Berck and Lasoski cap off Eagle’s season with wins at The Nebraska Cup

Berck and Lasoski cap off Eagle’s season with wins at The Nebraska Cup

By Greg Soukup

The one day that no racing fan wants to see is the final race day of the season, but last night’s Nebraska Cup at Eagle Raceway gave the fans that turned out to watch the action on the high banks of America’s Home Track plenty to remember and talk about over the long, cold off-season. The Nebraska Cup, presented by the Nebraska Lottery closed out a season filled with great racing action, and provided action that was equal to the best that anyone saw this year.

Jason Martin’s #36 made contact with the 21V of Justin Henderson in the 5th heat for the ASCS/NCRA 360 sprint cars and ended up going for a series of end-over-end flips along the backstretch. Martin was uninjured but his car was too badly damaged to get back into action that evening.

The SLMR Late Model A Main was the first of the evening. Bill Leighton Jr.’s 24 held the lead at the end of the first circuit and held the top spot until Kyle Berck took over on lap 6 aboard his #14. Berck held off all of his competitors, despite entering heavy lapped traffic less than half way through the race. The final top 4 were Berck, Leighton Jr., the 21T of Travis Dickes and Tad Pospisil in the 04.

“Eagle is always a fun track to compete at” said Berck, who currently leads the SLMR points race. “I’ve been track champion here before, and I just wish that we could race here more often” he continued. He concluded the interview by relating “Roger and the track prep crew do a professional job on the track every week. That’s what makes this such a fun track to run on”. Berck’s sponsors include Aurora Agronomy, Strobel Manufacturing and Missile Chassis.

The last race of the 2013 season was the A Feature for the ASCS Midwest/NCRA 360 sprinters. Jack Dover took advantage of starting on the pole and put the #53 out front with Danny Lasoski in the 1M, the 18 of Tony Bruce Jr. and Jason Johnson’s 41 rounding out the top 4. Johnson moved past Bruce Jr. on lap 2 to take over third. The first slowing of the action came when Trevor Grossenbacher stopped on the front stretch. Lasoski put a big slide job on Dover in turns 1 & 2 to grab first momentarily but lost the position back to Dover when Dover returned the favor and slid him back in 3 & 4. Johnson passed Lasoski the next time around to take over second. With 13 laps left Brian Brown passed Bruce Jr. to move into fourth. With 8 laps left Johnson moved into the lead. Dover suffered engine problems with only 5 to go and headed to the pits. That made the top 4 Johnson, Lasoski, Brown and Bruce. There were just 2 circuits remaining when Ryan Roberts looped the 18R in turns 3 & 4 to set up a green, white, checkered run to the finish. Lasoski moved past Johnson on the restart and Brown passed Johnson on the final lap. At the checkers it was Lasoski, Brown, Johnson and Bruce Jr.

“I felt like this place owed me one. The last time I was here I finished second, and that’s just not good enough” related Lasoski with his patented smile. “I was really tight at the start, and I couldn’t figure out why. On that one caution I found out that the wing was all the way back and it was stuck there! Once I got it moved I just moved up as fast as I could” he continued. “I want to thank Mark, Shane and Cal for giving me a great car as usual. Mark builds his own engines and you can see how good they run. With the help of Tim Engler and Phil Durst at Lincoln Auto Auction this car is the one to beat every night out” were his concluding thoughts.

Congratulations to Elle Patocka our 2013 Miss Nebraska Cup Queen!  1st runner up was Allison Walter.  2nd runner up and Miss Congeniality was Danielle Noonan.  Congrats to you all!  Special thanks to Marsha Meadows for coordinating the Miss Nebraska Cup contest!  Please patronize these sponsors for their support with this special event…

2013 Ne Cup conting Sponsors








This was the season finale for Eagle Raceway. The next event on the calendar is the Awards Banquet at the Lancaster County Events Center on January 11th, 2014. Contact the office for ticket information.

We want to thank all of the drivers, teams and especially the fans for a wonderful season and we can’t wait to do it even better in 2014!


360 Sprint 9/8/2013

A Feature:1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Brian Brown (Grain Valley, MO), 3. Jason Johnson (Rocky Mount, MO), 4. Tony Bruce Jr. (Liberal, OK), 5. CJ Johnson (Quinter, KS), 6. Jake Martens (Fairview, OK), 7. Wyatt Burks (Topeka, KS), 8. Josh Riggins (Lincoln, NE), 9. Jason Danley (Lincoln, NE), 10. Seth Bergman (Snohomish, WA), 11. Jordan Boston (Lincoln, NE), 12. Tige Jensen (Lincoln, NE), 13. Robby Wolfgang (Sioux Falls, SD), 14. Jeff Lowery (Eagle, NE), 15. Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), 16. Ryan Roberts (Aurora, NE), 17. JD Johnson (Wichita, KS), 18. Jack Dover (Springfield, NE), 19. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 20. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE)

