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83 Jeff Ware

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Jeff Ware
Age: 19
Hometown: Columbus
Car#: 83
Years In Racing: 13
Car Owner: Jeff Ware/Mark O’brien
Crew Members: Jason ware, Trevor Busse, friends
Sponsors: Demon Decals, Husker Steel, Costa Brava Seefood House.
Family: mom- kim
dad- Mark
sister- amanda
Job Info: misc. .
Racing Accomplishments: 3 go kart championships
4th, 14th, 11th, in imca track points u.s 30
Comments: thanks to everyone for support

c7 Chris Weatherton

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Chris Weatherton
Age: 21
Hometown: Beresford SD
Car#: c7
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: Carl Weatherton
Crew Members: Brady VanBuskirk – Crew Chief
Samantha Bickett – Tire Girl
Sponsors: EDGE Chassis
Ultimate Racing Products
Midstates Crushing
Driver Websites
Intense Graphics
Fiesta Foods
Bonnies Impressions
Ground Control LLC

Family: Carl & Marilyn Weatherton – Grandparents
Samantha – Fiance

Job Info: Owner/Operator – Ground Control
Racing Accomplishments:

77d Keith Dragoo

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Keith Dragoo
Age: 34
Hometown: Lincoln, Ne
Car#: 77D
Years In Racing: 4 years
Car Owner: Keith Dragoo
Crew Members: Chad Fegley
RJ Macku
Aaron Johnston

Sponsors: Sapp Brothers
The Shop Inc
National Lock and Safe
Family: Tyler Dragoo (Son)
Abby Dragoo (Daughter)
Job Info: Restaurant coordinator for Sapp Brothers INC.
Racing Accomplishments: …..

28h Jeremy Conkel

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Hobby Stock
Name: Jeremy Conkel
Age: 33
Hometown: Lincoln
Car#: 28H
Years In Racing: 5
Car Owner: Danielle Conkel
Crew Members: Bruce Karr
Hall Racing
Big Tim
Beckmann Racing
Neil Pella

Sponsors: Lincoln Sewer & Drain
Grave Digger Builders
Knight Plumbing
A 1st Rate Pumping
Bivins Vinyl Siding
Jim & Retha Neemann
Family: Wife-Danielle
Job Info: Plumber for Lincoln Sewer & Drain
Racing Accomplishments: None Yet

6 Denny Berghahn Jr

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Denny Berghahn Jr
Age: 23
Hometown: Omaha
Car#: 6
Years In Racing: 7
Car Owner: Denny Berghahn Jr
Crew Members: Denny Berghahn Sr
Sponsors: Patriot Racers Inc.
Village Inn
Fox And Hound

Family: Girlfriend: Felicia Kain
Daughter: Harlee Jane
Son: Dennis Axle
Job Info: AAA Nebraska:
Tow truck operator
Racing Accomplishments: 2010: 4 consecutive ‘A’ feature wins at Eagle Raceway, 5 total. 1 win at US 30 Speedway and 1 win at BCM. 3rd in points at EagleRaceway, 5th in points at US 30 Speedway, 5th in  points at  […]

60 Kevin Zeitner

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Kevin Zeitner
Age: 19
Hometown: Bellevue
Car#: 60
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: Kevin Zeitner
Crew Members: Kevin Zeitner
Marie Zeitner
Sponsors: -ZBT International
-Amway Global
-XS Energy Drink
( or
Family: Father-Dale
Job Info: -Amway Global IBO
-Line cook at DJ’s Dugout (Downtown Omaha)
Racing Accomplishments: I dont have much to speak for the last 4 years. I had two rotten years where absolutly everything would go wrong, but Im hoping to turn things around this year.
Comments: You can always find me in the pits after […]

4 Dave Tadlock

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Dave Tadlock
Age: 49
Hometown: LaVista, NE
Car#: 4
Years In Racing: Off and on since 1984
Car Owner: Dave Tadlock
Crew Members: Jason “Fireball” Tadlock, Jessica Tadlock, Chris LaChapelle, My brothers Steve, Rod and Gary.
Sponsors: Help wanted. lol
Family: My lovely wife of 27 years, Tammy. Son-Jason “Fireball”, Daughter- Jessica, and the greatest race fan ever, Mom.
Job Info: yes
Racing Accomplishments: I managed to win a couple of races in the Sport Compact division and now it’s time to try something […]

26L Brint Lemke

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Brint Lemke
Age: 38
Hometown: Geneva
Car#: 26L
Years In Racing: 3
Car Owner: Brint Lemke
Crew Members: Whoever shows up
Sponsors: DMS dylan smith , extreme motorsports, Donrich race engines, Special thanks….mom,dad, tiffany, jamie legg, brent van deist, shane hiatt,
Family: Mom, dad, brother brian, daughters desiree and cheyanne
Job Info: Crieghton univ med center
Racing Accomplishments: Have fun
Website: Lemke racing

96 Gary Saathoff

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Mod
Name: Gary Saathoff
Age: 44
Hometown: Beatrice
Car#: 96
Years In Racing: 22 yrs
Car Owner: Gary Saathoff
Crew Members: Dewey Winslow
Tracy Saathoff
Gary laflin
Kirt Jensen
Sponsors: Wasserman Trucking
Homes 101
HomeInstead senior care
Ace lawn care
Office bar
grand Avenue Bar&Grill
Extreme motorsports(body wrap)
Drives A Jet mod
Family: Harlan Saathoff
Carol Saathoff
Dewey Winslow
Tracy saathoff
Jerry Saathoff
Bruce Wasserman
Elmer Saathoff
Rod&Deb Rehm
Job Info: Farmland  Foods
Racing Accomplishments: 2008 beatrice speedway track champion
2009 OctoberFest winner
2010 Eagle raceway track champion

b32 Brian Haller

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Brian Haller
Age: 45
Hometown: Lincoln
Car#: B32
Years In Racing: 12
Car Owner: Self
Crew Members: Rick Scholl, Jerry Cambell anyone who can!!
Sponsors: WRE (Wollen Racing Engines)  Wicked Smoke,  Hillis 66, M&N Snandwiches, D,Leons, Elder Jewlery, Morhoff Power Equipment, Butterfly Bakery, The Game Room, M&L Painting, J&J Scrapping
Family: Coral, Sarah
Job Info: A TOOL GUY
Racing Accomplishments: ONE of First IMCA Sport Compact drivers! Chasing that A Feature Win