Drivers - Sprint

#13 Eric Reichwaldt

Drivers Profile:

Division: Sprint

Name: Eric Reichwaldt

Age: 26

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Car#: 13

Years In Racing: 14

Car Owner: Reichwaldt Motorsports

Crew Members: Dad, Steve Reichwaldt

Sponsors: Still Searching…

Family: Wife, Leah

Sons, Caleb – 3, Jason – 1

Job Info: Space Weather Forecaster in the US Air Force. I monitor the Sun and

Earth’s atmosphere for potentially dangerous effects to space systems, aircraft,

communications equipment, defense systems and astronauts.

Racing Accomplishments: 1999 Started Racing “B” Class 125cc Micro Sprint

1999 Rookie of the year – Eastern Nebraska Modified Midget Association

2001 5th Place – […]

Lacey Tuttle #50

Name: Lacey Tuttle


City and State of Residence: Omaha, NE

Car#: 50

Years In Racing: 9

Crew Members: Brad Tuttle

Sponsors: Scorpion Racing Products, Onyx Wraps, Louisville Marine

Family: Melissa (mom), Brad (dad), Bambi, Paige, Zoe (sisters), Jesse (brother)

Job Info: Family Support/Supervised Visitation Worker at Pathfinder Support Services
and full time student

Bio: I started helping my dad in the pits when I was 13 years old. I ran my first
race in 2005 in the sport compact class at the age of 15. I won 9 out […]

Shayle Bade #03

Name: Shayle Bade

Age: 20 almost 21

City and State of Residence: Lincoln, NE


Years In Racing:13

Crew Members:Butch Bade, Mike Dreier, Shane Alley, Michelle Bade, Chantel Bade,
Mariah Bade Rick Bogenrief, Dick Shiveley, Chris Helget, Steve Shiveley,

Sponsors: MDR Racing & Customs, American Drywall, Revised Graphics, Thanks to our
Army National Guard!

Family: Butch Bade- Father
Michelle Bade- Mother
Alex Bade- Sister
Mariah Bade- Sister
Chantel Bade- Sister
Job Info: I’m a body mechanic at MDR Racing & Customs. We do restoration and custom
Bio: I have been racing some kind of […]

Gregg Bolte #00

Driver: Gregg Bolte

Division: IMCA Sprints

Car #: 00

Age: 50

Hometown: Fremont, NE

Car Owner: Gregg Bolte

Martial Status: Married

Years in Racing:

360 Sprints- 6 years

Modified Midgets- 6 years

Racing Accomplishments:

2000 Finished 3rd in Eagle Raceway Standings

1999 IMCA National Rookie of the Year

1999 finished 4th in IMCA National Points

2000 Eagle Raceway Mid Season Champion

1999 Thunder Lake Speedway Champion

15 Sprint Car A Feature wins

The following achievements are from 1985-1991 National Modified Midget Association

75 A Feature Wins
146 Heat Race Wins
43 Trophy Dash Wins
6 National Fast Time Awards


Goals: WIN!

Nathan Weiler #14


Division: IMCA Sprint

Name: Nathan Weiler

Age: 27

City and State of Residence: Gretna, NE

Car#: 4

Years In Racing: Been around racing my whole life. Never raced on a dirt track. Have about 10 years experience as a crew member.

Crew Members: Chase Weiler, Doug Weiler, Ryan Weiler and others when they aren’t racing at other tracks.

Sponsors: Auto Trans Matic, Eagle Raceway, Performance Toyota, and other sponsors are pending.

Family: Racine Hadan (wife), Liberty Weiler (Daughter), Susie Weiler (Mother), Doug Weiler (Father), Chase Weiler (brother), Ryan Weiler […]

Matt Richards #1R

Driver Name: Matt Richards

IMCA Sprint Car#: 44

Sponsors : Richards Machine, Piedmont Auto Care,. Fabrication Unlimited of Nebraska, Hoppys Hauling and Bobcat Service Inc. Husker Car Wash, 3D Car Care Center, Silverspoke Saloon

Pit Crew: Skip Smith, Ed Smith, Casey Smith, Cade Richards

City and State of Residence: Lincoln Nebraska

Occupation: Owner-Richards Machine & Piedmont Auto Care

Years in Racing: 26 years/ 23rd year racing at Eagle Raceway

Racing Accomplishments:Multiple Track Championships, Many feature wins in multiple classes including late models & Modifieds

Bio: I grew up […]

Rick Pendergast #49

Driver Name: Rick Pendergast

Age: 30

Sponsors:  j.p. motorsports.   Kps cycle repair.. an demon decals…

Pit Crew: Jeff Pendergast, Kendra Jo, Aaron Pendergast, Rusty Glosser, Jordan Davis, Deb Hoff

Residence: Norfolk, NE

Occupation: Welder

Years in Racing: Been around racing my whole life.

Racing Accomplishments: Won a sportmod A feature in only 5 starts.. and also a heat race in my first yr..


Dwight Carter #4U

Division: IMCA Sprint

Name: Dwight Carter

Age: 50

Hometown: Lincoln

Car#: 4u

Years In Racing: 13 ( retired 15 ) now im back

Car Owner: Dwight Carter

Crew Members: Dan Bolick

Wayne Vaneperan

More later on in the season

Sponsors: Joyo Theatre

thats it so far

Family: Jonathan Carter (son )

Claire Carter ( daughter )

Jennifer Carter ( daughter inlaw )

Jackson Carter ( grandson )

Laney Carter ( granddaughter )

maddox Carter ( grandson )

Job Info: Owner …. JOYO THEATRE

Racing Accomplishments: I-80 speedway  imca sprint track champion 1996 and 1997 …….

Website: none

Comments: Looking forward to […]