b32 Brian Haller
Posted 20 Mar 2011 in Drivers - Sport Compact

b32 Brian HallerDrivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Brian Haller
Age: 45
Hometown: Lincoln
Car#: B32
Years In Racing: 12
Car Owner: Self
Crew Members: Rick Scholl, Jerry Cambell anyone who can!!
Sponsors: WRE (Wollen Racing Engines)  Wicked Smoke,  Hillis 66, M&N Snandwiches, D,Leons, Elder Jewlery, Morhoff Power Equipment, Butterfly Bakery, The Game Room, M&L Painting, J&J Scrapping
Family: Coral, Sarah
Job Info: A TOOL GUY
Racing Accomplishments: ONE of First IMCA Sport Compact drivers! Chasing that A Feature Win

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