
GIKK Orthopedic Specialist
Community Rehab Physical Therapy
Shanes Lawn Care
JD’s Liquor Locker
Family: Wife-Gina
Job Info: Nebraska Army National Guard
Racing Accomplishments: I finished almost all my races last year!
Comments: This will be my first full year of driving! We made it out to 8 races last
year and tipped it over only 1 time! This dream would not be possible without the
support of my family, especially […]

#94 Mike Hansen

Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Mike Hansen
Age: 45
Hometown: Weeping Water Ne.
Car#: 94
Years In Racing: 13
Car Owner: Mike Hansen
Crew Members: Kevin “Pit Bull” Hansen
Sponsors: Keckler oil of Weeping water Ne. Creative edge signs and graphics
Family: wife Crystal. son Jacob
Job Info: Kerford Limestone. truck hauler
Racing Accomplishments: a few A feature wins . a bunch of B feature and heat race
wins. learned a lot over the years and had a ton of fun.
Comments: Race hard, have fun and enjoy the people in the […]

#32 Spencer Pavey III

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Spencer Pavey III
Age: 24
Hometown: Sterling, NE
Car#: 32
Years In Racing: First year
Car Owner: Spencer Pavey III
Crew Members: Louis Pavey, J.R. Pavey, Ryan King, Thomas Powell, George, Phoenix,
Rachele Pavey.
Sponsors: TDK lawn care, Brenning Painting, King Ranch Customs
Family: J.R., Kris, Kendra, Rachele, and Louis.
Job Info: DTB contracting
Racing Accomplishments: So far we have made it the A feature in all but one race,
and keep moving up!
Comments: Thank you to all the fans out there, and all the other […]

Chase Weiler

Division: Sprint
Name: Chase Weiler
Age: 31
Hometown: Lincoln
Car#: 21W
Years In Racing: 10
Car Owner: Chase Weiler
Crew Members: Doug Weiler
Nate Weiler
Ryan Weiler
Ryan Kitchen
Regan Kitchen
Sponsors: Weiler Racing
Suzie Q Designs
Kitchen Motorsports
GMS Wings
Family: Father-Doug Weiler
Mother-Susan Weiler
Brother-Ryan Weiler
Brother-Nate Weiler
Job Info: Tech at Performance Toyota Scion of Lincoln
Racing Accomplishments: Been a crew member for Stu Snyder when he won his first A
main victory at Eagle Raceway in 2005.  As a crew member for Ryan Kitchen we have
had multiple top 5 finishes since I have been on his team […]

Nick Bryan #52

Drivers Profile:
Division: Sprint
Name: Nick Bryan
Age: 26
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Car#: 52
Years In Racing: 12
Car Owner: NB Motorsports
Crew Members: Tyler, Nate, Jacob
Sponsors: Surplus Center, Pro Muffler, Boubin Tire, CSI Shocks, SMS, LTC, NB
Family: Wife- Ashley
Daughter- Kendallynn
Job Info: CNC Drill Operator- Cleaver Brooks/ Nebraska Boiler
Racing Accomplishments: Many Heat Race Wins, a few Feature wins, love being
competitive and racing with my fellow friends!