Boston Wins First Night of the 1/3 Mile Sprint Super Nationals

Boston Wins First Night of the 1/3 Mile Sprint Super Nationals

By Greg Soukup

The fans who decided to stay home and watch the Husker game missed out on a great night of racing at Eagle Raceway last night.  Still, a good crowd turned out to watch the first night of the inaugural Eagle 1/3 Mile IMCA Sprint Super Nationals presented by Pepsi. A total of 53 sprinters signed in to compete in 6 heat races, a C Feature, B Feature and the finale. They were accompanied by the IMCA Hobby Stocks and IMCA Modifieds who also ran their heats and A and B Features. Highs in the 90’s caused the track to be reworked at intermission, but that led to the fastest times of the night in the features.

Mike Hansen’s 94, the 29 of Tim Kozak, Mark McKinney’s 23 and Roy Armstrong in the 6R were the first four at the end of lap 1 of the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock A. Armstrong made a strong move on lap 2 to jump up to second. The next lap saw RJ Macku pass McKinney to put the #93 into fourth as Armstrong passed Hansen to take the lead. McKinney moved back into fourth on lap 6 as Macku advanced to third. Kozak and Macku swapped third over the next 2 laps with Macku retaking the spot on lap 8. The next time around Chad Fegley put the 13F into fourth and Macku moved to second after another lap. Fegley moved up to third with 7 to go. Lee Kracht looped the 10K in turns 3 & 4 with 5 laps remaining for the only caution of the race. Macku grabbed the lead from Armstrong with just 4 to go. 2 laps later Armstrong hit the wall in turns 1 & 2 and suffered a flat tire. That moved Fegley into second, Hansen third and McKinney into fourth. They held those spots to the finish.

“It was worth missing the Husker game for this!!” Macku said with a huge smile. “This gives us great momentum moving into Boone, and I can’t wait to come back and get the championship here next year” he related. He concluded the interview by stating “A big thanks to my guys for getting the car so great for tonight, and I’m really proud of them. And to Roger for the good track. The track prep crew has done a fantastic job here all year”. Macku’s sponsors include Skylimit Remodeling, Orion Racing, AAMCO Transmissions, Speedy Steve’s, The Shop Inc. and B & B Lawn Service.

The NAPA IMCA Sport Modified Feature saw Steve Swarthout’s 23X out front  of the first lap followed by Shawn Harker’s 40, the 96 of Gary Saathoff and Trevor Noonans 66. Mary Lenz spun her #17 in turn 3 the second lap for the first yellow flag of the event. Noonan spun out in turns 3 & 4 on lap 3 to again slow the action. That moved the 14 of Joey Danley into the fourth spot. Jason Trent then took his turn at spinning out, bringing the 67D to a stop in turn 4 on lap 4. Danley moved up to third on lap 6. Danley slid up the track the next time around, letting Saathoff advance to second and putting Danley back to fourth. The 33J of Josh Pfiefer spun out in turns 3 & 4 on lap 9. Harker took over the lead with 7 to go, but Danley’s engine expired in a cloud of smoke. That made the top 4 Swarthout, Harker, Saathoff and the 23 of Lance Borgman. Harker spun out in turn 4 with just 3 to go, moving the 91 of Eddie Schwope, Jr. into fourth. Swarthout looped his racer in nearly the same spot with 3 laps left to move everyone up and put the 7V of Adam Vrbka into fourth. The top 4 remained unchanged to the end.

This was Saathoff’s first victory at Eagle in two years. “The points started to get really close the last 4 or 5 weeks, and I started points racing. I’d start moving up, then worry about being too aggressive. That got us the points championship, but I didn’t like it. So, tonight I said to myself ‘There’s no points, and I’m gonna win’. It was nice without that stress” he said. He concluded the interview by relating “When this class started here there were maybe 17 cars every night. Now we’ve got 45 cars racing, and every one of them is trying to win. Everyone has really had to step their game up”. Saathoff’s sponsors include Schmidt Machine, Ace Lawn Care, Home Instead and Jet Racing.

As the cars scrambled into turn 1 after the green flag dropped to start the IMCA Racesaver A Main Shayle Bade’s 03, the 5 of Kyle McCutcheon and Terry Richards’18 came to a halt in turn 1. All 3 cars were able to continue. Gene Acklund looped the 14G in turn 2 and the yellow lights again came on in the corners. Clint Benson led the first official lap in the 100 with Mike Boston’s 51, the 33 of Kris Miller and Eric Reichwaldt’s 13 in hot pursuit. Boston snagged the lead on lap 7. Josh Hawkins did a 360 degree spin in turn 4 on lap 10 and kept going, but the yellow flag had already been thrown. Gregg Bolte passed Reichwaldt on the restart and then moved to third the next lap. Richard Weer’s 55 spun out in turns 3 & 4 on lap 16. With cars flying around to avoid a collision with the stopped sprinter R.J. Johnson ended up going for a wild ride in his #1K. He was not hurt. Miller moved back up to third with 6 laps left. With just 2 circuits remaining Reichwaldt got back to the fourth spot, but stopped on the backstretch on the final lap after suffering a flat right rear tire when he made contact with the turn 1 wall. Boston took home the win, Benson finished second, Miller was third and Doug Lovegrove came home fourth. Unfortunately Benson weighed in 5 pounds light at the scales and was disqualified. That put Bolte back into the final guaranteed spot for Sunday evening’s finale.

