60 Kevin Zeitner
Posted 20 Mar 2011 in Drivers - Sport Compact

Drivers Profile:
Division: IMCA Sport Compact
Name: Kevin Zeitner
Age: 19
Hometown: Bellevue
Car#: 60
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: Kevin Zeitner
Crew Members: Kevin Zeitner
Marie Zeitner
Sponsors: -ZBT International
-Amway Global
-XS Energy Drink
(www.amway.com/zbtshop) or zbt.international@yahoo.com
Family: Father-Dale
Job Info: -Amway Global IBO
-Line cook at DJ’s Dugout (Downtown Omaha)
Racing Accomplishments: I dont have much to speak for the last 4 years. I had two rotten years where absolutly everything would go wrong, but Im hoping to turn things around this year.
Comments: You can always find me in the pits after the races

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