B Main 1:1. Brian Brown (Grain Valley, MO), 2. Seth Bergman (Snohomish, WA), 3. Robby Wolfgang (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 5. Miranda Arnold (Sedelia, MO), 6. Bryan Gossel (Ft. Collins, CO), 7. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 8. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 9. Frank Galusha (Lincoln, NE), 10. Justin Henderson (Tea, SD), 11. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 12. Jason Becker (Lincoln, NE), 13. Ken Klabunde (Omaha, NE), 14. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 15. Jason Martin (Lincoln, NE)

B Main 2:1. Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), 2. Wyatt Burks (Topeka, KS), 3. JD Johnson (Wichita, KS), 4. Jay Russell (Elwood, KS), 5. Cole Wood, 6. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 7. Zach Blurton (Great Bend, KS), 8. Jon Freeman (Salina, KS), 9. Jeremy Campbell (Wichita, KS), 10. Ryan Kitchen (Weston, NE), 11. Mark Pace (Lincoln, NE), 12. Jeff Stasa (Kingman, KS), 13. Gage Dorr (Elmwood, NE), 14. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 1:1. Danny Lasoski, 2. Jake Martens (Fairview, OK), 3. Gregg Bakker (Sioux Falls, SD), 4. Zach Blurton (Great Bend, KS), 5. Ryan Kitchen (Weston, NE), 6. Jon Freeman (Salina, KS), 7. Mark Pace (Lincoln, NE), 8. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 9. Jason Becker (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Tony Bruce Jr. (Liberal, OK), 2. Jeff Lowery (Eagle, NE), 3. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 4. CJ Johnson (Quinter, KS), 5. Robby Wolfgang (Sioux Falls, SD), 6. Cole Wood, 7. Jeff Stasa (Kingman, KS), 8. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 9. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 3:1. Jack Dover (Springfield, NE), 2. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE), 3. Jason Johnson (Rocky Mount, MO), 4. Wyatt Burks (Topeka, KS), 5. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 6. Brian Brown (Grain Valley, MO), 7. Jay Russell (Elwood, KS), 8. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 9. Jeremy Campbell (Wichita, KS)

Heat 4:1. Jason Danley (Lincoln, NE), 2. Ryan Roberts (Aurora, NE), 3. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 4. Miranda Arnold (Sedelia, MO), 5. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 6. JD Johnson (Wichita, KS), 7. Frank Galusha (Lincoln, NE), 8. Gage Dorr (Elmwood, NE)

Heat 5:1. Jordan Boston (Lincoln, NE), 2. Josh Riggins (Lincoln, NE), 3. Tige Jensen (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bryan Gossel (Ft. Collins, CO), 5. Ken Klabunde (Omaha, NE), 6. Seth Bergman (Snohomish, WA), 7. Jason Martin (Lincoln, NE), 8. Justin Henderson (Tea, SD)

SLMR Late Model 9/8/2013

A Feature:1. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 2. Bill Leighton (LaVista, NE), 3. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 4. Tad Pospisil (Norfolk, NE), 5. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 6. Al Zeitner (Bellevue, NE), 7. Robbie Andersen (Omaha, NE), 8. Ben Sukup (Norfolk, NE), 9. Corey Zeitner (Omaha, NE), 10. JC Wyman (Griswold, IA), 11. Leon Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 12. Bill Murphy (Loup City, NE), 13. Justin Gregg (Hastings, NE), 14. Jim Johnson (Plainview, NE), 15. Andrew Kosiski (Omaha, NE), 16. Scott Daly (Elkhorn, NE), 17. Troy Daly (Omaha, NE), 18. Mike Wallace (Carter Lake, IA), 19. Gale Vogt (Pierce , NE)

Heat 1:1. Travis Dickes (Madison, NE), 2. Ben Sukup (Norfolk, NE), 3. JC Wyman (Griswold, IA), 4. Robbie Andersen (Omaha, NE), 5. Justin Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 6. Justin Gregg (Hastings, NE), 7. Mike Wallace (Carter Lake, IA)

Heat 2:1. Bill Leighton (LaVista, NE), 2. Bill Murphy (Loup City, NE), 3. Gale Vogt (Pierce , NE), 4. Corey Zeitner (Omaha, NE), 5. Scott Daly (Elkhorn, NE), 6. Jim Johnson (Plainview, NE)

Heat 3:1. Kyle Berck (Marquette, NE), 2. Tad Pospisil (Norfolk, NE), 3. Al Zeitner (Bellevue, NE), 4. Leon Zeitner (LaVista, NE), 5. Andrew Kosiski (Omaha, NE), 6. Troy Daly (Omaha, NE)

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