This marked Boston’s 7th victory of the season. When he was asked for a prediction of his chances in Sunday’s Feature Boston stated “I don’t know anything else, but I will be in the Feature tomorrow night”. He continued by relating “I have to thank Zach Woods. I can’t thank him enough for the engines he gives me every night”. His last thought was “I need to thank Icon Pistons also. They just came on board today as my new sponsor and they are an awesome sponsor”.

Sunday night is the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Super Nationals Finale, presented by Coors Light. The car count is expected to soar past 60 for the sprinters and the Kaplan University IMCA Modifieds and Sam’s Club IMCA Sport Compacts will be there also to compete.

Front gates open at 4:00 with hot laps starting at 5:30 and racing at 6:30. Adult front gate admission is $15, youths 6-12 are just $5 and children 5 and under are free.

Pit gates open at 3 o’clock and pit admission is $25 regardless of age.


IMCA Hobby Stock 8/31/2013

A Feature:1. Randall Macku (Lincoln, NE), 2. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 3. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 4. Mark McKinney (Omaha, NE), 5. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 7. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 8. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 9. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 10. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 11. Jeremy Conkel (Lincoln, NE), 12. Kevin Zeitner (Omaha, NE), 13. Lee Kracht (Scribner, NE), 14. Denny Berghahn Sr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 15. Ron Novak (Blair, NE), 16. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 17. Tanner Dowty (Fremont, NE), 18. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 19. Peter Shoup (Lincoln, NE), 20. Tyler Potts (Unidilla, NE), 21. Troy Dowty (Fremont, NE)

Heat 1:1. Randall Macku (Lincoln, NE), 2. Mike Hansen (Weeping Water, NE), 3. Ben Becher (Lincoln, NE), 4. Mark McKinney (Omaha, NE), 5. Justin Busboom (Lincoln, NE), 6. Tim LaPointe (Lincoln, NE), 7. Lee Kracht (Scribner, NE), 8. Nick Lindblad (Beatrice, NE), 9. Ron Novak (Blair, NE), 10. Tanner Dowty (Fremont, NE), 11. Troy Dowty (Fremont, NE)

Heat 2:1. Roy Armstrong (Beatrice, NE), 2. Chad Fegley (Eagle, NE), 3. Dan Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 4. Tim Kozak (Lincoln, NE), 5. Jeremy Conkel (Lincoln, NE), 6. Denny Berghahn Sr. (Plattsmouth, NE), 7. Peter Shoup (Lincoln, NE), 8. Garrett Bolander (Blair, NE), 9. Kevin Zeitner (Omaha, NE), 10. Tyler Potts (Unidilla, NE)

IMCA Sport Modified 8/31/2013

A Feature:1. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 2. Lance Borgman (Beatrice, NE), 3. Eddie Schwope, Jr. (St. Joseph, MO), 4. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 5. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 6. Randy Fox (Lincoln, NE), 7. Dion Kovar (Brainard, NE), 8. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 9. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 10. Ken Stefonick (Lincoln, NE), 11. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 12. Trevor Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 13. Jason Trent (Omaha, NE), 14. Rod Schreiner (Weeping Water, NE), 15. Josh Pfiefer (Spencer, ne), 16. Steve Swarthout (Beatrice, NE), 17. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 18. Joey Danley (Lincoln, NE), 19. Mary Lenz (Elmwood, NE), 20. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Randy Fox (Lincoln, NE), 2. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 3. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 4. Jason Trent (Omaha, NE), 5. Rod Schreiner (Weeping Water, NE), 6. Joe Ryan (Lincoln, NE), 7. Larry Robinson Sr (Omaha, NE), 8. Mike Scheinost (Lincoln, NE), 9. Dave Berger (Lincoln, NE), 10. Scott Holle (Lincoln, NE), 11. Bryan Adams (Nebraska City, NE), 12. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 13. Micheal Cheers (Omaha, NE), 14. Jeff Reed (Lincoln, NE), 15. Sean Conaway (Omaha, NE)

Heat 1:1. Bob Ruisinger (Bennet, NE), 2. Eddie Schwope, Jr. (St. Joseph, MO), 3. Don Rinke (Lincoln, NE), 4. Adam Vrbka (Eagle, NE), 5. Ken Stefonick (Lincoln, NE), 6. Jeff Reed (Lincoln, NE), 7. Sean Conaway (Omaha, NE), 8. Rod Schreiner (Weeping Water, NE), 9. James Hines (Omaha, NE), 10. Bryan Adams (Nebraska City, NE)

Heat 2:1. Joey Danley (Lincoln, NE), 2. Josh Pfiefer (Spencer, ne), 3. Shawn Harker (Nebraska City, NE), 4. Gary Saathoff (Beatrice, NE), 5. Derek Hall (Lincoln, NE), 6. Joe Schidler (Lincoln, NE), 7. Randy Fox (Lincoln, NE), 8. Jason Trent (Omaha, NE), 9. Dave Berger (Lincoln, NE), 10. Scott Holle (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 3:1. Steve Swarthout (Beatrice, NE), 2. Lance Borgman (Beatrice, NE), 3. Dion Kovar (Brainard, NE), 4. Trevor Noonan (Lincoln, NE), 5. Mary Lenz (Elmwood, NE), 6. Mike Scheinost (Lincoln, NE), 7. Joe Ryan (Lincoln, NE), 8. Larry Robinson Sr (Omaha, NE), 9. Dana Deeke (Waverly, NE), 10. Micheal Cheers (Omaha, NE)

IMCA Sprint 8/31/2013

A Feature:1. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 2. Kris Miller (Woodward, OK), 3. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 4. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 5. Andy Shouse (Oklahoma City, OK), 6. Kyle McCutcheon (Alamogordo, NM), 7. Jason Martins (Lincoln, NE), 8. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 9. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 10. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 11. Jason Howell (Azle, TX), 12. Jordan  Weaver (Woodward , OK), 13. Josh Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 14. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 15. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 16. Chipper Wood (Kennedale, TX), 17. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 18. R.J. Johnson, 19. Dalton Steed (Kennedale, TX), 20. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE)

B Feature:1. Josh Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 2. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 3. Steven Shebester (Mustana, OK), 4. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 5. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 6. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 7.  Mike Sargent (Cleveland, MN), 8. Brandon Schure (El Paso, TX), 9. Matt Etzelmiller (Keller, TX), 10.   Seth Brahmer, 11. Tom  Humphries (Waynesboro, VA), 12. Regan Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 13. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 14. Michael Stien (Ceylon, MN), 15. Darren Bolac (Moyock, NC), 16. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 17. Brian Scot Lawson (Orange, VA), 18. Chris Tarrant (Rockwell, TX), 19. Chase Brewer (Fort Worth, TX), 20. Kaley Engstrom (Rhome, TX)

C Feature:1. Michael Stien (Ceylon, MN), 2. Regan Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 3. Doug  Roth (Axtell, NE), 4. Brandon Allen (Mankato, MN), 5. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 6. Jeremy Schultz (Hutchison, MN), 7. Jason Brinkman (Grand Island, NE), 8. Ron Guentzel (St Peter, MN), 9. Glenn Worrell (Powhatan, VA), 10. Jeff Edgington (Lincoln, NE), 11. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE), 12. Frank Sheridan (Lincoln, NE), 13. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 14. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 15. Don Droud, Jr. (Lincoln, NE), 16. Tige Jensen (Lincoln, NE), 17. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 1:1. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 2. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 3. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 4. Kaley Engstrom (Rhome, TX), 5. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 6. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 7. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 8. Tige Jensen (Lincoln, NE), 9. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE)

Heat 2:1. Chipper Wood (Kennedale, TX), 2. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 3. Kyle McCutcheon (Alamogordo, NM), 4.  Mike Sargent (Cleveland, MN), 5. Steven Shebester (Mustana, OK), 6.   Seth Brahmer, 7. Doug  Roth (Axtell, NE), 8. Jeremy Schultz (Hutchison, MN), 9. Jason Brinkman (Grand Island, NE)

Heat 3:1. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 2. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 3. Dalton Steed (Kennedale, TX), 4. Josh Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 5. Chris Tarrant (Rockwell, TX), 6. Matt Etzelmiller (Keller, TX), 7. Don Droud, Jr. (Lincoln, NE), 8. Brandon Allen (Mankato, MN), 9. Jeff Edgington (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 4:1. Kris Miller (Woodward, OK), 2. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 3. Jason Howell (Azle, TX), 4. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 5. Darren Bolac (Moyock, NC), 6. Brian Scot Lawson (Orange, VA), 7. Regan Hawkins (Whitehouse, TX), 8. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 9. Ron Guentzel (St Peter, MN)

Heat 5:1. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE), 2. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 3. Jason Martins (Lincoln, NE), 4. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 5. Brandon Schure (El Paso, TX), 6. Chase Brewer (Fort Worth, TX), 7. Michael Stien (Ceylon, MN), 8. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE), 9. Frank Sheridan (Lincoln, NE),

Heat 6:1. Andy Shouse (Oklahoma City, OK), 2. R.J. Johnson, 3. Jordan  Weaver (Woodward , OK), 4. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 5. Tom  Humphries (Waynesboro, VA), 6. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 7. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 8. Glenn Worrell (Powhatan, VA)


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